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Mai Ngo lamented: Being in debt despite being a runner-up, being a MIQ VN mentor only suffered a heavy loss, no profit

T.P14:48:43 21/04/2023
Runner-up Mai Ngo was shocked when she first revealed her life after the title of Miss Grand Vietnam runner-up, saying that she was still in debt and was invited to be a mentor, but she suffered a heavy loss financially. Mai Ngo is a recent post-girl who is always a face that is...

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Huong Giang revealed the moment of holding Dan Tien's hand after the final of MIQ VN, did it erase the hatred?

Pinky13:50:30 11/04/2023
The intense drama of transgender beauty Dan Tien - a contestant who just stopped in the Top 6 of Miss International Queen Vietnam 2023 with Miss Huong Giang still has not shown any signs of cooling down, when recently netizens discovered an unexpected move again. that both are...

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Diu Thao responded when she was criticized for not being able to compete in international competitions, fans were "out of their mind" because of her strange beauty after the finals

Krant10:38:27 11/04/2023
After w.inning at the final night of Miss International Queen Vietnam 2023, Nguyen Ha Diu Thao was thought by some netizens that her beauty was not enough to compete internationally. However, recently, she returned with a new look, leaving many fans impressed. Since the legal...

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Huong Giang officially spoke on her personal page amid the MIQ VN 2023 controversy: Shame on LGBT?

Mộc Trà09:17:06 11/04/2023
Most recently, the City Department of Culture and Sports. Ho Chi Minh City has just made an official announcement in front of the media related to the Miss International Queen Vietnam 2023 contest. Department of Culture and Sports City. Ho Chi Minh City confirmed that this is a...

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Huong Giang shed tears because she sacrificed to organize a contest for transgender people but was "shamed"

Nắng14:05:35 10/04/2023
Specifically, the original transgender queen Viet said: To make a program for transgender people is really not easy, everyone. And to have this night, Giang doesn't know if it's a trade-off or not! .

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Quynh Chau was insulted by an actor after the final of MIQ VN, his attitude was c.ruel, challenging public opinion

T.P07:19:02 10/04/2023
Netizens were simultaneously hot-faced, indignant at the uncharacteristic statement, implying the popularity of a young actor, right after the final of the MIQ VN contest was held. On the evening of April 8, the final night of Miss International Queen Vietnam 2023 (Miss...

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The scene of the final night of MIQ VN was chaotic, the audience was upset because they had tickets but could not enter the stage

Thanh Phúc09:41:44 09/04/2023
The audience present directly to the final night of Miss International Queen Vietnam 2023 was extremely frustrated with the way the organizers worked, because many people had tickets in hand but could not enter the program. The hottest transgender beauty contest in Vietnam -...

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Diu Thao was crowned MIQ VN, "removing the glue" to help Mai Ngo's team for having the first and boldest victory

T.P00:02:13 09/04/2023
The final night of the Miss International Queen Vietnam 2023 contest officially ended, with the highest position officially awarded to contestant Nguyen Ha Diu Thao - mentor Mai Ngo's team. After a journey of more than 3 months of recording and broadcasting, the biggest beauty...

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Ha Anh reported terrible news about VOTE tickets in the final of MIQ Vietnam 2023, Bui Quynh Hoa was accused of being mean

Mộc Trà08:04:01 06/04/2023
In just a few days, the final of Miss International Queen Vietnam 2023 will take place and the owner of the "dandelion" crown will be revealed. So who will hold the ticket to represent Vietnam to Thailand to conquer the crown of Miss International Queen 2023? After announcing...

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Huong Giang decided to "play the trumpet", Dan Tien immediately invested "huge" before the final of MIQ 2023?

Pipi10:33:14 04/04/2023
Before the upcoming important day, Huong Giang temporarily put aside the noise in the case of being slandered by contestant Dan Tien to spend time traveling, however, the photo set of the female singer made people shocked. Recently, Huong Giang surprised when she spent time...

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Quynh Chau opens her heart about her career: She was criticized for her hometown by Nam Trung, and struggled for many years to find a foothold

Đức Trí16:49:44 03/04/2023
Runner-up Quynh Chau has emotional shares about her career process, saying that getting where she is today is really not an easy thing, having to trade off and go through many things. Miss Che Nguyen Quynh Chau is a recent face that has been constantly capturing waves on all...

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Kieu Loan reunited with her old game Do Tay Ha after 2 years, loudly affirming her "pet chicken" achievement at MIQ VN

T.P15:15:59 03/04/2023
Runner-up, Singer Lona Kieu Loan has just had a face-to-face encounter with former student Tay Ha, surprised with her attitude and strong words when predicting the result of the beauty before the final of Miss International Queen Vietnam 2023. Lona Kieu Loan is a long-legged...

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Dan Tien revealed the image of wearing the crown of MIQ Vietnam 2023: Surely the coronation rate, Mym Tran "empty hand"?

Bình Yên09:20:26 03/04/2023
Miss International Queen Vietnam 2023 has almost reached the final stage. All the contestants are putting all their remaining time into the upcoming semi-final and final night. Each audience had their own beauty queen position. Recently, the organizers also announced a crown for...

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Semi-final of Miss Transgender 2023: Top 9 revealed, Thuy Tien won a big "press" Quynh Chau?

Pipi13:07:57 01/04/2023
The semi-finals of Miss Transgender 2023 took place in the attention of a large audience. The top 9 contests were judged by the audience to be "equal, equal", many new factors exploded, making Quynh Chau's team almost "empty". On the evening of March 31, the semi-final night of...

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Tuong San was accused of having a history of dating rich men, following in the footsteps of Dan Tien who met a deadline before the finals of MIQ VN

Thanh Phúc10:08:29 27/03/2023
Another strong contestant of Miss International Queen Vietnam 2023 was accused of having a bad past, fans were confused by the widespread information, not knowing what was the truth.

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Bui Quynh Hoa was "biased" causing Mai Ngo to lose miserably, Huong Giang "had a headache" because of Miss Transgender?

Phương Nam12:19:01 25/03/2023
The final round is about to take place, but Mai Ngo's team has so far only "nearly won" and was completely empty-handed in the past rounds. Currently, fans are pouring doubts about Bui Quynh Hoa being biased by Huong Giang. After more than a month of accompanying the Miss...

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Huong Giang expressed a harsh "warning" attitude, Mai Ngo gave up the title, "c.razy" at Miss transgender?

Chi Chu11:27:41 18/03/2023
Controversies surrounding Miss Transgender Vietnam 2023 have once again become the focus. This time, Mai Ngo was no longer "gentle" as in previous episodes because she lost a contestant and Quynh Hoa showed a defiant attitude, Huong Giang then also had a controversial attitude...

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Huynh My "expressed her attitude" to Mai Ngo, "ca khà" always Ngoc Chau: Accepting showbiz does not bore anyone

pipi10:27:26 08/03/2023
Not only "disturbing the water" in Miss Transgender Vietnam, Huynh My is now not afraid to mention Mai Ngo's name. In addition, people also discovered that this g.irl also had a "cà khà" move by Ngoc Chau when the queen went to Miss Universe 2022. Regarding the qualifying battle...

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Contestant of Miss Transgender VN revealed h.ot photos, the audience "sore eyes" demanded Huong Giang to be eliminated from the contest

Thanh Phúc06:47:49 27/02/2023
Transgender beauty Ly Huynh My, a contestant at Miss International Queen Vietnam 2023, stunned the audience with a series of photos in the past that could not be more offensive. The contestant who is causing the most media storm of Miss International Queen Vietnam 2023 (Miss...

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Miss International Quee Le Ky Han - Transgender journey, looking forward to succeeding Huong Giang

Hoàng Anh16:28:46 19/11/2022
Nowadays society has a more positive view of transgender people, so contests for the transgender community to make their voices heard are also necessary and should be supported. As one of the contestants who made a strong impression right from the casting round at Miss...

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