Beomgyu (TXT): the heir of V (BTS), rumored to be dating a cult female star

Bút MáyJun 10, 2024 at 11:05

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Beomgyu, also known as Choi Beom Gyu, was born in 2001 in Daegu City, where many famous K-pop idols such as Suga (BTS), Eunji (Apink), Minhyun (NU'EST) came from.

Beomgyu completed his education at Daegu Gwanmun Elementary School and Guam High School.

Having a handsome appearance since he was in school, Beomgyu quickly caught the "green eye" of Big Hit employees. After auditioning twice, Choi Beomgyu was chosen to become a trainee of Big Hit.

Beomgyu (TXT): the heir of V (BTS), rumored to be dating a cult female star - Photo 1

Here, he worked hard to hone his vocal and dance skills, while balancing his studies at Hanlim High School for the Arts.

In the end, Choi Beomgyu excelled in a new generation b.oy band called TXT after three years of internship. As the last factor in the b.oy band Big Hit debuted, Beomgyu received a lot of expectations from the public. The audience even called him TXT's "secret weapon".

In the group, Beomgyu's role is also gradually revealed as a Vocalist and Dancer. Possessing talent and impressive beauty, the young man is expected by the public to inherit a brilliant career like the senior V (BTS).

Two months later, Beomgyu and TXT officially debuted with the MV of the title song CROWN from the mini-album The Dream Chapter: STAR. The work recorded many positive achievements, from the number of viewers on Youtube and rankings in the charts.

Beomgyu (TXT): the heir of V (BTS), rumored to be dating a cult female star - Photo 2

After her debut work The Dream Chapter: STAR received a lot of positive feedback, singer Beomgyu revealed that she wanted to participate in the album production process for TXT.

After a month of debut, Big Hit decided to hold a world tour for TXT in six major cities in the United States including New York, Chiacago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Orlando, and Atlanta.

Although English communication is limited, Choi Beomgyu is still able to stir up the atmosphere by chatting and connecting with fans.

Beomgyu (TXT): the heir of V (BTS), rumored to be dating a cult female star - Photo 3

In October 2019, the TXT boys were busy preparing for the release of their debut album The Dream Chapter: MAGIC. In the title song Run Away, Choi Beomgyu showed a youthful image and attractive charisma on stage.

2019 was also a very memorable year in Beomgyu and TXT's careers as they achieved many great achievements with rookie titles at ceremonies such as AAA and MAMA, and at the same time became more mature from music to personality.

2020 continued to be a productive year for both Beomgyu and TXT as they later released the single Drama for the Japanese market and the mini-album Minisode 1: Blue Hour in Korea.

Beomgyu (TXT): the heir of V (BTS), rumored to be dating a cult female star - Photo 4

Despite her busy schedule, Beomgyu did not neglect her studies because of that. He successfully completed the education program of Hanlim School and graduated in February 2021.

In the summer of the same year, TXT returned with their second full album The Chaos Chapter: Freeze. Notably, Beomgyu also had the opportunity to participate in writing music for the group's songs.

In the MV of the theme song 0x1=LOVESONG (I know I love you), Choi Beomgyu had a makeover when transforming from a pure, gentle teenager to a rebellious and disruptive b.oy.

Beomgyu (TXT): the heir of V (BTS), rumored to be dating a cult female star - Photo 5

On every stage, Choi Beomgyu brings positive energy and attractive charisma. The male singer is increasingly proving his dancing talent and stable voice.

Sharing about artistic inspiration, Beomgyu said that he integrated personal experiences and emotions when composing songs. Since then, the male singer has played an important role in creating diverse colors in TXT's music.

On the stage of The Show in 2021, he encountered many mixed reactions to his voice, even being criticized by a part of the audience for his ability to perform. However, Beomgyu then tried to practice vocals and choreography, so the male singer's weaknesses gradually improved.

Beomgyu (TXT): the heir of V (BTS), rumored to be dating a cult female star - Photo 6

At present, the male singer has received many compliments for his outstanding singing ability. Beomgyu was able to perform on stage for hours with a stable voice and fully express TXT's choreography.

In addition, to improve himself, the male singer also learned how to perform on stage from senior Park Jimin and was inspired by BTS's Main Dancer to make art.

To be able to succeed in the entertainment world, appearance is an extremely important factor. Highly appreciated for possessing outstanding beauty compared to the fourth-generation idols, Beomgyu always appears in K-pop face charts.

Beomgyu (TXT): the heir of V (BTS), rumored to be dating a cult female star - Photo 7

In 2021, the famous news site Dispatch announced a list of the most handsome idols of the entertainment world of Kim Chi. Accordingly, Choi Beomgyu excellently won the eighth place next to many other famous faces such as Jaehyun (NCT), Mingyu (Seventeen).

By 2022, the male singer continues to be honored as one of the most handsome idols in K-pop with second place. Beomgyu received more than 1.5 million votes and is only behind BTS's champion V.

Beomgyu (TXT): the heir of V (BTS), rumored to be dating a cult female star - Photo 8

The advantage of appearance also gives him the opportunity to participate in big projects such as modeling for magazines or becoming an ambassador for brands with TXT. Beomgyu's creative and unique posing ability quickly attracted the audience.

Currently, TXT and Beomgyu are expanding their influence in the Korean entertainment world. The male singer promises to continue to make a mark and contribute to inspiring young people who are passionate about music and dare to pursue their dreams.

Regarding love, in August 2023, Beomgyu was entangled in dating rumors with Yeji (Itzy) after a photo was taken that the two were said to be holding hands walking on the street. However, soon after, the companies of the two voiced that "news" was not true. The photo posted earlier was also said to be edited from a behind-the-scenes photo of the Chinese film by Yangtze and Xiao Zhan.

Beomgyu (TXT): the heir of V (BTS), rumored to be dating a cult female star - Photo 9

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