Chu Thanh Huyen's indifferent attitude, calmly doing one thing amidst the "plagiarism" noise

Thanh PhúcJun 16, 2024 at 12:02

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Quang Hai's wife - h.ot g.irl Chu Thanh Huyen is caught up in a series of dramas, when she was recently accused of using plagiarized images to sell products. Amidst the storm of gossip, the beauty's attitude received a lot of attention, sometimes being quite indifferent, ignoring life.

On the evening of June 15, beauty Chu Thanh Huyen happily shared everyday moments at home with Quang Hai. In it, a married couple wearing gloves peeled jackfruit and honey together. Both Quang Hai and Chu Thanh Huyen lovingly fed each other. It is known that because she was pregnant with her first c.hild, Chu Thanh Huyen craved jackfruit honey, so she often bought it home, and Quang Hai also "enjoyed it".

Chu Thanh Huyens indifferent attitude, calmly doing one thing amidst the plagiarism noise - Photo 1

After getting married, Quang Hai and his wife often showed off emotional pictures together on social networks, showing off their happy married life. Chu Thanh Huyen is pregnant and close to giving birth. Therefore, the h.ot g.irl is even more pampered by her husband.

The romantic moment between Quang Hai and Chu Thanh Huyen also attracted attention when recently, Quang Hai's wife was involved in a noisy online business. It can be seen that she does not care about drama at all, her indifferent attitude, many people think she is challenging.

Chu Thanh Huyens indifferent attitude, calmly doing one thing amidst the plagiarism noise - Photo 2

Specifically, the pretty g.irl from Son Tay was accused of being a "famous person but lacking ethics in business", photoshopping photos of famous Korean actor Ji Chang-wook to advertise products (Ji Chang-wook once advertised promoting another product from the same company as the product that Chu Thanh Huyen sells).

Chu Thanh Huyen's side denied photoshopping the image, but in Chu Thanh Huyen's livestream before, she mentioned Ji Chang-wook when selling the product, implying that Ji Chang-wook was representing the product's image. products of your company.

Chu Thanh Huyens indifferent attitude, calmly doing one thing amidst the plagiarism noise - Photo 3

After being accused of "plagiarism" and taking advantage of Ji Chang-wook's image to sell products, Chu Thanh Huyen shed tears in the correction video, asserting that he was being "trickled" by his opponent. "Firstly, the images that they released accusing Chu Thanh Huyen of plagiarism and photoshopping to create my products are completely false. I do not have those images nor did I post such images on the forums. page that Chu Thanh Huyen owns.

Chu Thanh Huyens indifferent attitude, calmly doing one thing amidst the plagiarism noise - Photo 4

If one side plagiarizes or steals brain matter, the other side can absolutely sue, but they don't. They're making headlines again, making headlines about player Quang Hai's wife, I don't understand what their trick is," Chu Thanh Huyen said.

Not only that, Quang Hai's wife choked up and cried when she revealed that she was in the last months of pregnancy and couldn't even livestream sales, so she was very tired of being dragged into unnecessary dramas.

Chu Thanh Huyens indifferent attitude, calmly doing one thing amidst the plagiarism noise - Photo 5

"I really hope that some parties, so-called 'competitors', will compete in a healthy way. I also made this clip to send a message to women, when you receive a certain source of information, please listen." from both sides to have an objective perspective so as not to be led by dirty information or marketing tricks," Chu Thanh Huyen reminded.

Before that, a denunciation post from unit A. with the content: "Celebrities but lack of ethics in business. The photo set took 6 months of effort from the entire N team, but I couldn't bear to bring it back to photoshop and bring it back. introduced everywhere like the real thing" received a lot of attention from netizens.

Chu Thanh Huyens indifferent attitude, calmly doing one thing amidst the plagiarism noise - Photo 6

As for A, the representative of the exclusive distributor and in charge of marketing for the brand in Vietnam shared that he had signed an exclusive contract with Ji Chang-wook's image to promote the product within 1 year.

However, in a livestream clip, Chu Thanh Huyen implicitly talked about Ji Chang-wook representing the image of his company's products. This made the CEO unhappy, wanting Quang Hai's wife to publicly apologize, delete the collage and less "sanctify" the product's uses.

Chu Thanh Huyens indifferent attitude, calmly doing one thing amidst the plagiarism noise - Photo 7

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