Mixi team - Mixi page and the hottest couples in the Vietnamese game village

Hoàng AnhAug 03, 2022 at 10:15

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In the Vietnamese gaming industry, there are many couples that make the audience admire by the harmony in their personalities, harmony in their interests, and do not hesitate to pay salaries, express sweet feelings that melt hearts. fan.

Mixi Team - Mixi page

If anyone has ever lost faith in the "love at first sight" love story, looking at the Do Mixi family, they will definitely change their opinion immediately.

Mixi team - Mixi page and the hottest couples in the Vietnamese game village - Photo 1

Not everyone is lucky to find true love at first meeting like Team Mixi. He "hit" his wife Trang Mixi via Zalo when he turned on the "Find friends around" mode during his lunch break, when he was still an ordinary office worker at a travel agency. At that time, Trang Mixi actively "saw" Do Mixi, after 10 days of texting back and forth, the two had an official date in real life. After a period of love, the two became husband and wife and had two lovely children, Tung So and Cao Nhu Nhi.

Mixi team - Mixi page and the hottest couples in the Vietnamese game village - Photo 2

Married for a long time, but Trang - Do is still as passionate as when they were in love. Mr. Do looks like a "national husband" when he and his wife take care of two sons. Mixi page revealed that he is a sweet husband because when texting, he never forgets to say he loves his wife. So much so that every time they talk about them, fans are immediately impressed by a full, happy, and full married life, often paying a salary.

Team Mixi as well as Xemesis is a piece of the "Four Emperors streamer", successful and also loved by many people. And Trang Mixi, although not active in the game industry, but the "channel owner" also regularly broadcasts livestreams to interact with fans. In addition, she also helps her husband in managing MixiFood - a snack brand from MixiGaming.

The love story and married life of the above couples really touched even the coldest hearts. They have inspired in their own stories and spread positive energy to the community!

Minh Nghi - Bomman

Minh Nghi - Bomman, which is considered a "female pearl fairy" couple, has a large fan base of the Vietnamese game village. Since publicizing their relationship, the couple has received great support from "Mean Village and Mine Village" (the couple's fan name). During the two years of love, Minh Nghi and Bomman have always been a symbol of a beautiful love in the eyes of fans. Moreover, the couple also actively gave out "swallow wages" that made even the coldest hearts melt.

Recently, the two officially became a husband and wife in the blessing of relatives and a large number of fans. This is the good news expected by the whole gaming village, because the audience is the matchmaker, actively "pushing the boat" so that the bride and groom become a couple.

Mixi team - Mixi page and the hottest couples in the Vietnamese game village - Photo 3

Bomman is the number one CS:GO caster and streamer in the Vietnamese gaming industry, has nearly 700k followers and this number will certainly be proportional to Bomman's increasing popularity. Meanwhile, Minh Nghi is no less competitive when holding the role of MC of the game League of Legends: Wild Rift. The "pearl girl" is talented, knows how to play games, but also has a very beautiful appearance. Therefore, not only Bomman but also fans love her like c.razy. The pair of talented boys and girls, but the perfect match for each other will surely achieve more success together in the future.

Xemesis - Young Mango

Phimesis and Non mango are one of the hottest couples in the Vietnamese gaming industry. Their popularity even extends far beyond the Vietnamese entertainment industry, no one is unaware of the love story of the "richest streamer in Vietnam" and the h.ot g.irl with a hybrid beauty.

This is one of the most admired couples in Vietnam because of their luxury, wealth, full and happy married life but also no lack of humor. Although Young Mango and Xemesis have a large age difference, they still have mutual understanding and live in harmony.

Mixi team - Mixi page and the hottest couples in the Vietnamese game village - Photo 4

Even many people commented that Xemesis - Young Mango was like a pair of heaven because of this great match. This is proven by Xemesis as one of the "Four Kings streamer" along with Team Mixi, PewPew and ViruSs. The guy has a huge family background, works as a streamer because of his passion, and Xemesis's main job is business.

Non Mango is no less competitive when she is a familiar name to the audience, especially Gen Z. Currently, Non Mango is a very famous KOL in Saigon, besides she is also a model, used to act in movies. some music videos, sitcoms. It is known that even though he dropped out of high school, Mango Non has long been able to control his economy and not let his family worry.

Phuong Thao - Duc Liz

Phuong Thao and Duc Liz are the famous "talented and talented" couple of the Vietnamese game village, impressing the audience with the love story from colleagues to life partners.

Phuong Thao is the famous MC of the game Lien Quan Mobile, in addition, she is also the face of a number of programs on radio stations such as Moments of Love, Late Night Stories, Every Day A Joy, VTV End connection, VTV cab Sports... Despite her very young age, she still left a deep impression on her natural, professional leadership, beautiful appearance, and eye-catching fashion style. Loving Phuong Thao, fans fondly call her by the nickname "National MC". As for Duc Liz, who is currently the coordinator of the top tournaments of Lien Quan Mobile, is very vocal in the Vietnamese Esports village. In addition, he is also the CEO of an entertainment company.

Mixi team - Mixi page and the hottest couples in the Vietnamese game village - Photo 5

There is a part of fans who do not really understand the couple, so they equated and thought that Phuong Thao thanks to her husband to have a successful career like today. However, everything that the female MC has is due to her own efforts. The couple who worked together on the game Lien Quan Mobile, are now life partners, so they understand each other a lot, side by side in the upcoming journey.

Mixi team - Mixi page and the hottest couples in the Vietnamese game village - Photo 6

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