Bach Loc - Cuc Tinh Y caused a lot of controversy when he was nominated for four new generation traffic flowers

Hoàng AnhMay 30, 2022 at 10:32

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Recently, the online community is talking about the list of new traffic flowers. The four most mentioned names are Cuc Tinh Y, Trieu Lo Tu, Vien Bang Nghien, and Bach Loc. However, this list has caused much controversy. Most of the audience felt that the 4 actresses were still not outstanding enough to rank as a small flower in traffic.

Bach Loc - Cuc Tinh Y caused a lot of controversy when he was nominated for four new generation traffic flowers - Photo 1

First, you should understand that traffic is a noun for Chinese entertainment stars who have a large fan base, influence and popularity, and everyone knows it, even if they are not fans. .

The way to know the traffic is that these artists appearing anywhere can make a big impact, even the smallest piece of news will attract a large audience of interest. Over the years, showbiz has welcomed more rookie artists to debut, but not everyone has the honor of standing in the "traffic tower". In the generation of small flowers in recent years, the stars considered to be the traffic must include Duong Mich, Trieu Le Dinh, Dich Le Nhiet Ba, Duong Tu, and Trinh Sang. So it is understandable that the nomination of Cuc Tinh Y, Bach Loc, Trieu Lo Tu, and Vien Bang Nghien for the title of a controversial new flower of traffic is also understandable.

1.Bach Loc

Bach Loc is one of the actors successfully supported by Vu Chinh. She started out as a h.ot g.irl online, but quickly left her mark when she moved into acting.

After the success with Chieu Dao, the actress continued to receive many quality works. Most recently, the movie Chau Sinh Nhu Co starring her and Nham Gia Luan also achieved good results.

Bach Loc - Cuc Tinh Y caused a lot of controversy when he was nominated for four new generation traffic flowers - Photo 2

It can be seen that Bach Loc is a potential actress with good acting in the entertainment industry. However, at this time, she still does not have a really strong fan base to step up to the four sub-traffic ranks.

Currently, Bach Loc has an S-class work with La Van Hy, Truong Nguyet Tan Minh, whether or not he can become a small flower flow depends on the success or failure of this work.

2. Trieu Lo Tu

Trieu Lo Tu since joining the entertainment industry has been very fortunate to be able to take on many leading roles in her favorite space travel genre, although her performance is not bad, she only really became famous after starring. movie Tran Thien Thien In Rumors. Trieu Lo Tu has acting, but the framing of the character makes her career controversial.

The actress encountered countless criticisms when transforming into Bach Phong Tich of Release Thi Thien Ha. The audience commented, she only suitable for the sweet and lovely role. On the contrary, the actress revealed a series of shortcomings when playing a strong female character.

Bach Loc - Cuc Tinh Y caused a lot of controversy when he was nominated for four new generation traffic flowers - Photo 3

Besides, Trieu Lo Tu also has many "notorious" in the self-orientation phase. She was accused of deliberately rubbing the heat of Trieu Le Dinh, Tieu Chien... Even the actress "slipped her hands" and liked articles that disparaged Tong Thien's appearance.

A series of scandals from the past made Trieu Lo Tu lose points in public. Some viewers also sarcastically called her with the nickname "green tea sister".

Bach Loc - Cuc Tinh Y caused a lot of controversy when he was nominated for four new generation traffic flowers - Photo 4

However, it is a fact that despite many scandals, Trieu Lo Tu is still actively supported by the leading Chinese company Tencent. Therefore, Trieu Lo Tu can be said to be the type of actor who does not want to be popular but also has to be popular, becoming a traffic Chinese is inherently a matter of sooner or later.

3.Cuc Tinh Y

When he first joined the entertainment industry, Cuc Tinh Y was determined to be a potential star of the Chinese entertainment industry. Thanks to her beautiful and clear beauty, the actress also received love.

However, the 4000-year-old beauty has not made a mark in her acting career. She acted in many movies but none of them were violent.

Bach Loc - Cuc Tinh Y caused a lot of controversy when he was nominated for four new generation traffic flowers - Photo 5

Most of the films that Cuc Tinh Y participated in were historical films with a bold makeup style that made viewers repeatedly complain that she should focus on acting instead of building a beautiful and sparkling image.

Bach Loc - Cuc Tinh Y caused a lot of controversy when he was nominated for four new generation traffic flowers - Photo 6

However, of the four nominated actors, Cuc Tinh Y can be considered the most influential. Her every move attracts the attention of the media, the commercial value is also the highest, in addition, she is also a multi-talented artist when she can both dance, sing, and play a variety of musical instruments. In general, in any aspect, Cuc Tinh Y also has a large number of people interested in it. What she needs right now is a bold work or a prestigious a.ward.

4.Ice Chan

In the list of nominations, Yuan Bingyan is probably the earliest leading actress, but she is also a late bloomer. In 2020, after Luu Ly My Nhan Sat became the hottest movie of the summer, Vien Bang Nghien's career took a big step forward. Her next works have also received attention, most recently Cuc Khanh Hao co-starring Trinh Nghiep Thanh. The film has a low budget, short duration but has achieved admirable achievements. However, just relying on these two works to become Tieu Hoa traffic is not enough.

Currently, the audience is looking forward to her breakthrough in Khuyen Thanh Dic Thanh Hoan and The season of leaving flowers to meet him again.

Bach Loc - Cuc Tinh Y caused a lot of controversy when he was nominated for four new generation traffic flowers - Photo 7

Regarding her private life, Vien Bang Nghien also encountered many problems when she was often accused of heat-brushing seniors. Netizens criticized her for imitating Trieu Le Dinh, and the reputation of Dich Le Nhiet Ba... Therefore, the actress's charm for passersby also decreased.

Bach Loc - Cuc Tinh Y caused a lot of controversy when he was nominated for four new generation traffic flowers - Photo 8

It can be said that to become a traffic is not simply just having 1 or 2 famous works or having a large fan base, but also need a lot of other factors. Whether the four female stars Bach Loc, Trieu Lo Tu, Vien Bang Nghien, and Cuc Tinh Y have the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of Duong Mich, Duong Tu, Trieu Le Dinh, and Dich Le Nhiet Ba is still a path to strive for. long and arduous later.

Bach Loc - Cuc Tinh Y caused a lot of controversy when he was nominated for four new generation traffic flowers - Photo 9

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