BABYMONSTER was "harmed" by YG, disappointed with wrong move, depressed fans

Trí NhiJun 04, 2024 at 06:28

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The rookie g.irl group YG - BabyMonster has just reappeared with the dance MV Like That, but this MV is not appreciated by Kpop fans, even considered a disaster, accusing YG of harming "domestic chickens" with this wrong move.

On May 30, the group B.aby Monster released the dance music video for the song "Like that" - a song written by Charlie Puth specifically for the group and received countless compliments from fans. From the costumes, stage expressions to the choreography of the 7 members of B.aby Monster, all made fans admire because of the obvious improvement compared to the debut.

BABYMONSTER was harmed by YG, disappointed with wrong move, depressed fans - Photo 1

Members like Ahyeon, Pharita, Asa, Rora o.ff their beautiful physiques, while Chiquita, Rami, Ruka impress with their decisive dance moves. Many compliments for the dance music video "Like that", saying that this is the most perfect product since the debut of the group B.aby Monster so far.

BABYMONSTER was harmed by YG, disappointed with wrong move, depressed fans - Photo 2

Because of this perfection, many fans regretted that the group did not release this song earlier, instead of "Sheeh" and "Batter up". Some commenters suggested that YG should send the group to promote "Like that" to further promote the group's activities.

Others also criticized YG for not stepping up their activities in Korea. "The group has just entered the 'war', don't be mysterious anymore but let the group be more active. When I was noticed for singing live well, I ended up promoting and sent to Japan. When will YG let you release the next album or song...", one fan expressed.

BABYMONSTER was harmed by YG, disappointed with wrong move, depressed fans - Photo 3

Not letting the B.aby Monster members work excitedly to warm up their names also makes many people think of the formula YG used to do with the group Blackpink. Blackpink also had long periods of inactivity but still retained a certain charisma, which is not necessarily successful with B.aby Monster. After the "Like That" dance video, fans still hope YG can further promote the activities of the 7 B.aby Monster members in Korea.

BABYMONSTER was harmed by YG, disappointed with wrong move, depressed fans - Photo 4

Previously, after a series of stages to promote the song SHEESH, BABYMONSTER was heavily promoted by YG internationally, when there were a series of fan meeting events in Japan, Jakarta (Indonesia), Singapore, Taiwan (China) and Thailand in May and June 6. The series of events has made BABYMONSTER's name spread and be well received.

Regarding Park Myung so's song Like That, on Park Myung so's radio show, BABYMONSTER shared about their debut mini album and the song "Like That" written by Charlie Puth specifically for the group.

BABYMONSTER was harmed by YG, disappointed with wrong move, depressed fans - Photo 5

Explaining the reason for this unexpected song, the members shared, "Ahyeon sang Charlie Puth's song Dangerously on the survival show. She sang very well and was noticed by Charlie Puth, he even left a comment under the video. This led to us being dedicated to the song Like That."

Also on the show, the group revealed that the singer was extremely happy with the final result of this song. In addition, fans also loved the song, with many even saying that Like That deserved more promotion.

BABYMONSTER was harmed by YG, disappointed with wrong move, depressed fans - Photo 6

BABYMONSTER is often referred to as "BLACKPINK's sister", but the group is not afraid and worried about this name. Even on the radio show, member Ahyeon directly mentioned her seniors, "I want to be healthy to be active for a long time. BLACKPINK is my role model. I want to perform at Coachella too."

BABYMONSTER was harmed by YG, disappointed with wrong move, depressed fans - Photo 7

At the moment, although there are still mixed reactions around the music of the new group YG, BABYMONSTER is still considered a strong contender for the title of K-Pop's top 5th generation g.irl group.

BABYMONSTER was harmed by YG, disappointed with wrong move, depressed fans - Photo 8

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