Dien Tu Lang - King of Songs Radio: U80 sings in pubs without cats, looking for every tip

Thảo MaiApr 07, 2023 at 16:47

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Artist Dien Tu Lang was once known as "The King of Radio". In the late afternoon, he still worked hard at singing for a living. Despite his old age and weak health, the male singer is still passionate about art and tries to maintain his voice. However, he said life was difficult due to economic difficulties.

Dien Tu Lang: the voice is "in harmony with the earth" to "King of Radio Radio"

Artist Dien Tu Lang's real name is Tran Van Sau (born in 1943), in his hometown of Mo Cay, Ben Tre. He went to Saigon to follow the career of don ca tai tu. The day he left his hometown, he was only 15 years old, with a capital of 20 songs taught by artisan Hai Que. At that time, he had to work a lot every day to have the conditions to study and pursue his passion for singing. At the age of 20, he was introduced to the radio station by artist Thanh Cong.

Dien Tu Lang - King of Songs Radio: U80 sings in pubs without cats, looking for every tip - Photo 1

Artist Dien Tu Lang has a very unique voice, which experts say is a "coarse earth" voice. His voice has a wide, low, but very thick range, which is a rare voice, different from the high-pitched copper voice like: People's Artist Ut Tra On, People's Artist Minh Vuong. This is not a voice of commercial value for the record business, this voice is for connoisseurs who know how to enjoy the lightness, mellow, and depth, suitable for playing the harp, elegant, elegant. Thanks to that, he was very keen on singing, stroking the sentence very gently without effort, clearly pronouncing the words and skin in each sentence.

During his more than 50 years of working with the profession, he regularly records and his songs are broadcast regularly on Radio. He was once voted by the Saigon press before 1975 as the "King of Radio", with more than 2,000 ancient songs and thousands of reformed songs.

He was invited by the Thu Do troupe to play the double lead role with artist Kieu Le Mai, then he collaborated with the Anh Chieu Duong troupe of People's Artist Nguyen Thanh Chau. He was loved by the audience through the role of Thi in the play "When c.razy people love". The most profound memory in his artist's life is when he joined the New Hoa Lan troupe and sang the main song with "Melancholy woman" Ut Bach Lan in the reformed play "The adulterer's case" by author Le Khanh.

After the country's unification, he worked at stages: Living Chung, Saigon 2, Saigon 3, City Van Cong, Tran Huu Trang Theater... Although he only played supporting roles, he was often assigned roles. old man, his roles left a good impression in the hearts of the audience.

Dien Tu Lang - King of Songs Radio: U80 sings in pubs without cats, looking for every tip - Photo 2

He continued to stick with the program of ancient songs and cai luong of the Voice of the People of Ho Chi Minh City. Author Tran Nam Dan at that time always gave him special affection, so his works all had his contribution. The two have collaborated very successfully in the comedy "Bee Bites". Since then, artist Dien Tu Lang "died his name" when the audience heard the radio call him by the name of the character "Tam Luc Lak".

People's Artist Ngoc Giau once commented, it can be said that artist Dien Tu Lang is a vocalist with a very long life, until later years he can still live on his singing. "Dedication, love to the job and wholeheartedness to colleagues is a precious thing when it comes to Dien Tu Lang" - People's Artist Ngoc Giau said.

Artist Dien Tu Lang is an example of industriousness, persistence, silence, but very strong acting force. He has many creativity in singing and acting for the younger generation of artists to follow.

Dien Tu Lang: After the illness, in the late afternoon, he went to sing without a car, depending on the tips of the guests

Until now, at the age of U80, artist Dien Tu Lang lives with his wife Phuong Hong Yen in a small house in Binh Thanh district. The male artist's wife was also a beloved singer for a while, with many artists such as Phuong Hong Ngoc, Phuong Hong Que... Due to a heart condition, she was hospitalized for 5 years, so she is now receiving treatment. Now she can't sing like before. The two have 5 children, but in the late afternoon, the two artists cling to each other and rely on each other, the children sometimes support a little because they both have their own families.

Dien Tu Lang - King of Songs Radio: U80 sings in pubs without cats, looking for every tip - Photo 3

In May 2022, sharing with the group "Ngu Long Du Ky" (Phi Phung, Phuong Dung, HH Diem Huong,...), at the age of 80, artist Dien Tu Lang revealed that he still sings, as long as he doesn't When he was sick, he still sang every night at the pub in District 5 to make ends meet. However, he said that life was difficult due to economic difficulties, especially during the COVID-19 epidemic.

"Until now, I still go to work, still sing every night. Last pandemic season, I couldn't sing, I was hungry. Children sometimes make up for it, but it's also difficult because they have to take care of their wives and children..." , he said.

Dien Tu Lang - King of Songs Radio: U80 sings in pubs without cats, looking for every tip - Photo 4

Sharing about singing, artist Dien Tu Lang said, it is not called a cate, but correctly called an income because the amount of m.oney going to sing is not stable but completely due to the generosity of the audience. "In the past, it was fine, but now it's limited. It can't be called a cate because no one pays the salary, only customers send tips. There are days when the shop is crowded or when meeting fans or meeting acquaintances, it helps. However, there were days when he finished singing and still didn't receive any m.oney. The average income is about 200,000 VND/night. Minus 50,000 VND for gasoline, only 150,000 VND left," the male artist revealed.

However, the male artist expressed optimism when his name is still loved by many people. Occasionally, he was invited by some programs and events to sing. Sharing about the current health situation, artist Dien Tu Lang said that he had many underlying diseases, had experienced the "first death" attack, had to be hospitalized for a long time because of a stroke during Tet in 2022. "I just finished my shift, when I went down, I felt dizzy. I sat down on the chair and my face was dark. So I asked my "disciple" to take me to the hospital. The doctor said it was lucky to bring me in in time. golden time "otherwise ...", he shared.

Dien Tu Lang - King of Songs Radio: U80 sings in pubs without cats, looking for every tip - Photo 5

After the illness until now, I remember the time when I appreciated my health and emotions more when I was still able to sing. "I miss the stage very much, I'm old, I'm weak, I'm seriously ill, but I still hope to have the opportunity to step on the stage. This gift will be a great motivation for me," said Artist Dien Tu Lang. confided.

Dien Tu Lang - King of Songs Radio: U80 sings in pubs without cats, looking for every tip - Photo 6

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