Duong Tu was badly criticized and still wanted to f.ight Trieu Le Dinh, but ended up losing

Phượng VũJan 27, 2024 at 13:18

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"Long Tuong Tu" part 1 aired so successfully that the audience is extremely looking forward to the release of part 2. However, there is a source saying that "Dying Phuong Hanh" by Trieu Le Dinh took over the screening slot of his juniors.

Closing the year 2023, entering 2024, two of the projects that audiences are most interested in, it can be said that they look forward to every day, are "Truong Tuong Tu 2" by Yang Zi, Truong Van Y... and The other series is "Dying Phuong Hanh" starring Trieu Le Dinh - Lam Canh Tan. Coincidentally, these are also two key, heavily invested projects of Tencent.

Duong Tu was badly criticized and still wanted to f.ight Trieu Le Dinh, but ended up losing - Photo 1

Part 1 of "Truong Tuong Tu" aired on July 24, 2023 and ended a long time ago with many details left open, but part 2 of the film has been on air for nearly 6 months now. .

Notably, recently, a source revealed that the platform originally wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to launch Yang Zi's "brainchild" in the first quarter of 2024, but then the plan changed, so it wanted to prioritize "Data". "Phuong Hanh" skydiving will be shown first, likely next April 2024.

Duong Tu was badly criticized and still wanted to f.ight Trieu Le Dinh, but ended up losing - Photo 2

It's unclear what the truth is, but surely fans and fans of the movie "Truong Tuong Tu" will not be happy when they hear this rumor. Because, not only related to screenings, but originally the fandom as well as Yang Zi - Trieu Le Dinh themselves did not have a good relationship before, feeling like just one "spark" could easily make the two producers complain. war.

If you follow the Cbiz entertainment industry, you will know that the couple during their collaboration in the movie "Tru Tien Thanh Van Chi" (2016) had a "head-to-head clash" because there was an opinion that Trieu Le Dinh relied on their relationship. , took away Duong Tu's acting space.

Duong Tu was badly criticized and still wanted to f.ight Trieu Le Dinh, but ended up losing - Photo 3

At that time, both were not at the top, the role of actress Duong - Luc Tuyet Ky was originally the female lead, while Bich Dao (played by a beauty named Trieu) was just the second female. However, when it came time to film, Phung Thieu Phong's ex-wife spent several times more time.

At this time, the Duong Tu fan community was extremely dissatisfied, continuously declaring war on Trieu Le Dinh's fans and the relationship between the female star couple has since cracked, equal but not satisfied.

Duong Tu was badly criticized and still wanted to f.ight Trieu Le Dinh, but ended up losing - Photo 4

Going back to "Long Tuong Tu 2" and "Duc Phuong Hanh", as mentioned, both series are key projects, adapted from great IPs. Regarding "Long Tuong Tu", part 1 has great destructive power, everyone probably knows it as clear as day, wherever you go you will see discussions and images about the movie.

On the contrary, "Du Phuong Hanh" is somewhat more mysterious. Besides the trailer and some small revealed scenes, netizens still do not know how the plot in the original will be handled when put into the movie. Will it explode and make a big deal or not?

Duong Tu was badly criticized and still wanted to f.ight Trieu Le Dinh, but ended up losing - Photo 5

In 2024, Yangzi returns to the small screen with a series of new projects. Including the movie "Want to Love Forever". However, after initial positive reviews, the actress's film currently does not have a positive rating record.

In the work, the little flower named Duong plays the character Hoang Doanh Tu with a lovely innocent personality. She and a group of close friends spent memorable youth days together. However, her role is being complained about by the audience.

First, Duong Tu's middle-aged appearance makes it difficult for viewers to get involved in the character's story. There are even opinions that the little flower g.irl is more suitable for the role of a parent than a student. Because she is 8 years older than Pham Thua Thua, there is a large gap that makes it difficult for the 9X beauty to interact with her co-stars.

Duong Tu was badly criticized and still wanted to f.ight Trieu Le Dinh, but ended up losing - Photo 6

Next, the little flower g.irl's acting in the movie is also unstable. After the first few episodes, there was good acting, but in recent episodes, Duong Tu's character performance was overrated because he tried to look cute like a high school g.irl, even though he was 32 years old.

According to QQ, Duong's weakness in acting is that there is only one formula that applies to every character. Therefore, she lacks flexibility in playing the role. Another problem is that the actress is being criticized for being too dependent on being paired with her co-star.

Duong Tu was badly criticized and still wanted to f.ight Trieu Le Dinh, but ended up losing - Photo 7

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