'Peace the wind 2023': Ngo Thien officially left the show because of his worrying health

YayaJun 16, 2023 at 15:12

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After many speculations about Ngo Thien's exclusion from the program "Dam the Wind 2023", the office of the actress born in 1992 officially announced that she would leave the show for personal reasons.

Recently, the 4th season of the reality TV show "Peace the Wind 2023" gathered 33 beautiful sisters who are famous names, youth as well as idols of generations of sportsmen. In particular, in season 4, Hunan Television also extended to invite artists from a number of countries around the world to participate.

After the show aired, "Pedaling the Wind 2023" always stood on the discussion search rankings of social platforms. With the show's continued popularity, the appearances of most of the sisters have greatly increased.

Domestic sisters like Chu Chau, Thai Thieu Fen, Cung Lam Na and Ella (Tran Gia Hoa) have ushered in the heights of their careers. Overseas sisters like MARia, Amber, and Chi Pu are also known by many people.

Peace the wind 2023: Ngo Thien officially left the show because of his worrying health - Photo 1

Ngo Thien is probably one of the most interested names in the program "Pedaling the wind 2023". Because, this is a variety show that marks the return of the actress "Together for life" after giving birth as well as marital events.

Also through the program "Pedaling the Wind 2023", the audience also wished that the actress born in 1992 could regain her spirit and reputation after a long time of being hurt by her marriage with Truong Vu Kiem.

Peace the wind 2023: Ngo Thien officially left the show because of his worrying health - Photo 2

Right from the opening episode of "Pedaling the Wind 2023" Ngo Thien received the love of both the audience and 32 beautiful sisters participating in the program because of her beautiful beauty, innocence as well as her lack of self-confidence after the show. experienced a failed marriage with Truong Vu Kiem. The keyword about Ngo Thien is also so slow on the rankings.

Even after the individual voting results in the third public were announced, it can be seen that the audience's popularity with Ngo Thien has not decreased but increased day by day.

Peace the wind 2023: Ngo Thien officially left the show because of his worrying health - Photo 3

Although the level of personal favorites was voted quite high, recently there was a lot of information that Ngo Thien was removed from the show, making her fans nervous, the online community stirred up discussion.

Many people think that Ngo Thien's lack of confidence, little communication, little tears, and no progress through each performance. Ngo Thien's singing and performing ability was poor, making her rank not high, but still made it to the next round thanks to the favor of the captains.

Therefore, Ngo Thien is criticized by the audience for taking advantage of the available popularity to win a place on the show, causing more deserving artists to leave.

Peace the wind 2023: Ngo Thien officially left the show because of his worrying health - Photo 4

Recently, on the afternoon of June 16, Ngo Thien's office officially issued a written notice that the actress "Le steamed sugar alum" will withdraw from the program "Dip the wind 2023" for health reasons and need more rest.

"Because Ngo Thien did not get proper rest after the binocular vision correction surgery, leading to a series of adverse reactions after the surgery. Therefore, Ngo Thien temporarily left the stage of "Dap Wind 2023" and stopped altogether. set of other jobs to rest and relax. Thank you to the program team and sisters for accompanying and helping. Thank you for your attention," said Ngo Thien's office.

Peace the wind 2023: Ngo Thien officially left the show because of his worrying health - Photo 5

In addition to announcing the suspension of the program "Pedaling the Wind 2023" to give the opportunity to go on for another beautiful sister, the Chinese-language media also revealed the day before announcing the ranking of the public's favorite beautiful sister. , Ngo Thien suddenly felt unwell and rushed to the hospital for a checkup, when the doctor diagnosed that her eyesight had decreased sharply and asked her to return to the hospital where she had surgery for treatment.

Peace the wind 2023: Ngo Thien officially left the show because of his worrying health - Photo 6

After the cause, Ngo Thien withdrew from the program "Blowing the wind 2023" made other beautiful sisters burst into tears because of their love for their juniors. Besides, the criticism and negative thoughts of the previous online community for Ngo Thien have been vindicated.

Because this time, Ngo Thien withdrew from the program "Pedaling the wind 2023" not because of her personality, nor for fear of being scolded, but because her physical condition really could not cooperate with the training schedule. high intensity at "Wind Pedal 2023".

Peace the wind 2023: Ngo Thien officially left the show because of his worrying health - Photo 7

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