Duc Tien passed away while his wife was pregnant, Mr. Dam revealed the "debt" of the late artist

Kim LâmMay 20, 2024 at 09:21

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Dam Vinh Hung revealed that Duc Tien's wife was pregnant when the actor unfortunately passed away, making many people sad. The male model's passing was a big s.hock to Miss Binh Phuong and his relatives.

On May 19, the news that actor - model Duc Tien suddenly passed away in the US due to myocardial infarction shocked the entertainment industry and the public. It is known that the actor has a history of heart disease since childhood. Many Vietnamese stars couldn't believe their "ears" when they heard that Duc Tien passed away suddenly at the age of 44.

Duc Tien passed away while his wife was pregnant, Mr. Dam revealed the debt of the late artist - Photo 1

On his personal page, Dam Vinh Hung shared very touching things about the late actor Duc Tien. Specifically, the male singer wrote: "At that time, I was still dating my sisters and wanted to go see Mr. Hung's show! But you passed away so suddenly. The boundary between life and d.eath is 100 years." Or just in a split second??.

You and I set off at the same time that day! It turns out that we have been colleagues for 25 years, Duc Tien! I love you, especially your wife who is just pregnant with a b.aby. Perhaps my debt in this world has ended. I have to go back to heaven. I go peacefully and peacefully. Please bless my wife and children very much!".

Duc Tien passed away while his wife was pregnant, Mr. Dam revealed the debt of the late artist - Photo 2

According to Dam Vinh Hung, the wife of the late actor Duc Tien is pregnant with her second c.hild. As soon as they heard the news, everyone was extremely sad and simultaneously left comments to encourage Miss Binh Phuong to try harder. Overcome the pain of loss to try for your c.hild.

Duc Tien passed away while his wife was pregnant, Mr. Dam revealed the debt of the late artist - Photo 3

According to Duc Tien's wife - Miss Binh Phuong, she shared with the media that he was extremely healthy before he left. Before he died, Duc Tien went to his friend's house to play and collapsed on the ground while peeling unfinished fruit. Relatives immediately took him to the hospital, but the model born in 1980 did not survive.

Duc Tien was born in 1980, is one of the famous male models in the Vietnamese fashion industry in the 2000s. He was in the Top 10 Vietnam Supermodels in 2002. Duc Tien won the Model Star a.ward in Korea in 2010 and participated in Participated in a series of dramas such as Vortex of Love, Fleeting Dreams, Sorry Love, I'm a Star, Mist Slope...

Duc Tien passed away while his wife was pregnant, Mr. Dam revealed the debt of the late artist - Photo 4

In 2013, Duc Tien went to America and married Miss Binh Phuong. The two have a perfect marriage, his wife is working at a pharmaceutical company in California, USA. It is known that Duc Tien and Binh Phuong met each other at the Miss Vietnamese World contest in 2007. At that time, Binh Phuong was a contestant and Duc Tien was a model who brought beauties to the stage to perform in the finals. .

Binh Phuong once said that at first she was not impressed with Duc Tien because of the beard on his face and skinny b.ody. However, when she encountered an incident where she lost her belongings, her shoe heel broke, and there was no makeup artist, Duc Tien quickly "rescued" her, helping her complete the competition and enter the top 10. The actor's enthusiasm and sincerity won her over. Binh Phuong's heart. After three years of courtship, they decided to get married with the blessings of friends and family.

Duc Tien passed away while his wife was pregnant, Mr. Dam revealed the debt of the late artist - Photo 5

In the past, Duc Tien and his wife encountered many difficulties in their journey to find their children. Both had to return to Vietnam for artificial insemination. After 10 years of trying, he and his wife successfully gave birth to their first daughter, Madison. Currently, Duc Tien's daughter is only 4 years old.

Duc Tien passed away while his wife was pregnant, Mr. Dam revealed the debt of the late artist - Photo 6

On social networks, he often shares happy moments of his family and peaceful life in America. Recently, Duc Tien has returned to Vietnam many times to participate in art and charity activities. Duc Tien once shared that because his wife and daughter live here, he cannot return to Vietnam to work in art. In April, the actor returned home to participate in film promotion activities and appeared at several events. In the US, Duc Tien said he is also very expensive at shows and often tours.

Duc Tien passed away while his wife was pregnant, Mr. Dam revealed the debt of the late artist - Photo 7

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