Chi Pu took Amber's hand to Ella's concert, the close trio reunited

Phong TrầnMay 18, 2024 at 14:05

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Although Wind Pedal ended long ago, Chi Pu has returned to Vietnam to work. However, the relationship between her and her sisters is still extremely close even though they are each in the same country.

On the evening of May 17, the image of Chi Pu and Amber appearing together at the concert to introduce Ella Tran Gia Hoa's new music product in Shenzhen, China was posted by netizens and quickly attracted many people's attention. . The reunion and cute interactions of 3 billion billion Dae Gio 2023 made many people excited.

Chi Pu took Ambers hand to Ellas concert, the close trio reunited - Photo 1

This is a close trio when competing together in Wind Pedal 2023. Chi Pu and Ella call each other "mother and daughter", and Amber once had a time pushing the boat with the Vietnamese representative because of her gallant actions. out of ink.

Chi Pu took Ambers hand to Ellas concert, the close trio reunited - Photo 2

Not only did Chi Pu come to support the concert, Chi Pu also received a new album from Ella with heartwarming compliments. The senior called the singer "Please stay" with the lovely nickname Pu Pu: "Dear Pu Pu, this is is my new album, I hope you like it! I'm really happy to know your true self, an extremely professional and always full of passion with you in the future and always succeed in your career. Love you, miss you so much, hugs." It can be seen that even though the program ended a long time ago, the relationship between Chi Pu and the beautiful contestants is still extremely good!

Chi Pu took Ambers hand to Ellas concert, the close trio reunited - Photo 3

Chi Pu took Ambers hand to Ellas concert, the close trio reunited - Photo 4

While stopping to interact with fans, Ella did not forget to introduce the presence of Amber and Chi Pu to the audience. She also teased and "asked" about Chi Pu's Chinese proficiency after a long time apart. Responding to her close sister, the Vietnamese female singer also affirmed that her Chinese language skills have improved a lot.

After the concert ended, the audience saw the trio Ella, Amber and Chi Pu leaving in the same car. Netizens predict that the three will spend time chatting after not seeing each other for a long time.

Chi Pu took Ambers hand to Ellas concert, the close trio reunited - Photo 5

Ella is a member of the famous music group SHE and is familiar with Vietnamese audiences through films such as Love Roses, Young Women, Reaching for the Stars... The two became extremely close after when accompanying each other at Pedi Gio 2023. Ella once wrote about her Vietnamese sister: "Chi Pu said she was my fan, it was so surprising. She is a g.irl from Vietnam, beautiful and has real power. Have you seen her amazing opening stage? Her transformation is so beautiful, it's a rose. I'm looking forward to the collaboration stage with Chi Pu New team. Until then, anyone who knows how to dance must dance with us."

Chi Pu took Ambers hand to Ellas concert, the close trio reunited - Photo 6

In addition to Ella, Chi Pu also interacted a lot with Amber in the show. Talking about the former f(x) idol, Chi Pu said: "Amber was my first friend when I came to Dap Gio. From the moment we first appeared on the show, Amber and I were seated next to each other. Amber enthusiastically asked: 'Do you understand? If you don't understand, please tell me so Amber can translate for me!'. At that time, I thought to myself: 'So enthusiastic' because we had just met That enthusiasm did not stop at the first days, but lasted until the last day. I realized that Amber was not trying to appear as an enthusiastic person to build an image of always helping people Amber is truly such a person. I really appreciate Amber for that."

Chi Pu took Ambers hand to Ellas concert, the close trio reunited - Photo 7

After that, many reports said that Chi Pu had returned to the same management company in China with Amber, Jackson (GOT7)... The two female singers are still close to this day and have many moments that make fans cringe. .

Even though Pedal Gio 2023 ended a long time ago, the audience's love for the billions has not cooled down. Besides, the close friendship between the artists also received positive feedback.

Chi Pu took Ambers hand to Ellas concert, the close trio reunited - Photo 8

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