The full tattooed LGBT bride despite her disapproving eyes is still happy with her marriage

Chuột NhỏApr 05, 2023 at 16:18

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Recently, social networks stirred up before the image of a bride with a full b.ody tattoo, even piercing her ears, splitting her tongue, attaching fangs... happily posing next to the young groom.

According to research, the bride in the clip is Nguyen Hien (40 years old) and the groom is Ngo Ky Long (20 years old), currently living in District 8, Ho Chi Minh City.

After the wedding, the couple's photos were shared regularly on social networks. Many people have sent their blessings to the couple, because no matter what they look like and whoever they are, they still deserve the inherent happiness.

The full tattooed LGBT bride despite her disapproving eyes is still happy with her marriage - Photo 1

About her wedding clip being widely shared on social networks, Hien said that she was quite surprised. However, there are also many negative comments about the couple's wedding. Most of the comments took special details on the bride's b.ody such as her tattooing, piercing her ears, attaching fangs... to discuss with unkind words.

"I choose to be silent because everything is like a double-edged sword. People don't live my life, don't know what I'm going through, so they won't be able to understand, so I don't care too much," Hien said.

The full tattooed LGBT bride despite her disapproving eyes is still happy with her marriage - Photo 2

I really appreciate the blessings from everyone, and about the rude comments, I am not too bothered by this, I have gradually gotten used to it. Hien is a transgender male to female. More than 10 years ago, in order to pursue the field of tattooing, she directly covered the entire b.ody with ink. For her, each tattoo is not a weird thing but a way to preserve beauty and memories.

Ms. Hien hosted 600 guests, most of them famous tattoo artists and the LGBT community. However, for her, the happiest thing is having the consent and presence of both sides of the family.

The full tattooed LGBT bride despite her disapproving eyes is still happy with her marriage - Photo 3

"On my side, there are parents, grandparents, and in my family, there are two older sisters who stand to be the wedding host. For me, just loving family and friends is enough."

Regarding the love story of the age difference, Hien said that she and Mr. Long had known each other since 5 years ago but only kept a friendship relationship.

After that, Ms. Hien entered married life with a person of the same profession. When her parents suddenly passed away, she decided to change her gender to be true to herself and her husband. However, after a while, the two were no longer suitable, so they stopped.

"I never thought I would know Long because of the big age gap, and after the breakup, I just wanted to live like that to stabilize my career. One day Long texted me to invite me to eat. Both sat down to talk because of the same pain. Then, Long suddenly asked: Do you agree to know me?".

The full tattooed LGBT bride despite her disapproving eyes is still happy with her marriage - Photo 4

At first, Hien did not dare to accept immediately. It wasn't until she witnessed the hard-working, loving and ready to bring her home to his family that she began to open her heart.

"I chose to hold the wedding on March 27, although it was very urgent, but because it coincided with my husband's 20th birthday. Later it will be a good memory" - Hien laughed.

Immediately after identification, the two decided to debut on both sides of the family. At first, Long's father did not agree. However, when he saw that his daughter-in-law understood the story and had a stable career, he began to give up.

The full tattooed LGBT bride despite her disapproving eyes is still happy with her marriage - Photo 5

"Mother is a social media follower and has a lot of exposure to the LGBT community, so it's very comfortable! When my grandparents objected, because I was afraid to see myself tattooed all over my b.ody, my mother convinced me. Everyone is very supportive," Hien said.

Witnessing the love story of a close friend from the first days, Ms. Pham Mai (33 years old, living in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City) shared her happiness for the beautiful ending.

"The ceremony was full of officials of the two families, friends, no different from an ordinary couple. Besides, this is my first time participating in the LGBT community's wedding ceremony, it must be said that it is really new and wonderful when it comes to the wedding ceremony. They are very beautiful, very enthusiastic. To me, we all have the right to be happy, so I always hope that Hien and his wife will live until the end of their lives together "- Ms. Mai said.

The "ink stains" can sometimes make others look unfriendly, but it cannot judge a person. Especially in marriage, appearance is not everything, but it is important to love and respect each other.

The full tattooed LGBT bride despite her disapproving eyes is still happy with her marriage - Photo 6

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