Le Quyen sadly said goodbye to Duc Tien and responded extremely deeply when being reminded of Ha Ho

Bút BiMay 20, 2024 at 13:44

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Recently, Le Quyen, husband and wife Ly Hai - Minh Ha, Dan Truong, Thuy Nga, Xuan Lan, Cat Tuong... simultaneously wrote a farewell letter to actor and supermodel Duc Tien. The actor recently passed away at the age of 44 due to a heart attack.

Female singer Le Quyen shared her sad mood on social media before the d.eath of her colleague: "Today is a sad Sunday when I woke up to receive news that a friend suddenly passed away. Even though I was not close to him, It's enough to feel sad and shocked. This life, so let's not be bitter towards each other, why not be warm and loving so that each passing day will be gentler and more peaceful, even if we live a hundred years? It's over so quickly."

Le Quyen sadly said goodbye to Duc Tien and responded extremely deeply when being reminded of Ha Ho - Photo 1

Faced with Le Quyen's moody status line, most netizens also expressed sympathy for the female singer. However, a netizen who did not know whether accidentally or intentionally mentioned Ho Ngoc Ha in a comment caused Le Quyen to immediately react harshly.

Specifically, this person wrote: "Please love Ho Ngoc Ha more" and this is the answer of the voice Don't dream: "The people involved are never petty, angry, everyone does their own thing, It has nothing to do with it. It's all from the mouths of people who talk about everything and keep talking endlessly. They don't care, but they don't seem to have any shame, so they keep bringing other people up to find stories as gifts. Then I indulged myself in laughing at myself, thinking it was good!".

Accordingly, Le Quyen confirmed that she and Ha Ho each do their own thing, never being petty or angry with each other. At the same time, the female singer also condemned those who often discussed the relationship between the two.

Le Quyen sadly said goodbye to Duc Tien and responded extremely deeply when being reminded of Ha Ho - Photo 2

Le Quyen and Ho Ngoc Ha were once close sisters of Vbiz. The two spent time constantly appearing together, eating, drinking, laughing, and having fun. Le Quyen and Ho Ngoc Ha always make time to be present on each other's special occasions. One is the "entertainment queen" and the other is the "tea room queen", Le Quyen - Ho Ngoc Ha create a powerful and famous pair of close friends of Vbiz.

However, since 2015, the couple's relationship has been questioned and ended their friendship. People did not see Ho Ngoc Ha mention anything about Le Quyen and vice versa. The two also rarely appear together, do not participate in joint activities, but before that they were "inseparable". On social networks, the once close couple suddenly became strangers, making many people wonder.

Le Quyen sadly said goodbye to Duc Tien and responded extremely deeply when being reminded of Ha Ho - Photo 3

It's worth mentioning that every time they appear at the same event, Le Quyen and Ho Ngoc Ha will avoid it completely, one person will finish the red carpet before moving on to the other. There were parties where they were f.orced to sit at the same table or take pictures together, but the two did not interact or look at each other for a moment. The moon-sun attitude of Le Quyen and Ho Ngoc Ha has been maintained since 2015 until now.

Not only the audience but also the common colleagues of Le Quyen and Ho Ngoc Ha all know about the relationship between the two "Vbiz queens" like water and fire.

For example, Duong Trieu Vu, after the photo that sparked the drama between Le Quyen and Ho Ngoc Ha, the male singer apologized and promised to invite each of them to a meal to make up for it. Duong Trieu Vu also suggested that if they both sat down to eat a meal together, it would be fun. However, both Le Quyen and Ho Ngoc Ha remained silent before Duong Trieu Vu's unexpected move.

Le Quyen sadly said goodbye to Duc Tien and responded extremely deeply when being reminded of Ha Ho - Photo 4

From sisters to sworn enemies, many people can't help but wonder why Le Quyen and Ho Ngoc Ha are no longer together. As for Ho Ngoc Ha, the "entertainment queen" has never explained. As for Le Quyen, in a sharing, the singer Tinh accidentally said that the two were not as close as before because of fate.

The "Queen of the Tea Room" emphasized that the two's feelings are not broken, just because both sides have their own lives, so it is fate that they cannot hang out with each other. "We are women on the outside but 99% men on the inside. Ha and I are extremely similar. Therefore, sometimes that similarity becomes a repulsion because people say opposite signs attract each other." ", Le Quyen added.

Le Quyen sadly said goodbye to Duc Tien and responded extremely deeply when being reminded of Ha Ho - Photo 5

Regarding the suspicion of conflict with Ho Ngoc Ha, Le Quyen once hinted that when their friendship ended, the two were still colleagues, affirming that they did not quarrel, "it's just that we can't be with that person anymore, no If we can't share anymore, then we might suddenly lose our relationship."

Although they no longer talk about each other, looking at the current lives of Le Quyen and Ho Ngoc Ha, many people still see similarities. If Ho Ngoc Ha is cozying up with Kim Ly and her cute twin boys, then Le Quyen seems to be reliving her twenties with her lover Lam Bao Chau. Besides, with ten years in the profession, both also own "huge" assets that many people admire.

Le Quyen sadly said goodbye to Duc Tien and responded extremely deeply when being reminded of Ha Ho - Photo 6

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