BLACKPINK is about to meet Vietnamese audiences again at the end of July, fans are restless

An NhiJun 24, 2024 at 09:16

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It cannot be denied that although they rarely work together, BLACKPINK's appeal is always great. Movie information about the BORN PINK concert was just released, making the audience and especially BLACKPINK fans excited.

YG Entertainment announced that BLACKPINK's Born Pink world tour will be released as a concert film on July 31. This is a move to celebrate the 8th anniversary of the debut of the famous KPop g.irl group.

BLACKPINK is about to meet Vietnamese audiences again at the end of July, fans are restless - Photo 1

Specifically, the film is expected to hit theaters in more than 110 countries, including Vietnam, in special formats such as ScreenX, 4DX and ULTRA 4DX. Also according to YG, the film Born Pink became the concert film shown in the most countries for a g.irl group. According to the announcement, tickets will officially go on sale on June 27 worldwide, especially in Korea on July 17.

"You will be able to experience once again the overwhelming production and scale of the stage that drew the applause of fans around the world. In addition, you can also immerse yourself in the performances performing the hit song and the passionate atmosphere of the concert", YG affirmed.

BLACKPINK is about to meet Vietnamese audiences again at the end of July, fans are restless - Photo 2

BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR [BORN PINK] IN CINEMAS is a film that captures impressive moments during the girls' world tour, including performances of hit songs like "DDU-DU DDU-DU", " K.ill This Love", "How You Like That"... The film is expected to have a duration of 110 minutes. The main scenes in the film will be taken from the concert at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, Korea.

So after nearly a year since these 4 beautiful female idols came to Vietnam, fans can see them again on the big screen. Meanwhile, those who have not seen Born Pink or missed last year's tour are happy because they finally have the opportunity to enjoy the tour on the big screen. Currently, people are extremely looking forward to seeing 4 famous female idols on screen.

BLACKPINK is about to meet Vietnamese audiences again at the end of July, fans are restless - Photo 3

In an era where concert films are a trend, with the success of The Eras Tour (Taylor Swift) and The Renaissance World Tour (Beyoncé) reaching millions of dollars in revenue when released in theaters, the concert film Born Pink is highly anticipated by fans. creating a box office fever.

It is known that World Tour Born Pink is BLACKPINK's second world tour to promote the group's second studio album titled Born Pink. This tour starts on October 15, 2022 in Seoul, Korea and ends on September 17, 2023 also in Seoul. On July 29 and 30, 2023, BLACKPINK came to Vietnam on the World Tour Born Pink at My Dinh National Stadium, Hanoi.

After 66 performances in 34 cities across 22 countries, World Tour Born Pink attracted 1.8 million audiences and brought in revenue of 78.5 million USD with 366,248 tickets sold. This has also become the tour with the largest audience of a Kpop g.irl group.

BLACKPINK is about to meet Vietnamese audiences again at the end of July, fans are restless - Photo 4

With this achievement, BORN PINK World Tour officially made BLACKPINK the g.irl group with the highest tour revenue of all time. The previous achievement belonged to the Spice Girls' 2019 Spice World Tour (78.2 million USD). This has contributed to affirming BLACKPINK's unassailable position in the hearts of the audience.

BLACKPINK is about to meet Vietnamese audiences again at the end of July, fans are restless - Photo 5

But most especially, the tour marks the last majestic stages of the BLACKPINK quartet, before an uncertain future when the members have "departed". As rumored by fans, the girls temporarily have no plans for group activities in 2024, even though half of the time has passed.

According to the contract, the members are still working as a group under YG's management, but with Jennie and Lisa's current busy solo schedules, Jisoo's upcoming film projects, and the fact that Rosé has just returned to the same roof. home to THE BLACK LABEL for a few days, perhaps the best time of the year to see the 4 pieces of BLACKPINK on one stage is through this concert film.

BLACKPINK is about to meet Vietnamese audiences again at the end of July, fans are restless - Photo 6

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