Do My Linh: From the poorest beauty queen in Vietnam to the proud daughter-in-law of pregnant Hien

Bút BiMay 20, 2024 at 14:24

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Do My Linh was born and grew up in the heart of Hanoi's Old Quarter. The young g.irl born in 1996 is 171 cm tall, weighs 52 kg, and has measurements of 87-61-94 cm.

When participating in Miss Vietnam, she was a student at Hanoi Foreign Trade University, Faculty of Business Administration.

Before being crowned, My Linh worked part-time at a fashion store to pay for her studies. Coming to Miss Vietnam 2016, 20-year-old g.irl Do My Linh at that time was criticized and criticized by many viewers for her appearance.

Do My Linh: From the poorest beauty queen in Vietnam to the proud daughter-in-law of pregnant Hien - Photo 1

Many people said that Do My Linh was not as beautiful as the other faces in the Top 5, her past pictures were searched, even her teeth were evaluated. That's why the jury of Miss Vietnam - the competition with the strictest standards on anthropometrics - had to speak up to correct the rumor that Do My Linh had braces and dental surgery before going to the beauty contest.

With such a start, Do My Linh's subsequent tenure in office was not easy as she was often criticized for being "bland" or her beauty "drowned" among the beauty queens. And the milestone marking the change in Do My Linh's style and image was after the Miss World 2017 contest.

The beauty representing Vietnam participated in the Miss World contest taking place in China and reached the Top 40 finals. Do My Linh won the Miss Humanity (Beauty with a Purpose) contest.

Do My Linh: From the poorest beauty queen in Vietnam to the proud daughter-in-law of pregnant Hien - Photo 2

Her charity project is the highlight during her 4 years of w.inning the beauty crown. Audiences who love the Miss Vietnam contest will forever remember the sub-competition "Beauty of Compassion" by the young g.irl from Hanoi.

After returning to Vietnam, My Linh continued to become a model and MC for television shows, major events and the representative face of several brands. She also participates in volunteer activities serving the community and society, helping individuals in difficult circumstances.

Do My Linh: From the poorest beauty queen in Vietnam to the proud daughter-in-law of pregnant Hien - Photo 3

In addition, the queen attracted attention with many large charity projects such as the program "Peaceful Tet - Spring for you", the program "Heart for you", the free heart surgery fund for poor children with heart disease. natural.

In particular, the project "Carrying electricity home" by Do My Linh created a strong spread. Accordingly, Do My Linh implemented a project to light up a road of more than 1km in poor countryside for people in Yen Bai province.

The beauty shared that from childhood to adulthood, she never had to mix cement and install light bulbs herself because at home, her father would be the one to do those jobs. She also didn't think she could do these things. Yet when she returned to the poor countryside and experienced people's lives without electricity, she was determined to complete the project with the desire to bring living conditions with enough light for people.

Do My Linh: From the poorest beauty queen in Vietnam to the proud daughter-in-law of pregnant Hien - Photo 4

Notably, during the years after her coronation, Do My Linh was always called the "poorest beauty queen in Vietnam". This nickname comes from a post by designer Do Long. He called Do My Linh that because she did not have the habit of using branded goods or spending m.oney on luxury items. Other than when attending events with fancy dresses, she always had a simple appearance.

Designer Nguyen Giao Linh herself revealed that she had to borrow a dress and take time off from work to focus on the competition. She said: "Before the final round in the North, I came to hand over the key to the store as usual, whispering: Ms. Linh, can I take a week off to attend the Miss Vietnam final? If I get to the finals, I'll take the rest of August off, but if not, I'll go to work right away. Can you lend me a dress from the store because I haven't prepared anything yet?"

According to designer Giao Linh, everyone, including Linh, did not think she would reach the top position because "without the conditions to prepare, how can I go far?". Even after being in the top 15 of Miss Universe Vietnam, Do My Linh is still a student who studies and works part-time to have a small income for her studies and personal activities.

Do My Linh: From the poorest beauty queen in Vietnam to the proud daughter-in-law of pregnant Hien - Photo 5

After graduating from Hanoi Foreign Trade University, Do My Linh worked as an editor at VTV and opened her own fashion brand. Up to now, Do My Linh has always built a beautiful image in the eyes of the public, saying no to gossip.

The only time Do My Linh made her love story public was before she married businessman Do Vinh Quang - her current husband. The couple's wedding will be held in October 2022 in Hanoi. Husband Do My Linh is the youngest son of President Hien (Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Director of T&T Group, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SHB Bank), currently holding the position of Chairman of Hanoi Football Club.

Do My Linh: From the poorest beauty queen in Vietnam to the proud daughter-in-law of pregnant Hien - Photo 6

In July 2023, Do My Linh gave birth to her first daughter. The Queen did not use social networks for a while to focus on taking care of her young children. Previously, there was a lot of questionable information during Queen's pregnancy, but she did not confirm it.

Do My Linh: From the poorest beauty queen in Vietnam to the proud daughter-in-law of pregnant Hien - Photo 7

Do My Linh said that since having children, she feels more mature, mature and responsible. The beauty shared that she and her husband were still very confused when it came to taking care of children for the first time, and her husband was even quite clumsy when playing with the children. "Looking at him being clumsy when playing with his children, I feel funny. But since having children, he always arranges his work to come home early with our children, which makes me happy," she said.

Do My Linh: From the poorest beauty queen in Vietnam to the proud daughter-in-law of pregnant Hien - Photo 8

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