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Mr. Duc released his "love-broken" wedding photos, his future wife was rumored to have good news because of one detail

Châu Anh11:00:25 18/04/2024
After successfully proposing to his younger girlfriend, Anh Duc's love story received even more attention. Recently, the actor posted a series of sweet moments with his fiancée in a new set of photos.

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How beautiful is Anh Duc's fiancée r.evealing everyday and beautiful photos that are likened to the Vietnamese YoonA?

Phi Yến15:19:44 05/04/2024
After Anh Duc shared the proposal photo, information about his fiancée immediately became the focus of attention of the online community. It is known that this g.irl is also a member of Zhencheng's friends.

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Mr. Duc was "caught" by his fiancée to propose, the couple shared 1 implicit principle

Nguyễn Kim07:02:37 05/04/2024
As soon as Anh Duc successfully proposed, his girlfriend received a lot of attention from the online community. Many viewers showered congratulations and praise on the beauty of the two.

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British actor German proposes to rumored girlfriend "Diem massage", wedding preparations?

Phương Thảo15:22:30 04/04/2024
The British actor and his rumored girlfriend suddenly made a move regarding the preparation of going home together after dating questions surfaced. Accordingly, Zhencheng's best friend officially proposed to his girlfriend and received a yes.

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Mr. Pham: Anh Duc's new girlfriend, causing a stir as Diem as a massage therapist in the movie Mai

Tuyết Ngọc14:30:59 22/02/2024
Taking on a supporting role in the second hottest movie today, Mai, Anh Pham caused a fever because of her beauty-like appearance. Another reason for her to get attention is because of her relationship rumors with Anh Duc.

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Mr. Duc and the rumored love were scrutinized for doing 1 thing on the yacht, this time out of denial

Quỳnh Quỳnh10:22:52 02/01/2024
Recently, Anh Duc repeatedly appeared with a g.irl, sparking dating rumors. On New Year's Day, the suspicious move of the two made netizens even more buzzing about their relationship.

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Actor Anh Duc is 'stuck' with love rumors, the owner secretly makes it public?

Phong Trần17:34:07 13/12/2023
Around August this year, Anh Duc was continuously suspected of dating actress Quynh Anh. The person who first revealed this information was none other than his close friend Tran Thanh.

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Mr. Duc "Don't make me angry": In real life as a lecturer, his wife is very assured of "howling girls"

Thảo Mai16:32:52 07/11/2023
In addition to the main cast, the character Embroidery played by British actor Duc also received a lot of attention from the audience. His real life took everyone by surprise.

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Tran Thanh acted "out of love" with Truc Nhan after a beautiful show, the Seahorse Chess Association is unlikely to reunite

Nhật Hân11:12:06 26/09/2023
Tran Thanh and Truc Nhan have not been together for a long time. Many words have been spoken about the friendship between the male MC and his juniors. But his recent move seems to implicitly answer the fans' long-standing doubts.

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Mr. Duc finally escaped being "sold" all over showbiz, the identity of his lover surprised fans!

Gia Hoàng13:43:17 21/08/2023
In addition to his acting career, Anh Duc is also known as a male artist who was sold by his close friend Zhencheng for showbiz. But recently, it was also his close friend who gaffed to r.eveal the actor's new love.

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Truong Quynh Anh - Song Luan reveals dating evidence, Zhencheng confirms - "no denial"

Hàn Di11:36:24 21/08/2023
Zhencheng is known as a multi-talented, animated and friendly male artist. Besides their cult careers, he and his wife are also admired for having many beautiful friendships in the showbiz world.

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Zhencheng "confronted" Miss Vbiz - clarified rumors of "slashing" each other, Hari Won's attitude attracted attention

Hàn Di09:50:28 21/08/2023
In addition to her admirable career, Tran Thanh - Hari Won is also interested by the audience, delighted by the beautiful friendship with the famous close friends - gathering all famous faces of the Vietnamese entertainment industry.

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Zhencheng "missed" r.evealing that the actor Anh Duc had a new love, the identity "behind the girl" shocked Vbiz

Nắng11:51:01 18/08/2023
The most surprising was Zhencheng's gaffe when he suddenly revealed that his best friend had found a new destination. Specifically, the male MC said: "Mr. Duc now has a berth, you can't crab anymore.....

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Tran Thanh has a move to heal with his noisy juniors, "unknown" to stop playing, how to mention his name to attract attention

Nhật Hân18:23:22 02/08/2023
After rumors of a break earlier this year, Tran Thanh has just posted a picture that made people speculate about the resumption of old love with juniors. By the way, the actor also showed off his new movie.

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Ex-husband Diep Lam Anh: Breaking up to ask his ex-wife to return gifts of tens of billions, is the family really glorious?

Nhật Hân15:09:10 15/07/2023
In addition to the problems of the third person, the ex-husband also accused Diep Lam Anh of demanding a large amount of m.oney and house when he divorced. Many people are curious about the huge fortune that young master Duc Pham owns.

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Anh Duc is shocked with his old appearance, jagged beard, wide-eyed confusion

Min13:03:48 28/05/2023
Comedian Anh Duc grows a beard, has curly hair, and looks older than before. People also noticed the actor's wide, confusing eyes. Some questioned the actor may have health problems. Recently, the online community transmitted the image of actor Anh Duc appearing at an event...

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Hari Won "vindicated" Tran Thanh, saying the reason why her husband left the gameshow, Anh Duc denied using banned substances

Minh Lợi09:30:52 28/04/2023
In the past time, Tran Thanh has been constantly involved in marketing from noisy theaters to being accused of going to a bar, calling to dig, stealing m.oney from a g.irl of nearly 180 million. Before that, the male MC was also rumored to be locked up when "flying color" from the...

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Duc showed a lethargic face, an unusual expression that was difficult to understand, how did he react between the noisy Tran Thanh going to the bar?

T.P15:51:40 27/04/2023
Actor Anh Duc - Tran Thanh's close friend appeared at the event with an unusual look, a confused face, and netizens were also constantly interested in his reaction when Tran Thanh was facing a drama storm. Anh Duc is a comedian who has long been famous in Vietnamese showbiz, he...

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Diep Lam Anh and ex-husband Duc Pham were both absent from the appeal court for custody of children

T.P15:14:47 15/03/2023
The turbulent love story of Diep Lam Anh and his ex-husband, young master Duc Pham, is still a matter of discussion, causing a stir in public opinion, recently the two made a surprising move when they were not present at the trial. c.hild custody appeal. Diep Lam Anh and...

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Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc does not agree with Anh Duc's confession, the real relationship after the rejection

Tiểu Yến Tử13:42:06 14/02/2023
Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc is an actress who has received a lot of love from the audience. She is highly appreciated for her beautiful appearance and natural acting ability. Lan Ngoc's name is attached to many TV series and theaters that have been praised by many audiences. At the age...

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Young master Duc Pham declared "shocked" in court to prevent Diep Lam Anh from raising 2 children?

N.P08:05:16 03/12/2022
At the trial, young master Duc Pham objected to the reason that Diep Lam Anh gave to prevent the actress from raising 2 children. According to the judgment of the People's Court of District 1, actor Diep Lam Anh is entitled to raise his daughter, while Mr. Nghiem Duc raises his...

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Hari Won was revealed to have a straight leg with his best friend Tran Thanh - Anh Duc: What's going on?

Nắng16:08:06 16/11/2022
Recently, Hari Won shared the behind the scenes of TikTok clip filming with Anh Duc. Accordingly, in order to have a satisfactory scene of "b.eating her boyfriend", the wife Tran Thanh and Anh Duc performed up to 6 times. At first, Hari Won only "tossed" with Anh Duc and pointed...

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Hien Ho changed his appearance 180 degrees, decided to "makeover" to return to showbiz

An Nhi11:19:54 13/10/2022
After the "reliance" scandal, Hien Ho is still the name that attracts people's attention. After returning to showbiz despite receiving mixed opinions, Hien Ho had an amazing makeover in appearance. In hiding for 6 months, Hien Ho was determined and defiant to return to the music...

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The whole scene of Dieu Nhi's wedding: The bride peeled off the groom, Sam and Anh Duc caught the wedding flowers together

Hoàng Anh18:32:07 10/10/2022
Currently, the whole Vietnamese showbiz is looking forward to the most anticipated wedding of the year of the couple Dieu Nhi - Anh Tu. All developments of the wedding are extremely interested in the online community. Notably, Anh Tu's unflattering statement right on Dieu Nhi's...

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