Trieu Lo Tu used a "trick" to be superior to Duong Tu to win the title of Golden Eagle Goddess

An NhiOct 15, 2022 at 11:19

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The War of the Golden Eagle in 2022 has not come to an end yet. Accordingly, "beautiful through the air" Trieu Lo Tu is said to have used this way to hope to get the title of Goddess Kim Ung.

Goddess Kim Ung is not an a.ward, but this is a title that many female stars desire to have. The opening dance for the a.ward ceremony of Tam Kim will help the reputation of the little flowers increase a lot. This year, the list of beauties competing for this position includes Duong Tu, Bach Loc, Trieu Lo Tu, Dam Tung Van, Co Luc Na Trat...

Trieu Lo Tu used a "trick" to be superior to Duong Tu to win the title of Golden Eagle Goddess - Photo 1

Recently, information has been spread online that Trieu Lo Tu is very interested in getting the title of Golden Eagle Goddess. Since she herself has not met the criteria given, this 9x beauty has used a number of tricks to surpass her rivals.

Specifically, the blogger posted that Trieu Lo Tu is currently very actively giving gifts to the directors of Hunan radio - the organizer of the Golden Eagle Awards. Not only that, she also wants to have a long-term cooperation with this station. The information released has surprised many people.

Trieu Lo Tu used a "trick" to be superior to Duong Tu to win the title of Golden Eagle Goddess - Photo 2

There are opinions that Trieu Lo Tu's tricks to compete for the title of Goddess Kim Ung are better than Duong Tu's in 2018. Remember that, the female lead Tram Vu Huong Phai and Dich Le Nhiet Ba are the two best candidates. for this title. However, the beauty of Xinjiang is somewhat superior in terms of the number of votes. Therefore, Yangtze went to ask her friends to vote for her, she was even suspected of cheating because the polls increased too quickly overnight. Unfortunately, though, Dich Le Nhiet Ba is still the 2018 Kim Ung Goddess.

Trieu Lo Tu used a "trick" to be superior to Duong Tu to win the title of Golden Eagle Goddess - Photo 3

However, despite having a high hand, people still think that Trieu Lo Tu is unlikely to be the Kim Ung Goddess this year. The reason is because although she is very famous, she does not have a movie on Hunan radio. If she suddenly receives the title, the 9x flower g.irl will be in danger of being stoned and ostracized like Dich Le Nhiet Ba received the a.ward of Queen Kim Ung in the past.

Currently, netizens are extremely looking forward to seeing who is this year's Golden Eagle Goddess.

In another development, recently, Trieu Lo Tu and Ngo Loi have led the chart of the hottest couple in Asia.

After the success of Tinh Han Can Lan, the couple Ngo Loi and Trieu Lo Tu (Ngo Lo Kha Dao) became extremely popular. The proof is that in the foreign region poll, the Tinh Han Can Lan couple is currently temporarily leading in the top screen couple with the best chemistry in Asia. Voting is still ongoing. More importantly, Ngo Lo Kha Dao is also the only male-female couple in the top 10.

Trieu Lo Tu used a "trick" to be superior to Duong Tu to win the title of Golden Eagle Goddess - Photo 4

The above achievement has once again proved the attraction of the couple Ngo Loi and Trieu Lo Tu. As the second time working together, Ngo Loi and Trieu Lo Tu easily have lovely and natural interactions in Tinh Han Can Lan. The audience many times had to hug their hearts because of the intimate gestures that the two had for each other on set and behind the camera.

With those positive signs, fans are now expressing their wish that the couple will soon have a third collaboration in the near future. After Truong Ca Hanh and Tinh Han Can Lan, the online community is also really looking forward to a modern romance work with Trieu Lo Tu and Ngo Loi participating.

Trieu Lo Tu used a "trick" to be superior to Duong Tu to win the title of Golden Eagle Goddess - Photo 5

It is known that before that, there was information that Ngo Loi and Trieu Lo Tu would reunite in the opposite of Gam Rach. Contrary to Tinh Han Can Lan, the plot of Gam Rach promises to make viewers cry all their tears because it is so contrary to their hearts. Although currently being expected, Trieu Lo Tu and Ngo Loi have not yet released any information regarding their roles in Gam Rach.

Gam Rach revolves around the love story full of pain and hatred of Dich Chi Duy, Pho Thanh Ham, and Gian Tu Tuan. Worth mentioning, the male lead and the male lead of the work are not good people, they are willing to sacrifice the female lead to achieve their own goals.

Trieu Lo Tu used a "trick" to be superior to Duong Tu to win the title of Golden Eagle Goddess - Photo 6

Pho Thanh Ham and Gian Tu Tuan are young children, gentle and warm feelings. However, he is willing to corner the heroine's father into the dead end, making her family miserable.

Pho Thanh Ham is the eldest son, so he has to shoulder the responsibility to revive his father's career. Along the way, she came to ask for help from the male lead Dich Chi Duy.

Ironically, the two families have had animosity in the past. Therefore, even if Dich Chi Duy extended his hand to help her, he would also ruthlessly destroy her life. After all, Pho Thanh Ham is just a puppet for Dich Chi Duy and Gian Tu Tuan to manipulate.

Trieu Lo Tu used a "trick" to be superior to Duong Tu to win the title of Golden Eagle Goddess - Photo 7

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