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Chi Pu wants to have a foreign lover, "criticizing" that Vietnam is difficult to get one thing?

An Nhi10:44:23 12/03/2024
After her success in the show Pedaling the Wind 2023, Chi Pu's career skyrocketed in China, she continuously appeared on television shows in the country of billions of people, had many event shows and her pho restaurant opened in China. Shanghai is always full.

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Amber - Chi Pu were "caught alive" while fighting overseas: Are they about to officially announce their relationship?

Mộc Trà11:23:59 14/10/2023
Chi Pu is one of the young artists who are popular both at home and abroad. The beauty born in 1993 is considered multi-talented when developing in many fields from singing, dancing, acting, participating in shows. reality,...

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Chi Pu is about to "date" her boyfriend Bai Loc, a fan of "pet chicken" Yu Zheng?

Nguyễn Tuyết13:42:52 14/09/2023
Netizens from 2 countries were shocked by the news that Chi Pu and Zhang Ling Hao suddenly dated. How will Bai Loc's fans react to this news?

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Chi Pu personally showed off her boyfriend after the rumor of dating the young master of a trillion-dollar corporation, preparing to get on a flower car?

Nắng10:28:30 30/07/2022
Chi Pu suddenly posted a picture that caused a storm in the internet. Specifically, she enjoyed a very romantic dinner. However, the remarkable point is the appearance of a strange hand. Thereby, many viewers also believe that this is the hand of a man whose face is hidden by...

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Son Kim Group's young master secretly publicly dated Chi Pu, causing people to stir

Nắng06:24:34 28/03/2022
Rumors related to the special relationship between Chi Pu and the young master of Son Kim Group - NHV have always received great attention from the online community. Although both have yet to speak up, there are even implicit moves to deny it, but looking at the series of...

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Chi Pu revealed a picture of a luxurious party with the family of a trillion-dollar corporation, the sitting position is noticeable

Hoàng Phúc11:15:32 15/03/2022
Recently, Chi Pu and her rumored boyfriend have constantly hinted at love, making netizens restless. Decided not to speak, but the singer Anh Oi Stay was constantly exposed to intimate moments with the trillionaire's house. Specifically, after the turbulent love affairs, Chi Pu...

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Chi Pu "goes home" with rumored boyfriend of a trillion-dollar real estate group?

Hou00e0ng Phu00fac10:18:10 30/01/2022
This news is making fans extremely excited. At the end of October, social media widely believed that Chi Pu was dating Nguyen Hoang Viet - the young master of the trillion group. Remember that time, many netizens "looked out" Chi Pu continuously had projects including...

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Nguyen Hoang Viet - Son Kim Group's trillion-dollar "old man" occupies the social network because of dating rumors Chi Pu

Hu1eadu Hu1eadu13:53:20 28/09/2021
Most recently on MXH, the online community suddenly talked about members of the extremely rich Son Kim family. Although they come from a proud family, unlike other rich people who often flaunt in newspapers, members of Son Kim Group are always tight-lipped in front of the media...

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