Chu Thanh Huyen "unmasked" the filter and responded unexpectedly when being told he was bragging

An NhiApr 20, 2024 at 17:38

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Since announcing she was pregnant with her first c.hild, Chu Thanh Huyen's life has received special attention from everyone. From eating habits, b.ody shape to beauty of pregnant mothers, all are topics of discussion among netizens.

Recently, Quang Hai and Chu Thanh Huyen officially joined the same family with a grand wedding, attracting the attention of many fans. Not only that, the two also announced the good news, preparing to welcome their first c.hild.

Since the day she got married, Chu Thanh Huyen has been more comfortable sharing pictures of the couple on her personal page. Quang Hai's wife even created a separate TikTok channel, just to post clips of the couple's daily life. From the sweet moments of her honeymoon in Phu Quoc to the time she returned to her husband's house to visit his family, Chu Thanh Huyen is not afraid to o.ff to the online community.

Chu Thanh Huyen unmasked the filter and responded unexpectedly when being told he was bragging - Photo 1

According to Thanh Huyen, she has gained about 10kg since pregnancy and will probably gain another 10-15kg by the time the b.aby is born. The rapid weight gain is due to Quang Hai's wife changing her eating habits, craving everything and eating a lot when pregnant. However, Chu Thanh Huyen still has no signs of stretch marks even though her belly is quite large.

Chu Thanh Huyen unmasked the filter and responded unexpectedly when being told he was bragging - Photo 2

Besides, WAG Chu Thanh Huyen's beauty also received a lot of attention. Another change is that the pregnant mother's face has become rounder and plump due to weight gain. This was confirmed by Chu Thanh Huyen himself on livestream. When attending a recent event, Chu Thanh Huyen revealed a somewhat sharper beauty, much less sharp than the images taken via the app that the WAG often posts on social networks with outstanding features such as her chin and chin. -live, slim face.

Chu Thanh Huyen unmasked the filter and responded unexpectedly when being told he was bragging - Photo 3

Recently, when making a video to try a fruit worth half a million dong per kilo, Chu Thanh Huyen also encountered unflattering comments from netizens: "Since becoming a footballer's wife, she seems luxurious and likes to o.ff." Without arguing or arguing, Chu Thanh Huyen only released a heart to respond to netizens' criticism.

In addition to gaining weight and visibly losing facial features during pregnancy, Chu Thanh Huyen also gets tired easily when exercising. When asked if she exercises like pregnant mothers, Quang Hai's wife flatly refused: "Oh no. I admire watching women jogging and exercising. I'm so lazy, ladies. Pregnant women But I'm still lazy when I climb 1 floor. I'm tired of walking. Is there anyone who's pregnant that's as tired as me?

Chu Thanh Huyen unmasked the filter and responded unexpectedly when being told he was bragging - Photo 4

The h.ot g.irl from Son Tay said that she had never publicly announced the good news before, so she did not dare to complain. Now I can freely confide in netizens and "cry a little to relieve my self-pity", hoping that women who have experienced pregnancy and giving birth will sympathize and understand me. Because her pregnant belly is getting bigger, Chu Thanh Huyen will reduce the livestream time. For one reason: "In the past, my b.aby's belly still sat for a long time. Now it's big, I've been alive for a long time, my b.aby kicks and pushes me."

At this time, Quang Hai was training with the Hanoi Police Club in Vung Tau, so he was not around to take care of his pregnant wife. But "son" Hai still always pays attention and takes meticulous care of her. Not only did he call frequently, when his wife livestreamed, Quang Hai immediately interacted by reminding her to drink warm water when her throat hurts. The football player also meticulously told his wife to remember to bring a glass of water into the office to use during the livestream.

Chu Thanh Huyen unmasked the filter and responded unexpectedly when being told he was bragging - Photo 5

Not only is Chu Thanh Huyen cared for by her husband, she is also pampered by her mother-in-law. Knowing that her daughter-in-law likes to eat guava, Quang Hai's mother prepared it. Compared to before, Chu Thanh Huyen also showed more comfort and joy when she was with her husband. She receives many compliments for her cute, carefree and straightforward personality.

Chu Thanh Huyen unmasked the filter and responded unexpectedly when being told he was bragging - Photo 6

Chu Thanh Huyen unmasked the filter and responded unexpectedly when being told he was bragging - Photo 7

Besides, many people think that Chu Thanh Huyen is very delicate and polite, so he always wins the hearts of adults. Because in a clip of buying food in Phu Quoc, the way Quang Hai's wife raised her hands to pay the seller impressed the online community. The beauty scores points for her polite and friendly attitude and is therefore increasingly loved.

Chu Thanh Huyen unmasked the filter and responded unexpectedly when being told he was bragging - Photo 8

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