The groom gave a gown made from 440 million VND in cash to the bride on the wedding day

Vân AnhMay 17, 2024 at 16:39

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Groom John Clavecillas in the Philippines caused a stir in the online community when he decided to "aggressively" spend 440 million VND to make a robe with m.oney for the bride to wear on her big day.

Recently, many netizens have spread the story of a wedding in the Philippines. In particular, the strength of the groom's hand made people stir. Accordingly, he spent a large amount of m.oney to make a gown to give to the bride on her wedding day. It is known that the value of the shirt made from this bill is up to 440 million VND. When the bride appeared, the guests at the wedding felt overwhelmed and surprised by the gift that the groom had carefully prepared for his wife.

The groom gave a gown made from 440 million VND in cash to the bride on the wedding day - Photo 1

Groom John Clavecillas said the large amount of m.oney symbolizes his commitment to the couple's marriage. Tying together bills to create a unique shawl is not an impulsive decision. It is a gift that symbolizes the promise to the bride about the love he has for her.

"This has been planned by me for a long time. This is also proof that I have saved 1 million Pesos (more than 440 million VND) to take care of my family," groom John Clavecillas expressed.

The groom gave a gown made from 440 million VND in cash to the bride on the wedding day - Photo 2

Currently, John is working in Australia. He always maintains a diligent and enthusiastic attitude towards his work to have a stable source of income. Thanks to that, preparations for married life with his wife also go extremely smoothly. Besides, the online community was also surprised by John's work schedule. He worked 14 hours a day because he wanted to earn m.oney to make ends meet, take care of his parents and think about the future.

"I do this for my wife and parents. I promise to repay my parents before deciding to propose to my wife. In addition, I also promise to save 1 million Pesos to surprise my wife at the wedding. " , John revealed.

The groom gave a gown made from 440 million VND in cash to the bride on the wedding day - Photo 3

To get this m.oney, he has worked hard for many years. He and his wife plan to use this m.oney to invest in real estate with friends. With the profits earned, he will buy insurance to protect himself in old age.

After the wedding is over, John and his wife Jamaica plan to continue investing the m.oney i.n real estate. "The interest we earn will be a protection fund. It also helps ensure the future of our children who will be born in the future," the groom expressed.

After the clip was shared, the couple did not expect it to be received by so many people. Initially, the groom just wanted to show his love and serious commitment to this marriage. However, his work inspired people.

He didn't think his wedding would get so much attention. Besides congratulations, he also faced some criticism from netizens. However, the most important thing to him is the happiness of the couple, as well as the joy of his friends on this important day.

"We are happy to see the video being shared. Some people feel inspired and bless the couple," he expressed.

Besides, John's article also received some negative comments, claiming that his actions stemmed from wanting to be famous on social networks. The young man responded: "Some people are not satisfied with my work so they make malicious comments. I advise my wife to only look at the happiness of the two of us, family and relatives on the wedding day."

The groom gave a gown made from 440 million VND in cash to the bride on the wedding day - Photo 4

Each person has a life and each person will have their own choice for what they consider important. So the story of groom John Clavecillas is like a different way of living, a different way of loving that only his bride can receive.

The groom gave a gown made from 440 million VND in cash to the bride on the wedding day - Photo 5

This is not an inspirational story about buying gifts for your wife or spending a large amount of m.oney to surprise your wife, but this story conveys to young people a positive message about life. That you should just live, work hard, love yourself and those around you, and dare to live the way you want and be responsible for it.

The groom gave a gown made from 440 million VND in cash to the bride on the wedding day - Photo 6

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