Zhou Qingxuan said that when he first fell in love with Guanghai, mid-range beauty, 2 times refused to meet

Bình MinhApr 09, 2024 at 15:29

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Following in the footsteps of Doan Van Hau - Doan Hai My, Quang Hai and Chu Thanh Huyen also successfully hunted the "golden dragon". Recently, Wags 10X talked about the first time she met the "true love" of her life.

After three years of love, Nguyen Quang Hai and Chu Thanh Huyen have returned to the same house on the "main road". The Vietnam midfielder also announced the good news of preparing to welcome his first c.hild to the public right at the wedding ceremony on April 6.

Zhou Qingxuan said that when he first fell in love with Guanghai, mid-range beauty, 2 times refused to meet - Photo 1

The wedding ceremony ended, and the talented couple all returned to work. Although he was pregnant, Zhou Qingxuan still livestreamed regularly. In a recent livestream, she confided in fans about her 3-year love affair with the player's husband.

Accordingly, Quang Hai's wife said: "I have been pregnant for 3 months now. My wife and I hunted male dragons and I gave them to sisters who wanted a b.aby. My husband and I have known each other for 3 years. At the time I knew my husband who had not had his teeth done, there were 2 teeth that smiled very funny.

The beauty I rate is very average. When we first met, my eating posture was very funny, like 2 friends, just play or not. He invited him to leave for the 3rd time. Everything I told Mr. Hai, I didn't hide anything."

Zhou Qingxuan said that when he first fell in love with Guanghai, mid-range beauty, 2 times refused to meet - Photo 2

Hearing these sharing, many people could not help but admire the love story of Wags 10X and her newlywed husband. It can be seen that, although at the time of getting to know each other, the opponent possessed normal beauty, even with shortcomings, but the Vietnamese midfielder still chose to ignore to continue the relationship.

Thanks to that, the two have the current fulfilling ending. Remembering at the wedding party that took place not long ago, Quang Hai shared: "3 years ago, if you didn't know, my confession on January 12, 2021 was completely intentional. He chose the date when, when he wrote it, one would only see the number 2, the number 0 and the number 1. Because to me, Zhou Qingxuan is a special g.irl, with 1-0-2."

Zhou Qingxuan said that when he first fell in love with Guanghai, mid-range beauty, 2 times refused to meet - Photo 3

In response to the 26-year-old striker, Zhou Qingxuan said: "This happiness for me is not only the love and feelings of the two of you, but also the trust, responsibility for each other and gratitude for being together.

I thank you for giving birth to him – a perfect man in my eyes, who came and was a solid fulcrum for me. I thank you for always being there to love, care for and teach me to grow and mature. This happiness, this love, I would like to once again tell the world: I love you."

Zhou Qingxuan said that when he first fell in love with Guanghai, mid-range beauty, 2 times refused to meet - Photo 4

Many people were deeply touched by the love words that the couple sent to each other. However, some netizens also left mixed opinions when they saw each person holding a piece of paper to read.

One faction thought that if Guang Hai and Zhou Qingxuan had said this from the bottom of their hearts, they should speak for themselves, there was no need to hold such paper. Moreover, holding paper will make many people feel not really sincere.

Zhou Qingxuan said that when he first fell in love with Guanghai, mid-range beauty, 2 times refused to meet - Photo 5

However, many comments have opposed this idea. They said they had to be in that context to understand how shaken and confused the bride and groom were, otherwise holding the paper would be easy to forget, unable to speak fully.

In addition, these people also affirmed that holding a paper to read the vows is normal, not only at Quang Hai wedding but also at many other couples such as Linda Ngo - Phong Dat, Tan Mo Cu - Mi Dang,... do the same thing. For one thing, Zhou Qingxuan should choose to hold a card or something more formal.

Zhou Qingxuan said that when he first fell in love with Guanghai, mid-range beauty, 2 times refused to meet - Photo 6

Earlier, at his wedding reception, Quang Hai also explained why he had to hold the paper. Accordingly, the player only needs 15 seconds to reimagine the journey of love and knows what he wants to share but is afraid to forget, so he needs to "remind him".

"I'm afraid during today's ceremony I'll be forgotten. So I took note so that today I read it to my wife and everyone to listen to all the processes that the 2 of us put together and had at today's ceremony," the 1999 midfielder said.

Zhou Qingxuan said that when he first fell in love with Guanghai, mid-range beauty, 2 times refused to meet - Photo 7

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