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that Lin Jingjin declared that he wanted to be Zhao Liying's enemy, openly hating his face?

Nguyễn Kim16:27:36 05/04/2024
Lin Jingjin and Zhao Liying's Feng Heng data was not yet finished, and the two had already expressed their desire to cooperate for the 3rd time. However, Lin has stated his refusal to play romance with his co-star.

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Cao Chi Dinh: legendary supporting actor Ngo Bach Tung, whose career has been in trouble after many years

Minh Ngọc10:36:41 23/01/2024
Emerging after his role as Ngo Bach Tung in "Send Our Simple, Beautiful Times", Cao Chi Dinh became the national supporting man on the Chinese screen. However, after many years, he still has not had a breakthrough through his other roles.

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Tran Hoc Dong: The male god once had a peak career, but now it has fallen to zero

Khánh Huyền13:13:50 20/01/2024
He has a handsome appearance, had an internship in Korea, and also had a top career that is expected to shine brightly in the future. But after 10 years, Tran Hoc Dong is gradually forgotten by small screen audiences.

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Tan Tuan Kiet: Duong Tu's ex-boyfriend, his career 'destroyed' just because of a bowl of soup

Vân Anh18:21:29 18/01/2024
Tan Tuan Kiet, a handsome and talented actor, but his career is extremely difficult. He once had a beautiful relationship with Duong Tu's girlfriend, but while dating, there was suspicion that the appearance of a third person had broken the couple's happiness.

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Tu Tinh Loi: Dai Hoa dan on Chinese screen, surpassing Pham Bang Bang and Duong Mich

T.P17:04:23 10/01/2024
Actress Tu Tinh Loi is a face classified as Dai Hoa Dan of the Chinese screen. Making a strong mark in Cbiz, Tu Tinh Loi has bombarded the Central region, even spreading beyond the Mainland.

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Han Dong Quan: The male god only had one movie in his life, but he met his life partner through it

Mẫn Nhi22:49:52 09/01/2024
Han Dong Quan is one of the talented men in the Chinese entertainment industry. Not only is he highly appreciated for his acting, but his handsome beauty also makes many viewers miss him.

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Bach Loc and Trieu Lo Tu have contributed to "helping" the quality of Chinese films to decrease

Phi Đức20:56:02 30/12/2023
Sina page just had a post summarizing the year of the Chinese film industry. The article analyzes the reasons why many television works are released but do not resonate, creating a lot of controversy about acting.

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Lam Tam Nhu encountered her husband's old lover, what was the attitude of both of them?

Phi Đức14:22:00 11/12/2023
The relationship between Lam Tam Nhu, Hoac Kien Hoa's husband, and her husband's ex-girlfriend, Tran Kieu An, has consumed a lot of ink in the domestic and international media. Recently, the two actors revealed their first moment sharing a frame together at a show.

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Tran Nghien Hy - Tran Hieu divorced after 7 years of happiness, a sad ending for the love story of Co Co and Duong Qua?

Mẫn Nhi16:33:22 08/12/2023
Sohu page on December 8 quoted information from a blogger's post on social network Weibo r.evealing that the couple Duong Qua - Tieu Long Nu, Tran Hieu and Tran Nghien Hy went to court together to complete the proceedings. divorce custom.

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Angelababy is under lockdown, what opportunities are there for a career in her home country?

Mẫn Nhi09:00:59 06/12/2023
After traveling to France for Paris Fashion Week, Angelababy's name collapsed momentarily after watching BLACKPINK's Lisa perform at the C.razy Horse s.trip club.

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Although Fan Bingbing was sealed off, he still felt lucky to be "lost" due to the tax evasion scandal

Phi Đức20:30:39 02/12/2023
Actress Pham Bingbing said that her absence from the screen for 4 years due to a tax evasion scandal is both a pity but also a blessing. She wanted to use the time she had left to make up for what had passed.

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Duong Mich took the spotlight at the Screaming Night, "feverishly" beautiful at the age of U40

Phong Trần21:02:30 26/11/2023
Duong Mich appeared at the Screaming Night event with a beautiful appearance, worthy of being called an ageless beauty. Her youthful face, bright white skin, and harmonious outfit and makeup, took the spotlight from a series of famous guests.

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Male god Dang Vi puffed on a cigarette and calmly picked his nose, causing fangirls to "tuck the poster away in the corner."

Phong Trần16:38:29 24/11/2023
Dang Vi - the handsome Truong Tuong caused disappointment with his image of smoking a cigarette and calmly picking his nose right on the set. While his name is getting brighter, the actor born in 1995 is destroying his image.

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Deng Luan found his way back to Cbiz after more than 1 year of tax evasion scandal, not to succumb to his "old love"?

Kim Lâm08:07:36 04/09/2023
After more than 1 year since the scandal of tax evasion and career color, Deng Luan is said to be preparing to return to the Chinese-language entertainment industry. If this information is true, it will surely attract the attention of the media and the online community.

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Yang Zi plotted to "heat rub" Zhao Liying to hold on to his reputation, doing 1 thing that made people laugh

An Nhi15:28:31 28/08/2023
Xiangtu School is the hottest historical drama of the summer this year. Although praised for the original, Yangtze's acting ability was still plagued by many controversies, causing the actress's reputation to decline.

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Tong Y Nhan: She is the "dwarf mushroom" of the Chinese film village, her beauty is normal, she has a perfect relationship

Uyển Đình16:03:39 10/07/2023
Song Yiren is the beloved dwarf mushroom of Chinese television. Not having a very attractive b.ody, but Tong Y Nhan is always prioritized by broadcasters as the main session and makes an impression in many famous movies.

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Chu Duc Nhien: The 10x guy "attracts" millions of fans thanks to his student face, owns all h.ot movie projects

Kim Lâm15:58:08 07/07/2023
Chu Duc Nhien is a young actor with a lot of potential in the Chinese-language film industry. Although he is a fairly new face, he has not been assigned many main roles, but the actor always impresses the audience in the Chinese film industry.

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Truong Miu Di: The new generation goddess of youth, "kicked" Cuc Tinh Y from the four great omens in Chinese

Uyển Đình20:04:33 03/07/2023
Truong Miu Di is a young actor. She scored points in the audience's eyes with her lovely, pretty, and open personality. With a natural acting style, Truong Miu Di is expected to achieve more outstanding achievements in the future.

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Trieu Le Dinh "exploded" visuals with aristocratic and beautiful beauty at the age of U40 when attending the event

Kim Lâm19:52:41 23/06/2023
At the event honoring Bach Ngoc Lan that took place recently, Trieu Le Dinh quickly attracted the attention of the online community with her extremely beautiful beauty, causing people to talk a lot on social networks.

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Duong Mi was suddenly advised by her ex-father-in-law to remarry Luu Khai Uy, the reason why many people broke

Kim Lâm16:16:42 22/06/2023
Netizens of China were quite surprised recently when Luu Dan - Luu Khai Uy's father suddenly expressed his desire for his son to reunite with Duong Mich. This action of his in front of the media made many people confused and discussed a lot on social networks.

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The truth is that Trung Dung is openly LGBT. Netizens dug out shocking statements when playing a gay role

Keng09:33:13 04/05/2023
At the present time, Trung Dung is always a prominent name in the cast of Vietnamese actors. He is loved by the audience with his masculine, thorny, healthy appearance, especially his diverse and outstanding acting ability. Each role played by Trung Dung made a strong impression...

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Trung Dung "F.lip F.ace 6" once had an unwanted c.hild with a female fan, was refused to see his father, now alone at the age of U50

Thanh Phúc07:32:28 03/05/2023
Actor Trung Dung and his private life are rarely known, once publicly having a family with children, but people were surprised when they learned that it was just an unexpected incident of him and a female fan. Trung Dung is an actor's face that has long been no stranger to movie...

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Trieu Lo Tu publicizes the good news with a handsome man who has an owner: Fan is severely disappointed

Đại Mạc19:26:51 02/04/2023
After the success of the historical project Tinh Han Can Lan, the actor duo Ngo Loi and Trieu Lo Tu are receiving a lot of attention from Chinese netizens. The emotional performance of both young actors has made many fans "push the boat" because of their beautiful couple and...

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Truong Tieu Phi - Filming for 15 years is still fuzzy, now makes a push, surpassing even her best friend Duong Mich

Hoàng Phúc13:32:53 08/02/2023
In the entertainment industry, 35 years old is considered old, the most difficult period, normally companies will never "open" for this age. But this woman worked wonders! Truong Tieu Phi, a recently emerging name in the Chinese entertainment industry, her life previously...

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