Bach Loc turned to modeling and the ending couldn't be more tragic

Hoàng AnhOct 01, 2022 at 09:39

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On September 29, at Shanghai Fashion Week, Bach Loc as Pony Brand Spokesperson had a catwalk that surprised netizens.

Right from the moment he stepped on the stage, Bach Loc scored points thanks to his beautiful beauty and confident demeanor. However, there are many people who have advised her that instead of "dreaming" of being a model, it would be better to focus on acting.

Bach Loc turned to modeling and the ending couldn't be more tragic - Photo 1

Despite owning a height of up to 1m65 (recorded in the profile), but no matter how you look at it, you can see that Bach Loc is a lot shorter because of the sports suit he is wearing. Not stopping there, when some netizens brought the two before and after photoshop images of the little flower g.irl together, the real result was much more tragic and humorous.

Bach Loc turned to modeling and the ending couldn't be more tragic - Photo 2

Besides, netizens said that even though Bach Loc was full of confidence, he enthusiastically raised his hand to create a V shape, but her catwalk looked like she was walking... selling balloons, without any aura.

Bach Loc turned to modeling and the ending couldn't be more tragic - Photo 3

Some comments from the audience:

- Sorry, but I thought Mrs. Loc was selling balls.

- It's like walking, isn't it?

- I think Bach Loc should still go to the movies.

- What am I seeing, it's really a disaster.

- Too bad, it looks like going to the gym, very alum.

- Are you walking in the park?

However, many people think that this catwalk activity of Bach Loc should not be too strict because this is only part of the scope of activities that the representative artist must participate in, but it does not prove that Bach Loc wants to invade. professional catwalk career.

Bach Loc turned to modeling and the ending couldn't be more tragic - Photo 4

Before he became an actor and was Vu Chinh's "pet chicken", the name Bach Loc was associated with the name of a h.ot g.irl online. In 2016, she signed a contract with Vu Chinh's company Hoan Ngu Anh Thi and had her first supporting role in the movie Trieu Ca. With her efforts and hard work and good resources, in 2021, the actress will become a hotly sought-after star thanks to the project of adapting Chau Sinh Nhu Co and Nhat Sinh Nhat The.

Although not a professional actor. He has never experienced any training, but in general, Bach Loc's acting skills are quite good, conveying the character's emotions to the audience. Up to the present time, Bach Loc has also quickly become one of the little flowers after 90, alongside names such as Trieu Lo Tu, Cuc Tinh Y, Dam Tung Van....

Recently, on social networks, rumors appeared that Bach Loc received the main role in Truong Nguyet Tan Minh because Vu Chinh sponsored the shaping crew. Although this information has not been verified, it also has a bad influence on Bach Loc.

Before the false rumors about "house chickens", Vu Chinh posted a post denying the above false information. At the same time, the screenwriter also posted a photo of a text message with the crew in May last year to prove that Bach Loc was invited by the producer and that she was the only actress chosen to play the female lead role.

Bach Loc turned to modeling and the ending couldn't be more tragic - Photo 5

However, fans of La Van Hi raised questions about Vu Chinh's explanation. According to these people, if Bach Loc decided to play Truong Nguyen Tan Minh in May, why last June fans of the actress still tried to oppose rumors that the idol reunited with La Van Hi.

Before this controversy, Vu Chinh asked the director of the production company Truong Nguyet Tan Minh to explain the bad rumor about Bach Loc. Even the screenwriter also warned the film crew not to want to promote and propagate without the final limit.

Bach Loc turned to modeling and the ending couldn't be more tragic - Photo 6

However, most netizens have negative reactions to Vu Chinh's actions. The public thought that the scriptwriter wanted to "suppress" the dating rumors of Bach Loc, so he dragged Truong Nguyet Tan Minh to the top of the storm.

The online community also commented that rumors about Bach Loc's role appeared for a long time, but it wasn't until the dating news broke out that it was clear. Therefore, they feel that the crew of Truong Nguyet Tan Minh is very unlucky to be involved with someone who likes to play tricks like the screenwriter surnamed Vu. At the same time, the audience also mocked Bach Loc when calling her with names like "pet chicken" or Vu Chinh's "daughter".

Bach Loc turned to modeling and the ending couldn't be more tragic - Photo 7

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