BABYMONSTER revealed a strange appearance, the comeback song was leaked, fans were in turmoil

T.PJun 22, 2024 at 06:46

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Ahead of their comeback this summer, g.irl group BabyMonster has officially released their image in the introduction poster. Besides, fans were even more excited when information about the new song was leaked.

Recently, YG Entertainment released the poster for the comeback song of the group B.aby Monster. Specifically, the group's new song titled "Forever" was released at 0:00 on July 1 (Korean time).

BABYMONSTER revealed a strange appearance, the comeback song was leaked, fans were in turmoil - Photo 1

This comeback poster is designed in a magazine style, r.evealing the personalities of the 7 B.aby Monster members. The members wore low-cut black outfits to o.ff their full beauty. In it, Rora stands in the center, attracting attention with her s.exy fishnet stockings. If Ahyeon attracts eyes with red hair, Rami attracts attention with her outstanding height. Other members such as Pharita, Asa, Ruka and Chiquita are equally attractive.

BABYMONSTER revealed a strange appearance, the comeback song was leaked, fans were in turmoil - Photo 2

When the name of the song "Forever" was just announced, many people guessed that this comeback song would be in the ballad style like the group's previous song "Stuck in Middle". However, after announcing the members' visuals, this speculation did not receive much support. Many people think that this may be a song with a s.exy, personal style different from the songs the group has released.

BABYMONSTER revealed a strange appearance, the comeback song was leaked, fans were in turmoil - Photo 3

YG Entertainment also confirmed that this will be a song with a completely different appeal from the group's existing music. "We have prepared a 'summer song' in YG style - where the members' free energy becomes one. You will be able to feel a completely different appeal from our existing music. B.aby Monster" - YG information.

B.aby Monster is currently a group receiving a lot of attention. At a time when many Kpop groups were criticized for performing poorly live, B.aby Monster scored points with the powerful voices of all 7 members along with the professional charisma of performing like true artists.

BABYMONSTER revealed a strange appearance, the comeback song was leaked, fans were in turmoil - Photo 4

Previously, BABYMONSTER was allowed by YG to continue promoting the b-side Like That. YG listened to fans' wishes and let the 7 "little monsters" show their bravery through the most popular song in the first mini album. At the same time, BABYMONSTER carried out a fanmeeting tour throughout Asia.

Even though they just debuted, BABYMONSTER has proven their formidable strength through explosive stages, and is as talented as long-time idols. All of the group's strengths were showcased through a series of fanmeeting stages. Thanks to direct meetings, the group increased recognition and gained more loyal fans.

BABYMONSTER revealed a strange appearance, the comeback song was leaked, fans were in turmoil - Photo 5

After nearly half a year of making fans "boo" because of their strange promotional methods, causing BABYMONSTER to struggle during their first debut, YG has finally invested properly in the promising rookie group. Releasing new music right at a time when the public is sympathetic to BABYMONSTER is a reasonable strategy that will please fans. YG is famous as the "Mars calendar company". Therefore, many fans were surprised by YG's dedication to "BLACKPINK's younger sister".

Information about BABYMONSTER's comeback caused a stir in the Kpop following community. Right now everyone has only one wish, which is that YG will release good music for the 7 "little monsters". The group has enough talent, visuals and popularity - but just lacks a hit.

BABYMONSTER revealed a strange appearance, the comeback song was leaked, fans were in turmoil - Photo 6

In the previous promotion, BABYMONSTER also "turned the tide" thanks to performances that put talent first. At a time when Kpop is constantly causing controversy over live singing, a powerful group like BABYMONSTER only needs good music to completely captivate the public.

The group's domestic digital music achievements have improved significantly. However, B.aby Monster still needs a real hit to pop up after "Batter Up", "Sheesh", "Like That". "Forever" will be the opening song for the group's first full-length album, expected to be released in September or October.

BABYMONSTER revealed a strange appearance, the comeback song was leaked, fans were in turmoil - Photo 7

Meanwhile, B.aby Monster's series of fan meeting events across Asia called "See You There" is still being held, going from Tokyo (Japan), to Jakarta (Indonesia), Singapore, and Taiwan. North (Taiwan, China) and Bangkok (Thailand).

BABYMONSTER revealed a strange appearance, the comeback song was leaked, fans were in turmoil - Photo 8

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