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The 2k1 g.irl failed to confess her love to her U50 uncle, after 4 years she received an unexpected ending

Quỳnh Quỳnh15:59:01 18/06/2024
The couple's love affair with a 20-year age gap surprised many people, but also encountered a lot of gossip. However, both receive support from both families and will soon prepare to welcome a beautiful ending to their love story.

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'Peace the wind 2023': Chi Pu defeated Luu Nha Sat to debut with Ella, making fans angry for 1 reason

Juni Nguyễn14:05:07 18/07/2023
Although the ranking finale has not taken place yet, recently on Chinese social networks has spread a list of supposedly beautiful sisters who will debut in a group in Dap Gio 2023.

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'Blow on the wind 2023': Thai Thieu Fen fell, Chi Pu was praised by Ella for surpassing master 'Xa Xiu Fen'

Juni Nguyễn10:37:27 03/07/2023
After the announcement of the results of Cong 4 at the program "Pedaling the Wind 2023" was announced, besides the tears because of having to say goodbye to some beautiful sisters, there were also laughs from the comedians of the show. cast of artists.

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'Peace the wind 2023': Ngo Thien officially left the show because of his worrying health

Yaya15:12:26 16/06/2023
After many speculations about Ngo Thien's exclusion from the program "Dip Wind 2023", recently, the office of the actress born in 1992 officially announced that she would leave the program for personal reasons.

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'Blow on the wind 2023': Ta Na was cursed and slapped for surpassing Amber and Chi Pu, Ngo Thien was c.ut o.ff all scenes

Ning Jing12:03:13 03/06/2023
Although her dancing and singing skills are only temporary, Ta Na's performance at the top of the most popular rankings from first to second is still more talented in this year's billions of billions. That's why it made netizens angry. Recently, the public popularity ranking has...

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Chu Chau - Chi Pu's rival at "Dap Gio 2023": The world's most beautiful beauties, come from a worldly brood

Pipi16:34:25 29/05/2023
Among Chi Pu's opponents at "Dap Gio 2023", Chu Chau is considered the most beautiful and richest beauty. Recently, the close moment between the actress and Amber caused a fever among fans, and information about Zhou Zhou later became a topic of discussion. Zhou Zhou was born in...

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Billionaires beat the wind: Chi Pu group was criticized when practicing vocals, VN lost the title of the most beautiful beauty show

JLO11:02:21 07/05/2023
Preparing for the stage See Tinh, Chi Pu and 3 members of the group had a vocal training session in the backstage of the Chinese show. However, Chi Pu's group was suddenly corrected by the vocal teacher. Just aired the opening episode, which had a s.mashing view record 3 seasons...

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Ha Hoang San surpassed Van Vinh San in Thien Long Bat Bo

Hậu Hậu14:33:35 26/08/2021
Despite many disparaging comments, Thien Long Bat Bo 2021 is still receiving the attention of the audience. If the film's beauties like Vuong Ngu Yen, Moc Uyen Thanh, and A Chau make viewers quite disappointed, the supporting characters A Tu (played by Ha Hoang San) and Khang...

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