BABYMONSTER 'crushed' LE SSERAFIM to pieces, talent weak, skills even worse?

Gia NhiApr 24, 2024 at 06:38

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Two g.irl groups that are causing a storm in the Kpop fan community, BabyMonster and LE SSERAFIM, continue to receive a lot of controversy. Accordingly, YG's rookie was commented by the audience as having outstanding talent compared to the 5 Source Music girls, "crushing" them to pieces.

LE SSERAFIM took the Coachella stage, performing 10 songs in 90 minutes in mid-April. Aside from the cheers from some of the audience at Coachella, many people questioned their live performance skills.

Criticism of the group's vocals such as unstable pitch, shaky breathing, and moments of musical dissonance added to existing concerns about their singing ability, which was especially evident when performing. performed without background music.

BABYMONSTER crushed LE SSERAFIM to pieces, talent weak, skills even worse? - Photo 1

The group LE SSERAFIM's ability to sing live is criticized for being poor.

The group has faced audience criticism for perceived shortcomings in this area, with some critics suggesting that their participation in prestigious events such as Coachella may lower their standards. face of K-pop.

In addition, member Sakura's recent comments on Weverse have attracted even more attention. Rather than admit the immaturity of her approach, Sakura defended the group's Coachella performance as their best, crediting it with thorough preparation and commitment to putting on a show. attractive performance.

BABYMONSTER crushed LE SSERAFIM to pieces, talent weak, skills even worse? - Photo 2

In contrast, B.aby Monster has emerged as a group recognized for its ability and proficiency. Debuting with member Ahyeon's return after a health setback, B.aby Monster has showcased his talents on various platforms, including music broadcasts, entertainment shows, and content. YouTube.

Notably, the group attracted attention for their exceptional musical skills: member Rami showed off perfect vocals in an interview on SBS's 'Inkigayo' and member Asa impressed with strong rapping ability on Mnet's 'M Countdown'.

BABYMONSTER crushed LE SSERAFIM to pieces, talent weak, skills even worse? - Photo 3

Additionally, Ahyeon's live performance on YouTube's 'It's Live' demonstrated her versatility, affirming her status as a versatile performer.

With the presence of Japanese members Ruka and Asa creating the group's appeal through their proficiency in Korean rap, B.aby Monster has solidified his reputation as a popular hip-hop artist with Perfect live performance.

BABYMONSTER crushed LE SSERAFIM to pieces, talent weak, skills even worse? - Photo 4

Recently, BabyMonster member Pharita also made an assertion like slapping LE SSERAFIM group in the face, whereby she affirmed that the 7 members of the group all have good vocal ability. Specifically, when DJ Park Myung Soo asked the question: "What makes B.aby Monster different from other female idols?" Pharita replied, "All 7 of us have been practicing for quite a while. Our vocal skills are very good and we are great live performers."

BABYMONSTER crushed LE SSERAFIM to pieces, talent weak, skills even worse? - Photo 5

HYBE Group's rookie group ILLIT also caused controversy with poor live stages on domestic music shows. Meanwhile, B.aby Monster has not yet won any weekly music trophy in Korea, but the group's live singing ability still causes fever, through short exchanges, and through performances on shows. variety show where the group guested.

BABYMONSTER crushed LE SSERAFIM to pieces, talent weak, skills even worse? - Photo 6

Many people believe that Pharita's statement may be a bit sensitive and too straightforward. But in terms of strength, it is true that B.aby Monster is a g.irl group that possesses outstanding voices and good vocal skills compared to many female idols today.

Thanks to their own talent, B.aby Monster is making new strides and increasing recognition in Korea, although the group's domestic digital music achievements are not as explosive as expected.

BABYMONSTER crushed LE SSERAFIM to pieces, talent weak, skills even worse? - Photo 7

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