Deng Wei - Gong Jun "chipped his forehead", Zhang Ling Hao suddenly interrupted

Nguyễn TuyếtJan 04, 2024 at 14:54

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The online community was shocked when they heard that Cung Tuan and Dang Vi were discussing for the position of the host of 1 big project. However, some argue that this is not credible.

In 2023, Deng Wei's career will rise like a kite to the wind thanks to the role of Do Shanjing in "Xiangtu School", starring alongside Yangtze. On the verge of success, the actor continued to join the new film crew - Tien Dai Huu Thu.

Deng Wei - Gong Jun chipped his forehead, Zhang Ling Hao suddenly interrupted - Photo 1

The image of the guy in this project constantly stormed social networks and was praised by the people as beautiful and temperamental as Luo Yunxi, Xiao Chien or Cheng Yi. In the midst of the year when the Deng family still has a series waiting to air, on January 3, the blogger reported that he is approaching a new project.

In fact, not long ago, Chinese media reported, Deng Wei actively discussed for his role in "Ha He Story". However, recently, many reports said that Cung Tuan is competing for the main role with him in this project.

Deng Wei - Gong Jun chipped his forehead, Zhang Ling Hao suddenly interrupted - Photo 2

Also according to the blogger of the country of billions of people, popular screening platforms are carefully considering between Dang Vi and Cung Tuan. The reason for choosing these 2 names is because they have equal traffic and popularity. Therefore, if a female lead is found, the film will light up a big door.

However, many people believe that An Luo Tale has an advantage over Deng Wei in terms of appearance and physique, which is indisputable. But it must be said again and again, in terms of acting, Xiangxiu is clearly better than his colleagues, not to mention his ability to "carry the film" is also higher.

Deng Wei - Gong Jun chipped his forehead, Zhang Ling Hao suddenly interrupted - Photo 3

Currently, the audience is still having a headache debating about Dang Vi and Cung Tuan, while waiting for an accurate answer from the crew of "Ha Ha Truyen". On the Douban platform, the film shows an airtime of 2025, helmed by director Yun Tao. It is known that the work is oriented towards male and female leads, expected to interact with new faces in the showbiz world.

Cung Tuan's last film was "An Lac Story", so it was charming with Enemy Le Heat Ba but the screening effect was not very positive. On the other hand, Dang Vi with the role of male 8 in "Xiangtu School" captured the hearts of the audience, from appearance to acting.

Deng Wei - Gong Jun chipped his forehead, Zhang Ling Hao suddenly interrupted - Photo 4

Before the "famous" debut of "Xiangtu School", although the male surname Deng only took on the role of a minor male in the film, his personality has increased markedly, even slightly better than the male lead Zhang Wanyi.

The successful "helicopter", known to a large audience, brought many resources, and the film script that approached him also increased. And finally, after many years of "doing the background" with countless supporting roles, Dang Vi also owned his first leading role in "Tien Dai Huu Thu".

Deng Wei - Gong Jun chipped his forehead, Zhang Ling Hao suddenly interrupted - Photo 5

As a post-95 student with Deng Vi, Zhang Ling Hao was more fortunate than a few parts, and film resources for him since his departure have never been lacking. However, the screen god has not been able to turn on the cult traffic star, which is indeed quite a pity.

A few hours ago, forums in China were given the opportunity to "stir up" when a source revealed that Deng Wei and Zhang Linghao are likely to co-star in a duplex project, titled "Midnight Owl/Zi Da Hieu", adapted from the novel series of the same name by author Yan Liangyu.

Deng Wei - Gong Jun chipped his forehead, Zhang Ling Hao suddenly interrupted - Photo 6

As soon as they heard the news, the public had a great variety of feelings, some were excited, some were semi-skeptical, some thought that this was just a rumor, could not be honest; And even if it came true, even if the project was started, they would not approve.

Because the original script of the film is in the genre of passion, mixed with fiction elements. Before the ban on e.rotic films from above, the film "Cat Tinh Cao Zhao" (adapted from Thien Quan Tu Phuc) starring Zhang Ling Hao had to "cover" indefinitely.

So fans of the two popular male stars do not want to see their idols fall into adversity. In response to the speculation, the office of Deng Vi - Zhang Ling Hach and the film crew "Tu Da Hieu" have not yet given any official response.

Deng Wei - Gong Jun chipped his forehead, Zhang Ling Hao suddenly interrupted - Photo 7

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