Actor and supermodel Duc Tien passed away at the age of 44, the whole Vietnamese showbiz was shocked

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The entire Vietnamese showbiz is extremely shocked by the news that actor and supermodel Duc Tien passed away from a heart attack at the age of 44. The audience expressed their condolences to his family, unable to accept the truth.

On the afternoon of May 19 (Vietnam time), on the personal page of singer Trizzie Phuong Trinh (ex-wife of singer Bang Kieu) shared: "Why did you leave without saying goodbye? It's so heartbreaking that I can't breathe. Duc Tien?".

Many artists expressed their condolences. Many people affirmed that they were shocked to hear the bad news. According to friends, the reason the male artist passed away suddenly was due to a heart attack. Singer Dan Kim said he was very shocked and confused when he heard the news: "Everyone, Kim can't answer the phone or answer everything. Supermodel Duc Tien has passed away. Kim is very shocked and in pain. I couldn't listen and answer everything."

Actor and supermodel Duc Tien passed away at the age of 44, the whole Vietnamese showbiz was shocked - Photo 1

Singer Dan Kim said Duc Tien was on a show in Atlanta, Georgia when he suffered a stroke. He was taken to the emergency room but did not survive. Currently, his wife - Miss Binh Phuong - and daughter are in California and cannot come to see her husband.

This information made many Vietnamese stars and Duc Tien's friends feel sad. A few hours ago, the male artist was still interacting on social networks. Before that, Duc Tien came from California to Atlanta to perform. He still shares pictures and status lines on his personal page.

Actor and supermodel Duc Tien passed away at the age of 44, the whole Vietnamese showbiz was shocked - Photo 2

The most recent status he posted at 10:00 a.m. on May 17 shared a photo of Buddha's birthday celebration at Minh Quang Dang Zen Monastery. As expected, Duc Tien will participate in the show on May 31.

Producer - actress Mai Thu Huyen - said previously that Duc Tien's health was normal. A month ago, the actor, her sister and the crew of the movie Fragile Flower attended the premiere in Vietnam and went on a cinetour everywhere. "Tien is one of the kindest and gentlest colleagues I have ever met. When filming, even though he did not have much acting space, he wholeheartedly supported everyone from the actors to the producers. Right now, the entire film crew is devastated. "I worshiped because I was so shocked," Mai Thu Huyen said.

Actor and supermodel Duc Tien passed away at the age of 44, the whole Vietnamese showbiz was shocked - Photo 3

Xuan Lan shared: "Dear Tien, we just had a coffee date. I feel so sad and sorry for you." Actor Gia Bao wrote on his personal page: "Farewell." Myra Tran confided: "Oh my god, Duc Tien, I don't believe this is true." Trizzie Phuong Trinh confided: "Why did you leave without saying goodbye? It's so heartbreaking, Duc Tien."

Actor and supermodel Duc Tien passed away at the age of 44, the whole Vietnamese showbiz was shocked - Photo 4

Duc Tien (born 1980) used to be a model with an impressive face and was loved in Vietnam. He has participated in many popular dramas such as: Vortex of Love, Fleeting Dreams, Sorry Love, I am a Star, Mist Slope...

Duc Tien has lived in the US since 2013. His wife - Miss Binh Phuong - works in a pharmaceutical company. Leaving domestic showbiz, he rarely did artistic activities but mainly worked as an MC for many overseas Vietnamese programs and events. Recently, he opened a media and event organization company.

Actor and supermodel Duc Tien passed away at the age of 44, the whole Vietnamese showbiz was shocked - Photo 5

The actor and his wife welcomed their first c.hild in July 2020, after 10 years of marriage. He was born in 1980, was famous in the modeling industry in the 2000s, won the Model Star Golden Cup in Korea in 2010, and acted in many TV series such as Return, Pearl Island Love Story, My Husband's Wife .

In a foreign country, Duc Tien still pursues art, is active in the MC field and is warmly welcomed by the overseas community. He also regularly returns to Vietnam to participate in art events as well as community projects.

Actor and supermodel Duc Tien passed away at the age of 44, the whole Vietnamese showbiz was shocked - Photo 6

Having spoken in the media about life after leaving the spotlight, Duc Tien said that since settling in the US, he did not choose an office job, instead he founded a media company and hosted shows. show on the weekend.

The 8X actor said he is not workaholic or competitive with anyone because he wants to have time with his daughter. "I have my own company working on communications and event organization. In addition, on weekends I also work as an MC for music shows, raise charity funds at temples or churches and I find that busy enough. It's busy.

Actor and supermodel Duc Tien passed away at the age of 44, the whole Vietnamese showbiz was shocked - Photo 7

I have proactively worked less to have more time with my children and have more fun with my daughter, Madison. You can always earn m.oney, but your childhood passes very quickly. So I want to spend as much time with my c.hild as possible," Duc Tien confided.

Actor and supermodel Duc Tien passed away at the age of 44, the whole Vietnamese showbiz was shocked - Photo 8

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