BABYMONSTER is "suffocated" by BLACKPINK, looking at their seniors' sales and stunned

PinkyMay 25, 2024 at 14:44

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BlackPink's junior group - BabyMonster is a name that is receiving a lot of expectations from the public. Even though they just debuted, the 7 girls have already had impressive achievements, joining YG towards global fame.

BabyMonster's current goal is to create another version of BlackPink with YG, hitting many music markets. However, achieving these things is not easy, because the four "Black Pink" girls are a monument that is difficult to match, and fans cannot know when BabyMonster will be able to catch up with their seniors.

BABYMONSTER is suffocated by BLACKPINK, looking at their seniors sales and stunned - Photo 1

Recently, BlackPink also announced more great news, once again affirming the group's position, when the tour revenue of the 4 girls has peaked, spreading throughout the region and no one has usurped this achievement. Specifically, starting from October 15, 2022, BLACKPINK's world tour called BORN PINK officially ended on September 17, 2023. This tour not only exploded in terms of sales. collection but also established many proud achievements for the four YG Entertainment girls.

BABYMONSTER is suffocated by BLACKPINK, looking at their seniors sales and stunned - Photo 2

Recently, Touring Data announced BLACKPINK concert revenue after nearly 1 year ending. Specifically, with a total of 11 legs and 66 shows and 1,815,183 tickets sold, the BORN PINK tour brought in more than 331.8 million USD (8.4 trillion VND).

This number helped BLACKPINK become the Asian artist with the highest-grossing tour in history, surpassing their predecessor One Direction.

BABYMONSTER is suffocated by BLACKPINK, looking at their seniors sales and stunned - Photo 3

More specifically, with only 32 songs during their 7-year career, BLACKPINK has created miracles that take a long time for groups in Kpop in particular or Asia in general. massive song that can be touched.

Specifically, a source recently summarized the 7-item achievements that the BORN PINK word tour has achieved: "1 - Tour with the highest revenue by a Pop Vocal group. 2 - Tour highest-grossing tour by an Asian artist. 3 - Highest-grossing tour by an Asian artist in the US ($99.3 million). music group (Dodger Stadium). 5 - Tour with highest revenue and attendance by a g.irl group 6 - Highest revenue tour by a Kpop artist 7 - Largest tour on the calendar History of Kpop".

BABYMONSTER is suffocated by BLACKPINK, looking at their seniors sales and stunned - Photo 4

With these super achievements, BabyMonster fans also hope that the 7 girls, along with YG's strategy, will be able to achieve similar things in the future.

At the end of December 2023, BLACKPINK made fans breathe a sigh of relief when they did not disband and continued to sign a group contract with YG Entertainment. However, all four members decided not to re-sign their solo contracts with the company.

BABYMONSTER is suffocated by BLACKPINK, looking at their seniors sales and stunned - Photo 5

With solo activities, each member of BLACKPINK has a personal direction. Specifically, Jennie founded ODD ATELIER (OA) to develop her solo career, then Lisa also opened her own company called LLOUD. Jisoo will operate under the management of the company founded by her brother, Biomom. As for Rosé, she currently does not have a landing spot.

Recently, some members of the crew working with BLACKPINK have continuously posted behind-the-scenes photos on social networks, sparking speculation that the group is filming some project together.

BABYMONSTER is suffocated by BLACKPINK, looking at their seniors sales and stunned - Photo 6

Youjin Choi - who takes on the role of Brand and Image Director - shared about an outdoor photo shoot on a rainy day. It is known that Youjin Choi is a familiar collaborator of BLACKPINK, regularly posting about all the girls on her personal Instagram.

Besides, makeup artist Maeng also shared a photo from the same photo shoot with Youjin Choi. Maeng is an unfamiliar character to BLACKPINK fans because she has been with the YG group since their rookie days. In addition, some other members of the crew also shared pictures of them filming on a rainy day.

BABYMONSTER is suffocated by BLACKPINK, looking at their seniors sales and stunned - Photo 7

Fans are very excited because it has been a long time since there was news of BLACKPINK appearing together, because everyone is busy with personal projects after leaving YG. However, the fact that BlackPink did not appear in the series of moments that the crew posted also made some viewers confused.

BABYMONSTER is suffocated by BLACKPINK, looking at their seniors sales and stunned - Photo 8

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