BABYMONSTER "attacked" like a storm, declaring a "challenge" for Kpop in July

PinkyMay 21, 2024 at 06:47

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YG's 7-member g.irl group - BabyMonster has just announced that they are about to release a new album, while their debut album has not cooled down yet. People immediately couldn't sit still, looking forward to July to wait for the blockbuster product.

Recently, the YouTube channel of the Kpop g.irl group B.aby Monster (including Rami, Ahyeon, Asa, Ruka, Rora, Pharita, Chiquita) posted a video r.evealing the group's next plans after the release of their first mini album "BABYMONS7ER". early April. According to producer Yang Hyun Suk, this May, B.aby Monster will release a dance performance video for the song "Like That" (composed and dedicated by Charlie Puth, included in the mini album "BABYMONS7ER ").

BABYMONSTER attacked like a storm, declaring a challenge for Kpop in July - Photo 1

After that, B.aby Monster will return with a new single in early July. Currently, YG Entertainment is preparing to film the MV and plan promotional activities. This is also the opening song for B.aby Monster's first full album (long album with at least 10 songs), expected to be released in September or October.

Recently, B.aby Monster successfully held a meeting event with 26,000 fans (fan-meeting) for the first time after debut, at Ariake Arena, Tokyo (Japan), for 2 days May 11-12.

BABYMONSTER attacked like a storm, declaring a challenge for Kpop in July - Photo 2

B.aby Monster's "See You There" fan meeting event series, after being successfully held in Japan, will expand to many other cities in Asia in June, from Jakarta (Indonesia) to Singapore, Taipei (Taiwan, China) and Bangkok (Thailand).

YG's rookie g.irl group is also affirming steady progress as their digital music achievements have undergone a spectacular change. The title song "Sheesh", which did not enter the Melon Top 100 chart after its release, is now in the Top 10. The members' talent is proven through many impressive live performances. .

BABYMONSTER attacked like a storm, declaring a challenge for Kpop in July - Photo 3

Previously, with their debut album, the 7 YG girls also created impressive achievements, making other g.irl groups that debuted at the same time be wary. Specifically in April, YG Entertainment announced that BABYMONSTER's first mini album titled Babymons7er had sold more than 401,000 copies in the first week of release. This number marks the highest first-week debut album sales for a g.irl group in K-Pop history.

BABYMONSTER attacked like a storm, declaring a challenge for Kpop in July - Photo 4

Although ILLIT was previously the group that held this record with 380,056 copies. However, BABYMONSTER surpassed and became the leader in the number of albums sold in the first week for a newly debuted g.irl group. This is an extremely impressive achievement for the 7 YG girls, especially when the group's music since their debut has always faced many mixed opinions.

Regarding MV Sheesh, BabyMonster received estrangement from Kpop fans, but then the 7 girls had a spectacular comeback. Specifically, when it was first released, "Sheesh" failed to impress Korean audiences. Many opinions say that the song repeats the outdated formula that YG Entertainment once applied to 2NE1 and Blackpink, so the melody lacks breakthrough, is boring and does not follow the easy-to-listen trend of new generation Kpop music.

BABYMONSTER attacked like a storm, declaring a challenge for Kpop in July - Photo 5

"Sheesh" could not enter the domestic music charts at that time. Although B.aby Monster has the advantage of coming from a big company and is easier to receive attention, the song "Sheesh" has been continuously pushed out of the Top 100 Melon chart. This shows that Korean audiences are not interested in B.aby Monster's new music product.

BABYMONSTER attacked like a storm, declaring a challenge for Kpop in July - Photo 6

According to Korean media, B.aby Monster can do this because the group members (Ahyeon, Rami, Asa, Ruka, Rora, Pharita, Chiquita) have proven their outstanding talents. B.aby Monster is currently loved by the public with his talent, not just his musical color.

Recently, B.aby Monster has also affirmed his name even though he just debuted, with a fanmeeting tour around Asia. This is also B.aby Monster's first international event after 6 months of launch, receiving great attention.

BABYMONSTER attacked like a storm, declaring a challenge for Kpop in July - Photo 7

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