Do My Linh's husband has lost his image as a president, 'senseless' and difficult to understand, fans are confused

Phúc SenMar 15, 2024 at 06:46

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Miss Do My Linh's young husband - president Do Vinh Quang - made people excited about his recent move. Accordingly, Hien's son appeared to be incomprehensibly ignorant, very different from the image of a talented general he had long appeared in public with.

The couple, Hanoi Club president Do Vinh Quang and beauty queen Do My Linh, always receive a lot of attention, not only from football fans but also beauty fans. As the president of the top football team in Vietnam, every time he appears on the field he is extremely poised and charismatic, but when he returns home to Do Vinh Quang's family, he surprises people with a completely different image.

Do My Linhs husband has lost his image as a president, senseless and difficult to understand, fans are confused - Photo 1

"Inanimate clips on my phone", that's how Do My Linh titled the post about her husband. Accordingly, these are all extremely cute moments of Hanoi Club president Do Vinh Quang. Like many other husbands, Vinh Quang is "three parts powerless, seven parts indulgent." He did not hesitate to do actions and gestures at his wife's request even when he was on the street.

Do My Linhs husband has lost his image as a president, senseless and difficult to understand, fans are confused - Photo 2

On her wedding day, Do My Linh also shared that behind her husband's somewhat childish face is a person who is extremely responsible for his family, loves his parents, wife and children. Not only did he do adorable "senseless" actions to make his wife happy, but recently the image of Do Vinh Quang standing in line to buy Thai drinks for his wife also caught people's attention. Do Vinh Quang shared a photo of him standing in line to buy milk tea products with the message "serving Do My Linh". On her personal page, Do My Linh re-shared her husband's post. It turned out that My Linh and the little princess were sulking, so her husband comforted her like that. "The mother and c.hild were sulking, so dad had to comfort her," My Linh shared.

Do My Linhs husband has lost his image as a president, senseless and difficult to understand, fans are confused - Photo 3

Next, the president born in 1995 made everyone admire him by being extremely romantic and thoughtful. My Linh revealed about her journey with her husband to Singapore to see Taylor Swift on March 2.

"Suddenly one fine day, my husband asked if he wanted to go see Taylor Swift. At that time, I still thought he was joking but I still said let's go. Until I saw him trying to book plane tickets and hotels. Then I believe it's true."

Do My Linhs husband has lost his image as a president, senseless and difficult to understand, fans are confused - Photo 4

On October 23, 2022, Do My Linh and President of Hanoi Football Club - Do Vinh Quang - officially moved into the same house after a beautiful fairy-tale wedding. After getting married, Do My Linh led a private life, focusing on taking care of her husband and children. Now, when her daughter is almost 1 year old, she has just started participating in some entertainment activities.

After the wedding, Do My Linh became more comfortable about appearing publicly with her husband. Not only that, the queen also occasionally reveals some lovely pictures of her first daughter. Do My Linh's perfect married life with her husband makes many people admire and admire.

Do My Linhs husband has lost his image as a president, senseless and difficult to understand, fans are confused - Photo 5

Since becoming a bride, Do My Linh has also helped her husband take care of the family. Not long ago, Do Vinh Quang - husband of Miss Do My Linh shared a photo of the whole family working until after 3 am. In the photo, the beauty from Hanoi is still standing next to Hien (Do Vinh Quang's father) during a corporate meeting.

Do My Linhs husband has lost his image as a president, senseless and difficult to understand, fans are confused - Photo 6

It can be seen that, even though she just gave birth to a b.aby, Do My Linh still has to participate and take care of the work that helps her husband and his family. As a family with great authority, staying up until morning to handle work, although difficult, was normal for Do My Linh.

Do My Linhs husband has lost his image as a president, senseless and difficult to understand, fans are confused - Photo 7

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