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Quang Linh Vlog makes Chinese people "crave" and spend m.oney to have these 3 things

Kim Lâm09:31:24 22/02/2024
Quang Linh Vlogs and his life in Africa always receive a lot of attention from the online community. Especially since Quang Linh announced to build a farm to focus on growing crops and raising livestock.

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Quang Linh Vlog received help from noble people to clean up the warehouse and announced that she would change her sister

Minh Lợi14:06:57 29/01/2024
While some celebrities' Tet gift sets are causing controversy, Quang Linh Vlog still closes orders. Even recently, a youtuber from Nghe An was helped by a senior to clean up the warehouse in just one livestream.

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"Pink Shadow" helped Quang Linh Vlog build a business in Africa, netizens praised it

Uyển Đình13:53:22 26/01/2024
To have a career in Africa today, Quang Linh Vlogs had enthusiastic help from Nhat Le. The combination and companionship of the two makes fans admire and admire.

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Quang Linh was devastated because a special person in Africa passed away and had to stop filming the clip for one reason

Minh Lợi09:54:38 26/12/2023
A few months ago, Quang Linh Vlog sadly shared that her 14,000 square meter farm in Angola was swept away by a tornado. Recently, he continued to announce sad news. Many viewers sent words of encouragement to the members.

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Biological mother Quang Linh Vlog saved every penny to send to Africa for her son, the reason is touching

Hoàng Phúc14:56:34 12/12/2023
In the latest clip posted on his personal Youtube channel, the YouTuber from Nghe An - Quang Linh is rushing to prepare and donate hundreds of bags of rice to people on the farm.

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Thuy Tien suddenly took a "very sweet" action to Quang Linh Vlogs, the more fans tried to "push the boat"

Gia Hoàng10:28:31 01/11/2023
Having spoken out about the relationship above the level of friendship, however, the recent moves of Hau born in 1998 made people unable to stop cooperating with male YouTuber Quang Linh Vlogs.

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His parents-in-law heard Lindo talk about Vietnam and became angry when they learned that their son-in-law had eaten a dish that no Angolan people dare to try.

Hoàng Phúc07:35:53 19/10/2023
The 2-month journey back to Vietnam of the guy from Nghe An - Quang Linh and the African team has ended. But for Lindo, the afterglow of the wonderful trip is still engraved in his memory.

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Without Quang Linh, the African team is ignored by a powerful force. Quang Dung Vlog returns, how is his health?

Minh Lợi12:54:52 20/09/2023
One of the missions of the African team - Quang Linh Vlog and friends - is to develop agriculture, creating a diverse ecosystem of plants and animals on the farm.

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Lindo made Quang Linh "cry" because of a sentence related to Vietnamese cuisine, comparing it to Angola

Minh Lợi16:23:23 19/09/2023
Quang Linh Vlogs' journey to explore Vietnam with his close friend Lindo is continuously watched by fans. Most recently, the African b.oy made everyone laugh because of his strange expression when he learned the price of lobster

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Quang Linh Vlog donated a large amount of m.oney to apartment fire victims, a strange point that made fans question

JLO15:00:50 15/09/2023
In recent days, people all over Vietnam, regardless of class, have paid attention to the large fire in a mini apartment in Khuong Ha, Hanoi. This is considered the largest fire ever with an countless number of casualties...

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Quang Linh Vlog crashed, was robbed of a billion-dollar car, was rescued by 1 special character

Keng11:08:08 02/09/2023
Following the journey from the first days of flying from Africa to his homeland, netizens both love and are funny because Quang Linh Vlogs and close brothers in the African team constantly encounter turbulence..

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Quang Linh Vlog back to Vietnam for 3 months, the farm in Africa "encountered changes", Lei Con was assigned a special task

Keng19:42:01 18/08/2023
Quang Linh Vlog with a career journey in Africa has become familiar to netizens. The YouTuber's followers love him and the simple, authentic footage in Angola, enjoying the little stories Quang Linh tells.

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Quang Linh Vlog was sad because her sister "misunderstood", worried that relatives were tricked, fans were confused when they knew the reason

Hoàng Phúc12:19:40 18/08/2023
Quang Linh Vlog is a guy who is no stranger to many people, he is one of the YouTubers who is interested in the audience when he has made many meaningful and practical contributions since going to labor export in Luanda - the capital of Angola.

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Tien Nguyen was asked by fans to stop pushing Quang Linh's boat with Thuy Tien, the African team "big losses"?

Thảo Mai08:10:24 17/08/2023
YouTuber Quang Linh and Miss Thuy Tien are the couple most enthusiastically pushed by netizens at the moment. The couple accompanied in a charity campaign in Ha Giang, so they were closely watched by everyone.

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Quang Linh Vlog helplessly, 1 time talking about pushing the boat with Thuy Tien, almost crying because of this?

Keng07:40:51 16/08/2023
Since their collaboration in Africa, Thuy Tien and Quang Linh Vlogs have suddenly become the most loved and attributed couple by fans. Even many people boldly stitched together the wedding photo frames of both of them.

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Lei Con cried when she heard that Quang Linh Vlog had returned to Vietnam, promised by the African team to go to university

Hoàng Phúc09:52:12 14/08/2023
Following his initial volunteer journeys in a distant African country, the 26-year-old Nghe b.oy and his friends in the African Team Community have returned to Vietnam to participate in many activities to help the people.

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Quang Linh Vlog "heartbroken" because Thuy Tien claimed to only see as a brother, fans pushing boats need to stay awake?

Thảo Mai14:56:37 12/08/2023
The reunion of Miss Thuy Tien and Quang Linh Vlogs has been of interest to netizens throughout the past days. In addition to being able to push the boat because they are so beautiful, many people admire the humane deeds that both bring to the community.

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Quang Linh's sister Vlog "encountered" Thuy Tien, showed a strange attitude, the people immediately found out the truth

Hoàng Phúc12:09:59 10/08/2023
Thuy Tien and Quang Linh also recently reunited in Vietnam. The YouTuber on his trip back to Vietnam met the queen again, and the two even embarked on a charity trip.

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Lindo who had just arrived in Vietnam rushed to do this, Quang Linh Vlog who knew that he must have fallen on his back!

Thảo Mai07:54:32 10/08/2023
Recently, Quang Linh Vlog flew from Angola to Vietnam. This time, he brought his close African friend Lindo with him to visit his hometown. While Quang Linh Vlog was busy with his own business, Lindo had the opportunity to travel and explore Hanoi.

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Quang Linh Vlog released photos to meet Thuy Tien in Vietnam to discuss the event, fans disappointed because the "girl" was cold?

Hoàng Phúc13:31:28 09/08/2023
In recent days, the news that Quang Linh Vlog returned to Vietnam to work attracted attention from netizens. It is known that this time the b.oy of Nghe and his friends will stay for about 3 months to implement the previously planned charity project.

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Quang Linh Vlog just dreamed of meeting a special person when he came to Vietnam, Thuy Tien's biological father immediately exposed the lie

Minh Lợi10:37:08 08/08/2023
In recent days, Quang Linh Vlogs' turbulent journey back to Vietnam has been especially interested by fans. After returning home safely, he constantly shared many pictures of himself in his hometown.

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Quang Linh Vlog was sought after, fans surrounded like A-list stars when returning to Vietnam, Thuy Tien choked on 1 thing

Keng15:31:32 06/08/2023
Quang Linh is one of the most special internet phenomena when the online community is more enthusiastically interested than idols. Recently, he received a warm welcome when he arrived at the airport in his hometown.

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Quang Linh Vlog back to Vietnam, lamenting heaven because of 83 tribulations, brother-in-law stayed in Africa 1 himself for emotional reasons

Thảo Mai16:49:51 04/08/2023
Quang Linh Vlogs is one of the YouTubers most interested in the audience today. He and his African friends have become companions to many Angolans, helping to reclaim land and develop agriculture.

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Quang Linh Vlog's farm was swept away by a tornado, suffered heavy damage, and "died his life to the sea"

Minh Lợi14:53:59 25/07/2023
Recently, on her personal page, Quang Linh Vlog sadly shared that her 14,000 square meter farm in Angola was swept away by a tornado. The audience also felt sorry for the share of the male youtuber.

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