Inunaki Tunnel leads to the horror village of Japan

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Like many other urban legends, the Inunaki Tunnel and Maruoka Castle both originated from real events. The story surrounding this tunnel and castle involves horrifying crimes and dozens of scary stories.

Japan is among the countries that own many scary "urban legends". They even consider it an indispensable specialty for the summer, for h.ot, fiery camping nights.

The problem is that many of Japan's urban legends are based on true stories - or at least some of them are true. For example, the story of the "haunted tunnel" of Inunaki and the village of the same name is said to be "the most horrifying in Japan", although there is still debate about whether it exists or not!

Urban Legend - Urban legends are horror stories whose authenticity is unknown in modern times. Most of them are based on real stories even though they have been lost over time. And although they are called "urban", these legends do not necessarily originate from urban areas, so they are more often called "modern legends".

Japanese urban legends are often associated with a certain fixed location in reality. Sometimes, the stories of events inspired by these locations are even more terrifying than the legends that were later spun. Two of such locations are the Inunaki howling tunnel and the Maruoka sacrificial castle.

Today, Inunaki village is located in a suburb in Japan. However, since the end of World War 2 until now, no one lives in Inunaki anymore. Inunaki became a "ghost" village, surrounded by mystical forests. It is known that in this village there are many abandoned houses and the atmosphere is always dark and creepy.

Inunaki Tunnel leads to the horror village of Japan - Photo 1

In Japan, the years 1603-1868 are called the Edo period. During this time there were many different factions that owned lands in Japan. Inunaki village at this time belonged to the Kuroda family, they held all power over the people living here. However, a great flood occurred, destroying almost every land belonging to Kuroda.

Therefore, from the end of World War 2 until now, no one lives in Inunaki anymore. Over time, Inunaki gradually became desolate and gloomy. The old, mossy houses were hidden in the forest trees, and the fenced entrance gave it a mysterious look that aroused curiosity for those who had set foot there. This.

Inunaki Tunnel leads to the horror village of Japan - Photo 2

People in the Fukuoka area say that the village is abandoned, surrounded by a gloomy, creepy space and horror events have happened. Although it exists, not many people actually know the way to this village. Because of the mysterious and confusing things surrounding Inunaki, the Japanese government did not recognize this location on the map.

Inunaki Tunnel leads to the horror village of Japan - Photo 3

Right next to the village entrance there is a large tunnel, but now it cannot be used because it is covered by very large rocks. Many rumors say that those who tried to enter the tunnel never returned to tell about the village.

Outside the village, there is only one gate separating Inunaki village from the surrounding area, with many different signs h.anging on the gate. Each sign has its own content, but the strangest is the sign "Japanese Constitution and Laws do not apply here". The strangeness of this village is also shown in the fact that electronic devices are warned that they cannot be used in this area.

Inunaki Tunnel leads to the horror village of Japan - Photo 4

The scary truth is that electronic devices cannot be used in this dangerous area because Inunaki village has no phone signal or internet. Inunaki is like a land separate from the outside world and is said to be a place where "you can only enter but cannot leave" because according to many rumors, anyone who ventures into the village will encounter extremely terrifying phenomena. degree and mysteriously disappeared.

Inunaki Tunnel leads to the horror village of Japan - Photo 5

Inunaki village is also famous for a tunnel where a brutal m.urder once occurred. In 1988, the b.ody of factory worker Umeyama Kouichi (20 years old) was discovered at Inunaki mountain pass. Police arrested a group of young men from Takawa district on suspicion of k.illing Umeyama by pouring gasoline on him and setting him on fire.

This group of teenagers captured Umeyama in the old tunnel in Inunaki. They ripped off his clothes and stuffed them into the man's mouth, tied his hands and feet, and repeatedly beat his head with rocks. The b.lood even splashed far enough to stick to the nearby railing. The man repeatedly begged for his life, but the group of teenagers poured gasoline on him and set him on fire.

Inunaki Tunnel leads to the horror village of Japan - Photo 6

In the past, many people went to the Inunaki tunnel to learn about it. But since the movie Howling Village was released in 2019, the tunnel has suddenly become a tourist hotspot, always crowded even during the epidemic.

According to local residents, the area around and inside the tunnel is now full of trash and graffiti after youth parties. In fact, people here are indeed afraid of this tunnel, but not because it is haunted, but because gangs often choose this as a gathering place.

Whether Inunaki Village really exists or not is still an unanswered question. Rumors about this strange village appeared in Japan and spread on the Internet since the 1990s. Inunaki Village is said to be located deep in the Inunaki countryside in Fukuoka Prefecture on Kyushu Island. According to rumors, the village is connected to the outside by a single passage through the Inunaki tunnel.

Inunaki Tunnel leads to the horror village of Japan - Photo 7

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