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Bach Loc - Truong Lang Hach fought "head and forehead", there was no way to reunite for the second time

Nguyễn Tuyết14:42:04 22/04/2024
Since the movie Ninh An Nhu Mong, Bach Loc - Truong Lang Hach almost no longer appear together. Many speculated that the two had broken up, until recently they openly turned against each other and fought for resources.

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Ho Ngoc Ha chats with Hanni (NewJeans) at Gucci's party

Phi Đức14:57:06 25/02/2024
Ho Ngoc Ha and Hanni (NewJeans) met for the first time at Gucci's dinner party. The two made Vietnamese fans c.razy when they took pictures together and had an extremely close and adorable conversation.

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Hanni (NewJeans) was criticized for being old and unattractive. She was an ambassador but "drowned" Gucci to the point of being heartbroken.

Vân Anh17:38:00 24/02/2024
Appearing at Milan Fashion Week, Gucci's brand ambassador caused a stir in the online community. Besides, she received a lot of criticism because her fashion style was too old for her 18 year old age.

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Ha Ho swept the Gucci show, her mother-of-three's b.ody charisma "beat" Mai Davika and Hanni

Bảo Nam16:20:30 24/02/2024
Ho Ngoc Ha's appearance at the fashion brand Gucci's show within the framework of Milan Fashion Week is causing a stir on social networks. The female singer was even praised for surpassing Mai Davika.

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The female idol of Vietnamese origin was criticized for being "alum" when she wore designer outfits like those from the market

Phương Thảo15:03:52 23/02/2024
Recently, a h.ot topic appeared on the social network Weibo: If I see a g.irl like this on the street, I will really think her brand is fake. The main character appearing in this topic is none other than Hanni - a female Kpop idol of Vietnamese origin.

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Ronaldo happily "bought" a car for tens of billions, even though he just lost the "Asian Golden Ball" a.ward.

Hoa Tuyết16:39:01 19/01/2024
Recently, Ronaldo's supercar collection has just added an expensive Ferrari. He also cleverly wears sportswear from the Gucci brand to flex with his car.

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The unique prince of the fashion tycoon: Hidden as a billionaire, living secretly, mysteriously

Quỳnh Quỳnh16:47:10 25/08/2023
In 2011, model Linda Evangelista shocked the media when it was revealed that her son's father was French billionaire Franois-Henri Pinault. At this time, the b.oy's identity was immediately noticed by many people.

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Son Tung is admired by a popular male rapper, everyone is excited to know his identity

An Tư19:35:25 14/07/2023
A male rapper from Kim Chi did not hide his admiration for Son Tung MTP. They have reunited many times, fans are also looking forward to the unprecedented cooperation of these two idols.

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Mai Davika worked "shockingly" with IU at the Gucci Show, the police came in while the stars were "dancing"?

Xuân Xuân10:07:46 18/05/2023
The Gucci Cruise fashion event became the focus of the public when gathering world-famous stars, in which, Thai beauty Mai Davika made fans panic with her interaction with IU. However, the event had to end in chaos when the police suddenly showed up. The Gucci Cruise 2024...

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Son Tung M-TP was criticized for wearing "negative" clothes, the organizers ranked "sitting on the edge" when he first attended the Gucci show in Korea

T.P12:36:29 17/05/2023
Famous as a male star with an impressive fashion sense, when he went to international fashion shows, Son Tung made the audience fall back because the costume was criticized for being "negative", unbalanced. Top male singer Vbiz Son Tung M-TP is the face of an artist who is...

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Hari Won, Ho Ngoc Ha and Vietnamese stars buy branded goods that are exactly like market goods

Hoàng Anh15:49:39 07/05/2022
Branded items are often used to enhance the luxury of the stars, but there are many items with designs that are reminiscent of popular market items even though the prices are extremely expensive. Not only Hari Won's sandals, Ky Duyen owns similar to popular Vietnamese goods, but...

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Dang Luan was "excluded" from "Honey like smoke" and hit series, career ruined?

Huỳnh Như16:21:46 16/03/2022
The name Dang Luan is "lost" on all the hit movies that the actor has participated in. Dang Luan officially became the next criminal in Chinese public opinion, following names such as Truong Triet Han, Trinh Sang, Pham Bang Bang and Ngo Diep Pham who were sealed (banned) before...

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Ex-love beat both Jennie (BLACKPINK) and G-Dragon at one point undeniably

Rosé08:59:17 18/12/2021
The guy always asserts his position in this field! G-Dragon and BLACKPINK's Jennie are possibly the most famous fashionistas in the K-Pop industry. They have become Chanel icons and attract a lot of attention thanks to their distinctive fashion sense. However, there is another...

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Francois Pinault - Billionaire built the Kering empire from nothing

Duyên Trần15:57:05 26/08/2021
Speaking of the French elite, it is impossible not to mention Francois Pinault. This billionaire is the founder of Kering Group and the investment fund Artemis. He is also one of the famous people in the world of art collectors. As of October 2019, Pinault's total assets are...

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Georgina Rodriguez: The saleswoman inherited a half-billion dollar fortune thanks to her love of superstar player Ronaldo

youtuber08:00:00 29/06/2021
Despite her normal family background, Cinderella still makes the prince of the pitch fall in love at first sight. first. Georgina Rodriguez with a height of 1m70 and a fiery hourglass b.ody, flexible b.ody thanks to many years of ballet practice, she quickly became famous and got many big contracts and started her career with

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Le Duong Bao Lam's wife was fined 90 million for selling fake perfume, male comedian made a move to attract attention

team youtube14:03:55 04/06/2021
In the past few years, many artists have begun to take advantage of their influence to do business on their personal pages and fanpages. Worth mentioning, many people openly sell fake and poor quality goods, directly affecting their own fans. Recently, the online community was...

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