H.OT: BLACKPINK confirms they will return to Vietnam in 2024?

Quỳnh QuỳnhDec 29, 2023 at 19:38

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The news that BLACKPINK will return to Vietnam to hold a music night is spreading rapidly across forums. After the past 2 music nights in Hanoi, VBlinks are looking forward to hearing this information.

The information was posted by the account "BlackPink tour updates" an hour ago and is being spread among Vietnamese netizens. This is an account on X that specializes in updating information about the BlackPink group's tours, with more than 5,000 followers.

"Confirmed. BlackPink will come to Vietnam in 2024" - this account wrote - "The date has been registered. More details will be updated soon."

HOT: BLACKPINK confirms they will return to Vietnam in 2024? - Photo 1

However, this is not the official account with a green tick - which still operates normally on all social networking platforms - of the group BlackPink, so Vietnamese fans are still skeptical.

No date has been set for this global tour, but it is enough to make fans in many countries raise hope of seeing the g.irl group again soon. People who love this band also expressed excitement if the rumors are true.

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The two nights of BlackPink's Born Pink tour in 2023 are considered the most successful international music performance events of the year in Vietnam, bringing in revenue of about 333 billion VND.

From this result, Born Pink is the concert with the highest revenue and number of attendees in Vietnam's history. During this tour, every place BlackPink went to received a warm response. This comes not only from performance ability but also from affection and care for fans.

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In Vietnam, the 4 BlackPink girls tried to communicate in Vietnamese, wore conical hats, praised Vietnamese food such as banh mi, pho, and every night the members spent a few minutes covering the See Tinh dance.

On the morning of December 29, after nearly a month of announcing the re-signing of the group contract with BLACKPINK, YG officially announced the group's individual contract. Specifically, YG Entertainment announced to the media that BLACKPINK will only sign group contracts and will not have individual contracts.

Specifically, YG said: "We recently signed a contract to extend BLACKPINK's group activities and agreed not to conduct separate additional contracts for individual activities."

YG representative added: "We will try our best to support BLACKPINK's activities and we will support the members' individual activities with the most sincerity."

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Previously, BLACKPINK signed an exclusive contract for group activities on December 6. Not long after, Jennie announced on December 24 that she would establish her own management company, Odd Atelier (OA) and pursue individual activities together.

Along with Jennie, Jisoo is also a member rumored to be establishing her own company to develop her singing and acting career. Meanwhile, "Australian rose" - Rosé and member Lisa are expected to sign a contract with a foreign company. Previously, the two members were discovered by fans to have interacted with America's leading record label - Columbia Records.

Specifically, Rosé was seen having a private appointment with CEO Ron Penny. Meanwhile, both the company's CEO, digital marketing director and creative expert simultaneously pressed the follow button on Lisa on social networks. However, this information has not yet been confirmed by 3 members.

HOT: BLACKPINK confirms they will return to Vietnam in 2024? - Photo 5

According to industry experts, it has now become a trend for members of music groups to separate individual and group contracts, when in addition to music, idols are also active in dramas and movies. , musicals, plays and variety shows. In addition to group activities, idols are looking for more opportunities to express their individuality.

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