Do My Linh wore a thin dress after giving birth, "Beautiful sister" Quynh Nga also did not give up

Nguyễn TuyếtJan 15, 2024 at 17:25

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Amid the cold weather of Hanoi in the first days of the year, Do My Linh still confidently wore a thin, body-hugging dress to attend designer Ha Duy's show. In addition to the beautiful queen, the event also gathered many famous Vbiz beauties.

On the afternoon of January 14, the Spring Summer 2024 fashion show of designer Ha Duy was officially held at the East-West bridge, Mega Grand World Hanoi urban area. With the theme of Haute Couture, he brought a fashion "party" with the main black and pastel tones through 100 beautiful and impressive cocktail and evening gown designs.

Do My Linh wore a thin dress after giving birth, Beautiful sister Quynh Nga also did not give up - Photo 1

Besides the attractive performances, the event also attracted the attention of the online community with the presence of many famous beauties in the entertainment industry such as: Quynh Nga, Thu Quynh, Duong Hoang Yen,... especially Do My Linh's appearance took the spotlight.

Do My Linh wore a thin dress after giving birth, Beautiful sister Quynh Nga also did not give up - Photo 2

Even though the weather was not favorable with drizzle and cold wind, the queen still asked her relatives to take care of her daughter to congratulate designer Ha Duy. The "mother of one child" attracted all eyes from the moment she appeared with her graceful and luxurious beauty in a tight-fitting dress, showing off her slim, perfect post-childbirth figure. Choosing a bun hairstyle combined with cool lipstick tones makes her appearance more sharp and attractive.

Do My Linh wore a thin dress after giving birth, Beautiful sister Quynh Nga also did not give up - Photo 3

Recently, Do My Linh also renewed herself with a thin bangs style, so many friends praised her for looking youthful and unique. The beauty born in 1996 was seen holding a transparent umbrella, sitting in the front row enjoying the show alongside many other beauties. The moment she shared a frame with runner-up sisters Tra My - Thanh Tu caused a stir among fans because she was so beautiful.

Do My Linh wore a thin dress after giving birth, Beautiful sister Quynh Nga also did not give up - Photo 4

2023 is a special year for the Hanoi-born model when she officially becomes a "diaper mother". In the first months after giving birth, Do My Linh spent all her time focusing entirely on taking care of her children. She did not even update any new information on her social network accounts.

Until recently, Miss Vietnam 2016 has just begun to return to work, but has not completely re-entered the entertainment industry. The "mother of one" only attends a few special events, the rest will focus more on selling her own fashion brand and supporting the activities of her husband's business.

Do My Linh wore a thin dress after giving birth, Beautiful sister Quynh Nga also did not give up - Photo 5

Do My Linh said that after giving birth, she gained a lot of weight. However, she is not in a hurry to lose weight but adjusts her diet and exercise appropriately. Thanks to that, appearing on the Ha Duy show this time, the beauty surprised everyone with her clearly improved beauty.

In addition to the 9X queen, "Beautiful sister" Quynh Nga also attracted attention when showing off her s.exy figure in the winter weather of Hanoi with a dress with a deep chest slit, combined with a meter-long fur coat. Since participating in the show "Pedal the Wind Turns the Wave", the actress has gained quite a number of fans thanks to her singing and dancing skills.

Do My Linh wore a thin dress after giving birth, Beautiful sister Quynh Nga also did not give up - Photo 6

At the event, Ha Duy launched the Spring Summer 2024 collection with Haute Couture theme with about 100 cocktail and evening dress designs with main black and pastel tones, respectively conquering fashionistas on the long East-West bridge. more than 100m.

Even though it was drizzling, all the audiences stayed until the last minute to enjoy Ha Duy's new designs. The show opened with the graceful steps of actress Thuy Anh.

Do My Linh wore a thin dress after giving birth, Beautiful sister Quynh Nga also did not give up - Photo 7

The first time "shaking hands" with the designer born in 1987, the We Are 8 Years Later actress was both a muse and First Face in a white layered dress, combined with a s.exy bra top.

Not only investing in costumes, Ha Duy also suggests accompanying accessories such as shoes and pet-shaped handbags. All designs are suggested to be paired with platform shoes, one of the hottest trends of this year's Spring and Summer that is actively promoted by the world fashion industry.

Do My Linh wore a thin dress after giving birth, Beautiful sister Quynh Nga also did not give up - Photo 8

Finally, the show ended with two vedettes who are also close friends of the 8X designer, Miss Ngoc Han and model Thuy Huong. This is the rare time Ngoc Han and Thuy Huong reappear on the runway after many years.

Do My Linh wore a thin dress after giving birth, Beautiful sister Quynh Nga also did not give up - Photo 9

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