BLACKPINK 'destroyed' Paris, Kpop stars were left behind, how did the world marvel?

Đức TríMar 09, 2024 at 14:32

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Korean g.irl group - BLACKPINK is occupying the spotlight of international media, receiving the attention of fashion fans around the world, when the four girls all bombed at Paris Fashion Week 2024.

The Louis Vuitton show closing the Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2024 officially took place on the evening of March 5 (local time). The famous fashion event was held in Cour Carrée, one of the main courtyards of the Louvre Palace in Paris. As the show celebrating Louis Vuitton's 10th anniversary at the French fashion house, besides the designs, the famous stars attending the event also became a hotly discussed topic, attracting a lot of attention. media and netizens. Notably, BLACKPINK has 3 members participating in this event.

BLACKPINK destroyed Paris, Kpop stars were left behind, how did the world marvel? - Photo 1

This year's Fashion Week season, many Kpop artists were invited to attend as ambassadors and front row stars. Like Jisoo (Blackpink), Mingyu (Seventeen) in the Dior show; Minnie (G)I-DLE, Mono (TWICE) and Jang Won Young (IVE) in the MiuMiu show...

However, only 3 Kpop idols are on the list of best-dressed front row stars at Paris Fashion Week this season, voted by the famous fashion magazine Vogue. Those are 3 members of the Blackpink group: Rosé in the Saint Laurent show, Jennie in the Chanel show and Lisa in the Louis Vuitton show.

BLACKPINK destroyed Paris, Kpop stars were left behind, how did the world marvel? - Photo 2

Jisoo also showed great influence when attending the Dior show. The hashtags Jisoo and Dior, the keyword "JISOO THE HUMAN DIOR" occupied the Top 3 and Top 4 global trends. Her images also appeared in world-famous magazines after Paris Fashion Week.

Jisoo's outfit is office core style with a black blazer and shirt combo, helping BLACKPINK's oldest sister o.ff her perfect figure and long, slender legs. In particular, the two-sided braided hairstyle combined with a cute bow accessory as if inspired by the character Wednesday also became a h.ot hit and was enjoyed by fans. The sweet, clear makeup tones make the female idol extremely beautiful, captivating in every frame with her smooth, flawless white skin.

BLACKPINK destroyed Paris, Kpop stars were left behind, how did the world marvel? - Photo 3

Rosé caused a stir on social networks with her powerful, luxurious appearance in a see-through dress from the Spring 2024 collection, bold but still elegant and graceful. In particular, the physique and charisma of BLACKPINK's main vocalist, no less than a professional model, have impressed fans. The simple straight hairstyle and sunglasses helped the ambassador's appearance look more cool and individual.

BLACKPINK destroyed Paris, Kpop stars were left behind, how did the world marvel? - Photo 4

Even with the outfit and appearance this time, Rosé was also honored by Vogue as one of the most impressively dressed female stars when Paris Fashion Week had not yet ended. Notably, the female idol is also the only Kpop representative to appear on this list, alongside many names such as Jennifer Lawrence, Rosalia, Natalie Portman and Kelly Rutherford..., showing the influence of the global ambassador. demand on the fashion front.

On the social network Twitter, the keyword "ROSÉ AT YSL" reached the Top 7 global trends, currently each of these keywords and hashtags has recorded nearly 400 thousand posts.

BLACKPINK destroyed Paris, Kpop stars were left behind, how did the world marvel? - Photo 5

Jennie continues to become the focus of the Chanel show when she looks like a princess in a party g.irl Haute Couture design from the Spring/Summer 2024 collection. Fancy twisted hairstyle with sweet makeup tones, smoky shimmer on her eyes. Help female idols become more attractive and stand out. She also uses additional accessories and jewelry to make her appearance more sparkling and shining.

BLACKPINK destroyed Paris, Kpop stars were left behind, how did the world marvel? - Photo 6

In the early morning of March 6, Lisa had a surprising surprise appearance when appearing at the Louis Vuitton show. The youngest member of BLACKPINK attracted all media cameras in a colorful patterned jacket from the fashion house's Spring/Summer 2018 collection, paired with leather shorts and shiny black pointed-toe high heels. The Pic Trunk camera bag and Bvlgari necklace set also make the famous star's appearance more prominent and impressive. The unique layered bangs also help Lisa look more cool and charismatic.

BLACKPINK destroyed Paris, Kpop stars were left behind, how did the world marvel? - Photo 7

Lisa's unbelievable appearance created a huge explosion in the media because before that, she was always known as a Celine ambassador.

BLACKPINK destroyed Paris, Kpop stars were left behind, how did the world marvel? - Photo 8

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