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Beomgyu (TXT): the heir of V (BTS), rumored to be dating a cult female star

Bút Máy11:05:16 10/06/2024
From the first step on the flow of art, Choi Beomgyu has shown a strong passion for music. With excellent performances, he proved himself to be an all-powerful idol through his warm and soft voice.

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Fromis_9 was neglected by HYBE since their debut, not allowing a comeback, just for 1 reason

Quỳnh Như10:55:00 09/05/2024
In the midst of the storm, New Jeans and HYBE have caused a stir recently. Although Fromis_ 9 was less affected in the middle of the war of rights between the two sides, they still did not have a comeback like other groups despite debuting for 7 years, but the age gradually faded...

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Choi Soobin: The best leader of TXT, hasn't even debuted yet and has already "reported" Big Hit's suffering

An Nhi13:28:38 23/04/2024
Choi Soobin is famous for his handsome and masculine appearance right after his debut and is considered a great advantage for the male singer in entertainment projects. Besides musical activities, he also tried many new fields, from photography to MC.

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Yeonjun (TXT): "Legendary trainee" from Big Hit, recruited twice

Châu Anh15:13:22 21/04/2024
Yeonjun is known to fans as the first member of Big Hit's TXT group. Yeonjun's increasingly eye-catching performance skills and charisma are something that makes fans always proud.

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Jennie publicly "robbed" junior Yeonjun (TXT), interesting interaction Apartment 404

Phong Trần14:42:52 14/03/2024
The interesting interaction of Jennie and Yeonjun (TXT) at Apartment 404 in the next episode was revealed in the show's latest trailer. Fans of both are excitedly waiting for the next clash of the two idols in the new episode.

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Taylor Swift at the VMAs: Showing strange expressions when Stray Kids performed, w.inning trophies tiredly

Huỳnh Phúc17:49:21 13/09/2023
The 2023 MTV Video Music Awards officially closed to the delight of fans, Taylor Swift almost filled the charts. But what attracts attention is the singer's strange expression towards 1 Kpop group.

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Lisa revealed a h.ot photo with her brother Jisoo, in pain because Jennie - Rose "robbed" the opportunity to meet Thai Tu Khon again?

Thảo Mai13:50:08 30/04/2023
Most recently, on social networks, sharing the image of Lisa in the same frame with her brother and sister-in-law Jisoo made people "thrill". In particular, Kim Junghun is impressed by his handsome appearance, student and face that is full of beauty like Jisoo's sister. After...

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BTS, G-Dragon (Big Bang) and Korean stars have the "black card" of the super rich

An Nhi09:04:32 04/08/2022
The Korean entertainment industry gathers countless "underground giants", but only a few of them accidentally or openly r.eveal their black cards through special situations. The powerful black card surprised fans because of the wealth of idols like BTS, Bigbang... In Korea, the...

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J-Hope (BTS) appeared with a unique appearance, flew to America to perform Lollapalooza

Rosé16:48:49 25/07/2022
An ultra-fashionist, J-Hope can't be sloppy in this remarkable appearance! Compared to when promoting "Jack in the Box", J-Hope looks different with messy hair falling over his eyes. On July 25, J-Hope arrived in Chicago via Incheon International Airport, to attend the American...

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V (BTS) - Cha Eun Woo has no intention of becoming an Idol but "unfortunately"

Hoàng Phúc12:14:45 01/05/2022
Many idols accidentally caught the eye of entertainment companies in a way that they themselves did not expect, if not very... strange. Nichkhun (2PM) When he was an international student in the US and happened to go to a concert here, Nichkhun (2PM) caught the eye of JYP staff...

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The junior member of BTS was threatened by the male god Cbiz to take off... sensitive stuff, netizens were furious

Huỳnh Như10:46:54 14/03/2022
Before this "insolence" of the male god Cbiz, the online community immediately made angry comments Recently, the information that Taiwanese actor Yan Yalun - a former member of the group Phi Luan Hai - used his own personal account with a green checkmark to comment below a post...

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American male Yeonjun (TXT) is positive for COVID-19, Big Hit must constantly report bad news

Rosé08:48:38 18/02/2022
Fans are hoping that the handsome man born in 1999 will heal quickly. On February 17, Big Hit Music released a statement through WeVerse stating that TXT member Yeonjun felt unwell on February 12 and went to the hospital for a check-up and PCR test. COVID-19. The test result was...

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V (BTS), Jennie (BLACKPINK), Nayeon (TWICE) and the "stage geniuses" of Kpop

Duyên Trần16:28:27 14/02/2022
Kpop idols are often judged on their singing, rapping or dancing skills. But there is still another factor as important as the above factors, which is the ability to perform. In order to be considered a good performer, an idol does not need to be too excellent in any particular...

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Huening Bahiyyih (KEP1ER) was rejected at the fansign but the most shocking is the attitude of the same group member?

An Nhi13:47:35 24/01/2022
Many people couldn't help but feel sad when "Somi clone" - Huening Bahiyyih (KEP1ER) was ignored by Korean fans at the fansign. After the "Girls Planet 999" program ended, the w.inning group named KEP1ER officially debuted on January 3 with the MV WA DA DA and the debut album...

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aespa and IVE are in the same group, being pointed out by Knet as a lip-syncing group, BTS juniors are a big disaster?

Hoàng Phúc10:58:24 24/01/2022
These are the groups that Knet calls out because they often lip-sync and s.hock when they sing live. In order to have a full-quality stage in terms of both audio and visual, broadcasters often ask or groups to actively lip-sync. However, the a.buse of lip-syncing too much makes...

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TWICE is whispering loudly, BTS juniors heard what action they did that made the seniors laugh and smile?

Hoàng Phúc10:42:37 20/01/2022
The rare interaction moment between TWICE and BTS juniors made people stir. Recently, a short clip showing the rare interaction between TWICE and TXT - BTS' juniors - when they attended the MGMA in 2019 was suddenly "digged" by the people and became a h.ot topic online. society...

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aespa won the title harder than daesang, even BTS and BLACKPINK had to run after them

An Nhi12:52:04 09/01/2022
Overcoming many seniors, SM's "pet chicken" - aespa has achieved a title that many people admire. The 36th Golden Disc Awards ceremony took place on the afternoon of January 8 with the participation of popular artists including IU, Brave Girls, SEVENTEEN, STAYC, Stray Kids, OH...

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aespa was smashed by a group of "dinosaur rookies", BLACKPINK also had to "smell smoke"

An Nhi11:15:40 05/01/2022
Although newly debuted, rookie g.irl group KEP1ER has recorded a series of great achievements, surpassing many seniors. After the "Girls Planet 999" program ended, the w.inning group named KEP1ER officially debuted on January 3 with the MV WA DA DA and the debut album FIRST...

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Jang Wonyoung (IVE) is so biased that netizens are "c.razy", dragging BLACKPINK into the drama

An Nhi15:42:06 18/12/2021
New generation b.ody saint Jang Wonyoung is a controversial name on social networks. IVE is a rookie g.irl group that has received a lot of attention from the Kpop fan community. After only a short time of debut, the group has gained impressive achievements in terms of album sales...

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BLACKPINK is "hidden" still "swordfish" is extremely terrible on YouTube, looking at the numbers compared to BTS is shocking

An Nhi16:05:27 14/12/2021
BLACKPINK and BTS both reached the top of the ranking of the highest-earning Kpop idols on YouTube in 2021. Many K-pop artists, if not all, have created YouTube channels for themselves or their groups as it is one of the largest social media platforms in the world. And of...

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