Team Mixi, Xemesis and the "Four Kings of Vietnamese streamers" have been popular for a while?

An NhiJun 22, 2022 at 11:58

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10 years ago, the livestream industry flourished with 4 popular streamers including PewPew, Do Mixi, ViruSs and Xemesis. They are favored by the online community as the "Four Emperors streamer" of the Vietnamese gaming village.

Vietnam's Four Kings streamer is the beautiful name for the group of 4 famous and most influential streamers of the gaming village. Team Mixi, VirusSs, Xemesis and PewPew are those characters. These are all leading names in the livestream industry and have illustrious careers and close ties together. It can be said that this quartet has been the symbol of the Vietnamese streamer village for more than 10 years now.

Team Mixi, Xemesis and the "Four Kings of Vietnamese streamers" have been popular for a while? - Photo 1

To be as successful as they are now, all 4 streamers have to start from scratch. Some people started their careers when the concept of streamer was still something new in Vietnam. Streamers have to deal with viewership ratings. Less viewers means less popularity with the public, leading to a decrease in income.

From being anonymous, being cursed by viewers to becoming a name that many people admire, it's been a long time of relentless efforts of the "Four Kings of Vietnamese streamer" association.

Sticking for a decade like that, but over time, the closeness of the popular streamer Yonko has been questioned. The main reason is having an extremely famous member but seems to be isolated from the rest of the streamer Yonko for a long time.

The popularity and coverage of each name in the Four Kings streamer is undisputed, simple posts on each person's MXH can collect tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of interactions in a short time. Or as simple as playing games and doing comedy together, it also attracts hundreds of thousands of online viewers. However, it has been a long time since people have seen these popular h.ot streamers gathered in full. The last time the Four Kings streamer gathered was probably in early 2021, after Xemesis's terrible wedding caused MXH to explode.

Team Mixi, Xemesis and the "Four Kings of Vietnamese streamers" have been popular for a while? - Photo 2

This can also explain that the members are not close to each other, the North and the South are busy with work and family, so they do not have too many opportunities to meet. But if you pay attention, many people will realize that there have been many opportunities to gather but lack some members. For example, the recent trip to Ha Long had both Do Mixi, PewPew and Xemesis present, but ViruSs was absent.

Also on the livestream, Do Mixi's game exchanges are often present with Xemesis, sometimes PewPew also stops to exchange, but ViruSs is extremely popular.

Not only have a successful career with the streamer profession, the members of the Four Emperors streamer also have their own achievements in business. Recently, a broken rice restaurant called Sa Bi Chuong opened by PewPew, Do Mixi and Xemesis has attracted the attention of many netizens and diners from near and far. In addition, this is also the first time these streamers have worked together to do business, so they are getting more attention.

Team Mixi, Xemesis and the "Four Kings of Vietnamese streamers" have been popular for a while? - Photo 3

But the fact that VirusSs does not do business with close friends also makes many people curious. Later, Do Mixi said that ViruSs had its own business plans and opened a broken rice restaurant that did not match the orientation of the famous male streamer and musician.

VirusSs once said: "Work is work, brothers are brothers. For me, doing business must be profitable".

After many doubts about not participating in Sa Bi Chuong, the insiders also spoke up. Accordingly, it was ViruSs who frankly shared that: "Work is work, brothers are brothers. Currently, I also run many startups and companies large and small. For me, having a business must have a business. As for my friend's projects, VirusSs always provides remote support if there is a problem."

Team Mixi, Xemesis and the "Four Kings of Vietnamese streamers" have been popular for a while? - Photo 4

The shares of ViruSs show that the male streamer, although not directly participating, is still watching. It should also be added that shaking hands on business cooperation is a sensitive issue, because this can also be the cause of emotional rifts. In business and business, profit is always one of the most important factors and it is not difficult to understand when VirusSs does not share capital when other brothers cooperate. Currently, VirusSs has encroached on investment in many other areas and is quite successful.

Although there are many doubts about disbanding, the streamer is still a special symbol of the Vietnamese streamer village. And fans always want to recreate the special moments that have made the name of the most attractive and famous streamer group even though everyone is currently busy with their own projects.

Team Mixi, Xemesis and the "Four Kings of Vietnamese streamers" have been popular for a while? - Photo 5

It is known that ViruSs is currently working as the director of many popular brands in technology retail as well as actively participating in financial investments. Team Mixi, Xemesis still plays regularly and claims to be in the profession for a few more years. As for PewPew, it seems that he also lives "diving" more than before.

Team Mixi, Xemesis and the "Four Kings of Vietnamese streamers" have been popular for a while? - Photo 6

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