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Husband Do My Linh: The billionaire is a single father, hiding his other half's identity

Minh Lợi16:43:41 15/03/2024
Young master Do Quang Vinh - Do My Linh's husband once surprised the online community when he revealed that he had become the father of two twin babies in 2019. However, the identity of their mother is still kept secret.

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Do My Linh's husband has lost his image as a president, 'senseless' and difficult to understand, fans are confused

Phúc Sen06:46:56 15/03/2024
Miss Do My Linh's young husband - president Do Vinh Quang - made people excited about his recent move. Accordingly, Hien's son appeared to be incomprehensibly ignorant, very different from the image of a talented general that he has appeared in public for so long.

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Do My Linh talks about Mai Phuong's chance to win the crown: Use 1 word to describe juniors

Hương Duy07:30:33 08/03/2024
The audience thought that Do My Linh's words of encouragement for Mai Phuong juniors were extremely meaningful at this time, because in recent days, Vietnamese representatives have shown signs of much deterioration.

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Do My Linh is blessed to be a young master's wife, husband gives Taylor Swift idol tour

T.P16:32:19 05/03/2024
Miss Do My Linh made people admire the luxurious action of the young master's husband - Do Vinh Quang for her. Accordingly, she was elected by her son Hien to go to Singapore to go to Taylor Swift's concert, even worried about A-Z

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Taylor Swift Concert: Sao Viet landed, a queen "swinging idol" with all her heart

Snow10:38:02 05/03/2024
In order to swing the idol fully, Miss Charm Vietnam - Thanh Thanh Huyen spent a lot of m.oney for her trip to Singapore. Many people were stunned when they finished listening.

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Do My Linh revealed a rare photo with her husband and daughter, dominating a queen in the same photo

Bình Minh16:19:53 18/01/2024
After a period of retreating to take care of her family, Do My Linh is gradually returning to the entertainment industry. The queen is seen appearing at more events and recently did not hesitate to lock lips with her husband in the West.

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Do My Linh wore a thin dress after giving birth, "Beautiful sister" Quynh Nga also did not give up

Nguyễn Tuyết17:25:52 15/01/2024
Amid the cold weather of Hanoi in the first days of the year, Do My Linh still confidently wore a thin, body-hugging dress to attend designer Ha Duy's show. In addition to the beautiful queen, the event also gathered many famous Vbiz beauties.

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Do My Linh's husband revealed his enormous assets, people were shocked by the specific number

Trí Nhi12:18:11 13/01/2024
Do Vinh Quang, the son of elected Hien and also the husband of Miss Do My Linh, recently made people scrutinize and discuss the huge assets he holds. Although it is known that the young master is a man of many talents, no one has imagined the specific number.

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Do My Linh revealed the face of her newborn daughter, a strict rule about children that attracted attention

T.P10:43:27 30/12/2023
Miss Do My Linh caused a stir when she suddenly showed off a close-up of her first daughter's face. The b.aby's visual was quickly praised by netizens, saying that she inherited the beautiful genes of her beauty queen mother.

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Daughter Do My Linh first appeared in a crowded place, the queen is still determined to do 1 thing for her c.hild?

Thanh Thanh14:49:33 07/12/2023
Recently, social media was shocked by the moment Do My Linh carried her daughter to go on a date with Hoa, the famous runner-up. The first time appearing in a crowded place, Do My Linh's daughter was still determined by her mother to do 1 thing.

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Do My Linh shows off the standard attitude of "strawberry hao mon", the husband does 1 job to prove the "love wife"?

Anh Thụy13:25:06 02/12/2023
Recently, Do My Linh posted a moment with her husband Do Vinh Quang attending the event. Many people could not help but be impressed by the beauty and charisma of the queen. Notably, she was also given 1 job by her husband to prove his wife's love.

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Hien's son did a special thing at the age of U30, his wife Do My Linh said something that caught her attention: Who entered?

Trí Nhi11:28:36 02/12/2023
Young Master Do Vinh Quang - Hien's son caused a stir among netizens when he transformed into a conductor, during the important ceremony of the corporation. This is a rare job that he did at the age of 30, his wife Do My Linh immediately made a move to attract attention.

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Husband Do My Linh revealed his wife's life as a wealthy bride, even though she just gave birth, she still worked hard until dawn

T.P06:32:35 01/12/2023
Do Vinh Quang - husband of beauty queen Do My Linh revealed his life as a rich bride at Hien's house after 1 year of marriage. Even though she had just given birth, the queen still had to attend work sessions of her husband's group, working hard until dawn.

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Do My Linh secretly wants to "take advantage" of having a new member after giving birth to her first daughter?

Thanh Anh09:38:25 09/11/2023
Miss Do My Linh made people excited when she posted a status line on her personal page implying that she wanted to take advantage of having a new member with her husband, the Chairman, 4 months after giving birth to her first daughter.

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Do My Linh revealed a sneak photo, standing with her newborn daughter, who almost didn't recognize her because of her downhill beauty

Thanh Phúc10:31:33 05/11/2023
Miss Do My Linh revealed her postpartum beauty, was photographed surreptitiously while playing with her newborn daughter. The beauty of the queen was far different from when she was unmarried, losing her slim appearance because she had just given birth, the internet was surprised almost without recognizing.

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Do My Linh took the spotlight for her delicate actions with her husband, her beauty after giving birth to her first c.hild attracted attention

Thanh Anh16:03:05 01/11/2023
Do My Linh has just appeared with her young master husband at a party with close friends after 3 months of giving birth to her first c.hild. The queen acts subtly for her husband receiving a shower of compliments.

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The president's husband congratulated Do My Linh on his birthday, r.evealing his true personality, "diaper mother" responded highly

Uyển Đình18:34:53 13/10/2023
Do My Linh's life as a wealthy bride always receives public attention. Recently, on the occasion of her birthday, the queen received wishes from the young master's husband, but the beauty's response immediately seemed like a hit with her husband.

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Do My Linh revealed a photo secretly taken with her husband after giving birth. The lady's aura is stunning, fans sobbed in praise.

Pinky15:46:12 22/09/2023
Miss Do My Linh has just caused a stir among people, when pictures of her after giving birth, together with young master Do Vinh Quang's husband, were secretly taken and are being widely spread across the internet.

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Miss Do My Linh "slipped" openly close to the g.irl's face, the lipstick note between the c.hild's forehead occupied the "spotlight"

Nguyễn Kim22:12:54 10/09/2023
Since pregnancy and childbirth, Do My Linh and her businessman husband Do Vinh Quang have been tight-lipped about all information about their first c.hild. Recently, the flashing image of the kid quickly caught the attention of social networks.

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Do My Linh posted a photo with a caption that caused confusion after giving birth, fans understood that they could not help but be touched

Bảo Tiên09:38:36 29/08/2023
After a period of post-maternity stay, Miss Do My Linh made her first move on social media after many days of silence. However, the photo accompanied by the unpredictable status of the beauty made fans bewildered.

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Do My Linh confirmed her pregnancy, released a series of beautiful pregnancy photos, the most attractive mother beauty in Vbiz

Uyển Đình08:20:21 29/08/2023
After nearly 3 months of giving birth, Miss Do My Linh has officially publicized the pumpkin images that surprised netizens. The queen is a private person, so the confirmation of the pregnancy quickly attracted attention.

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Do My Linh revealed loopholes about the postpartum health condition, how the appearance of the prince made the online community curious

Đình Thi17:27:38 10/08/2023
In recent days, the news that Do My Linh gave birth to her young master's husband's first c.hild has received a lot of attention from the public. The queen's family remained as private as she was ; however, Do My Linh has made a new move on Social Media.

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Do My Linh hid her first c.hild "as tightly as a child", the husband revealed a loophole to r.eveal the image related to the child

An Nhi17:37:01 09/08/2023
The news that Do My Linh gave birth to the young master's husband's first c.hild received special attention from the public. So far, the queen has not publicly revealed any information about the little angel, but the husband revealed loopholes.

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Do My Linh was revealed by her best friend after giving birth, valuable information about her first c.hild was revealed

Uyển Đình09:33:58 02/08/2023
Miss Do My Linh and businessman Do Vinh Quang officially returned to the same house in October 2022. Recently, Miss Do My Linh has become a diaper mother. This information received the attention of many online communities.

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