After Do My Linh gave birth to a c.hild for a wealthy family, the president's husband said something surprising to her

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Miss Do My Linh, after giving birth to her first c.hild with her husband, young master Do Vinh Quang, gradually retired and was no longer active in showbiz. After 1 year of being a mother, the queen is now preparing to return, at the urging of her husband.

Miss Vietnam 2016 - Do My Linh is a face that has long been familiar to beauty lovers. Crowned in the most influential, long-standing and prestigious beauty pageant in Vietnam, Do My Linh's path into showbiz is also extremely open. After 8 years of being crowned beauty queen, even though she has now retired to a small family home, Do My Linh still receives a lot of public attention and special scrutiny.

After Do My Linh gave birth to a c.hild for a wealthy family, the presidents husband said something surprising to her - Photo 1

In 2023, Do My Linh and her husband Do Vinh Quang also welcomed their first c.hild, a little princess. Since giving birth successfully, Do My Linh has gradually retreated into hiding, no longer appearing too much in the media. She spends time at home taking care of her children and fulfilling her duties as a mother and wife. The queen's life after giving birth and becoming a wealthy daughter-in-law is even more curious to the public.

After Do My Linh gave birth to a c.hild for a wealthy family, the presidents husband said something surprising to her - Photo 2

Recently, when invited to attend an event, Do My Linh also rarely appeared in public. Here, Hien's pregnant daughter-in-law had remarkable shares revolving around her life. When asked why she was so absent from showbiz, she confided: "Indeed, since I got married and had a b.aby, my life has changed a lot. That means care and attention. My priorities also changed, I don't spend too much time on showbiz activities anymore.

After Do My Linh gave birth to a c.hild for a wealthy family, the presidents husband said something surprising to her - Photo 3

During this time I want to focus more on my family and my b.aby. However, now that the b.aby is older and stronger, I can arrange to spend time on my own work, such as attending meaningful events. I hope that in the near future I will have more time to participate in more activities, especially volunteer activities, for the community and society."

After Do My Linh gave birth to a c.hild for a wealthy family, the presidents husband said something surprising to her - Photo 4

Do My Linh also shared that she was also urged by her husband to return to showbiz. "My husband always supports me. He always says: "It's not necessary that you always have to stay home to take care of the children." Honestly, staying at home to take care of the children sounds very leisurely, but it's also hard and difficult. "In addition, staying at home for a long time has made my relationships limited and no longer the same as before." Do My Linh said.

Miss Vietnam 2016 also praised her husband. She said that her husband is a thoughtful person who loves his wife and children: "My husband is also quite busy, but from the moment we fell in love, got married until having children, he always He is a psychological, emotional and responsible person for his family. Maybe the way he expresses himself is not romantic, he cannot say sentimental or flowery words, but whatever he has is best for his two mothers. my c.hild.

After Do My Linh gave birth to a c.hild for a wealthy family, the presidents husband said something surprising to her - Photo 5

Previously, my husband often played sports and golfed every time he had free time, but since having children, he always tries to come home as early as possible to play with the b.aby. Although he plays with his children quite clumsily. Every time he looks after the c.hild and plays with the c.hild, he doesn't know how to interact with the c.hild. Seeing that, I reminded him to talk to my c.hild, but he said flattering things that sounded very funny. I found those to be lovely moments."

After Do My Linh gave birth to a c.hild for a wealthy family, the presidents husband said something surprising to her - Photo 6

Mr. Do My Linh was born in 1995, is the President of Hanoi Club and is also the second son of Bau Hien, a famous businessman in the business world as well as football enthusiasts. Do Vinh Quang held the position of President of Hanoi Club at the age of 25, becoming the youngest club president in Vietnamese football history.

After Do My Linh gave birth to a c.hild for a wealthy family, the presidents husband said something surprising to her - Photo 7

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