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Mr. Duc released his "love-broken" wedding photos, his future wife was rumored to have good news because of one detail

Châu Anh11:00:25 18/04/2024
After successfully proposing to his younger girlfriend, Anh Duc's love story received even more attention. Recently, the actor posted a series of sweet moments with his fiancée in a new set of photos.

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How beautiful is Anh Duc's fiancée r.evealing everyday and beautiful photos that are likened to the Vietnamese YoonA?

Phi Yến15:19:44 05/04/2024
After Anh Duc shared the proposal photo, information about his fiancée immediately became the focus of attention of the online community. It is known that this g.irl is also a member of Zhencheng's friends.

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Mr. Duc was "caught" by his fiancée to propose, the couple shared 1 implicit principle

Nguyễn Kim07:02:37 05/04/2024
As soon as Anh Duc successfully proposed, his girlfriend received a lot of attention from the online community. Many viewers showered congratulations and praise on the beauty of the two.

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British actor German proposes to rumored girlfriend "Diem massage", wedding preparations?

Phương Thảo15:22:30 04/04/2024
The British actor and his rumored girlfriend suddenly made a move regarding the preparation of going home together after dating questions surfaced. Accordingly, Zhencheng's best friend officially proposed to his girlfriend and received a yes.

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Mr. Pham: Anh Duc's new girlfriend, causing a stir as Diem as a massage therapist in the movie Mai

Tuyết Ngọc14:30:59 22/02/2024
Taking on a supporting role in the second hottest movie today, Mai, Anh Pham caused a fever because of her beauty-like appearance. Another reason for her to get attention is because of her relationship rumors with Anh Duc.

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Mr. Duc and the rumored love were scrutinized for doing 1 thing on the yacht, this time out of denial

Quỳnh Quỳnh10:22:52 02/01/2024
Recently, Anh Duc repeatedly appeared with a g.irl, sparking dating rumors. On New Year's Day, the suspicious move of the two made netizens even more buzzing about their relationship.

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Actor Anh Duc is 'stuck' with love rumors, the owner secretly makes it public?

Phong Trần17:34:07 13/12/2023
Around August this year, Anh Duc was continuously suspected of dating actress Quynh Anh. The person who first revealed this information was none other than his close friend Tran Thanh.

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Zhencheng "missed" r.evealing that the actor Anh Duc had a new love, the identity "behind the girl" shocked Vbiz

Nắng11:51:01 18/08/2023
The most surprising was Zhencheng's gaffe when he suddenly revealed that his best friend had found a new destination. Specifically, the male MC said: "Mr. Duc now has a berth, you can't crab anymore.....

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HH Thuy Tien when she was matched with Anh Duc by Tran Thanh, the beauty's attitude made people swoon

Nắng12:02:14 06/06/2022
The reigning Miss Grand International 2021 had to stand still for 5 seconds and then replied: "Oh, can I interrupt and skip this part?". Unable to hold it any longer, Tran Thanh burst into laughter at the queen's clever wit. It can be said that, after w.inning the prestigious...

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Ex-girlfriend Anh Duc posted a photo of lying on a hospital bed, making people shudder because of the mention of d.eath

Nắng10:13:48 15/03/2022
Uyen To got a lot of attention when she publicly dated actor Anh Duc. The couple even live in the same house and plan to get married. However, after nearly a year of public dating, Anh Duc and Uyen To broke up. After "everyone went their separate ways", she also accused Anh Duc...

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