Uncle Ninh - Anh Yin: Who is the LGBT couple who caused a fever because of 1001 "inanimate" stories?

Hoàng PhúcFeb 12, 2024 at 08:44

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They are not too familiar faces to TikTok users, but the couple 'Uncle Ninh - Mr. Yin' and 1 number of tiktokers are receiving a lot of attention because of their super positive energy.

Ning Yin and 1001 "inanimate" stories

Uncle Ninh - Anh Yin: Who is the LGBT couple who caused a fever because of 1001 inanimate stories? - Photo 1

Emerging not long ago by videos of "pink age" and "inanimate" conversations, the TikTok channel @ ninhanhbui also attracted the attention of people by a series of cute moments of "Uncle Ninh" (owner of TikTok channel, born in 1994) and "Mr. Yin" (co-founder of "two-member company", born in 1997).

The two have been together for more than 10 years but have only boldly "flexed" the relationship that many admired on social media recently. The phrase "Uncle Ning - Mr. Yin" that has caused fever recently also comes from the way Ning and Yang (Mr. Yin's real name) address each other.

Uncle Ninh - Anh Yin: Who is the LGBT couple who caused a fever because of 1001 inanimate stories? - Photo 2

It can be seen that, besides the charming way of talking or the moments of "peaceful love" that make everyone smile (but very naturally do not need to act), the couple is also attracted by their handsome, tall appearance and especially the sunny smile that makes many people watching the clip and participating in the recent exchange constantly exclamation: "They have feelings for each other, but the happiest person is me."

The "ideology" of bags and items closes at 2 a.m.

Although not a new face in the TikToker village, @ anbidien (Ngan) played by Nguyen Dinh An (born in 2002) is still an "online salt bowl" that makes users laugh every time a new video is released.

Uncle Ninh - Anh Yin: Who is the LGBT couple who caused a fever because of 1001 inanimate stories? - Photo 3

Often posting content related to POV (personal perspective), dance covers and funny memes, Dinh An always knows how to surprise viewers by switching "super smooth" roles from male god to ... male "nerve". Videos like "laughing the wrong way", "looking inward to a music festival" ... Always attracts huge interactions because of the guy's charming, humorous way of talking but serious "let's go" expression.

Uncle Ninh - Anh Yin: Who is the LGBT couple who caused a fever because of 1001 inanimate stories? - Photo 4

In particular, Dinh An is also known as the "ideology" of curious bags (tote bags as Dinh An calls itself) when there are 7749 different types of bags, suitable for countless types of costumes and tourist destinations that Dinh An visits. Therefore, in addition to the comments responding to the video content, many users also asked to "privately print" the curious bags that the friend owns.

Former Amser specializes in "next door girlfriend" vibe

Ha Thi (born 2001) is currently studying and living in the Netherlands. Despite only setting up a channel in a short time, Ha Thi has more than 139K followers on TikTok. Possessing a gentle appearance, shy smile and elegant fashion sense of "girlfriend next door", Ha Thi makes viewers "fall in love at first sight".

Uncle Ninh - Anh Yin: Who is the LGBT couple who caused a fever because of 1001 inanimate stories? - Photo 5

Ha Thi's video content is also not too focused on a certain topic. She often records the course of an international student's day, a short-term trip with a close friend or simply an accidental meeting between Ha Thi and ... The neighbor's cat in a close, gentle and cute way. However, her videos still increase views steadily with a series of "winged" comments from users. Besides complimenting the looks, the majority of comments expressed comfort at the soothing, healing vibe of the videos.

Uncle Ninh - Anh Yin: Who is the LGBT couple who caused a fever because of 1001 inanimate stories? - Photo 6

Before being known as an Influencer, TikToker, Ha Thi used to "fever" social networks when registering to participate in the Miss Vietnam 2020 contest. She is a former student of History of Hanoi - Amsterdam Specialized High School in the class of 2016 - 2019 with 3 years of receiving the school's excellent student scholarship.

Uncle Ninh - Anh Yin: Who is the LGBT couple who caused a fever because of 1001 inanimate stories? - Photo 7

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