The 140kg transgender beauty decided to "crush" her opponent at Miss Universe Cambodia

Nguyễn KimMar 07, 2024 at 11:46

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Transgender beauty Pancake Vann made headlines while competing in Miss Universe Cambodia 2024. With a height of 1.8m and a weight of 140kg, her profile was quickly noticed by beauty fans.

On March 5, the Miss Universe Cambodia organization published an article introducing Pancake Van as the first photo candidate of this year's pageant. The contestant, who is 1.8m tall and weighs 140kg, is transgender, once married and a famous face in the entertainment industry in Cambodia. Her appearance caused intense controversy on beauty forums.

The 140kg transgender beauty decided to crush her opponent at Miss Universe Cambodia - Photo 1

This contestant is currently one of the influential figures on Cambodian social media. Pancake Van's personal page has 160,000 followers with positive, happy messages. She regularly posts pictures dressed in daring cropped outfits that o.ff her plus-size physique. In the upcoming pageant, if she wins, she will be represented in the 73rd Miss Universe in Mexico.

The 140kg transgender beauty decided to crush her opponent at Miss Universe Cambodia - Photo 2

Many people believe that although the Miss Universe organization has been more open to plus-size beauties, Pancake Vann's beauty is not suitable for most beauty pageants today.

"She is beautiful, confident but not suitable for the pageant", "She must have just signed up for the pageant for fun", "I don't know if this g.irl can overcome the criticism of the public when participating in this pageant" ... are netizens' comments about Pancake Vann.

The 140kg transgender beauty decided to crush her opponent at Miss Universe Cambodia - Photo 3

As for Pancake Vann, she said she wants to participate in the Miss Universe Cambodia 2024 pageant to challenge and change herself. On his personal page, Pancake said: "In the past, I was easily angry and liked to argue but now I live calmly, learn to be strong and train to become a new person."

The pageant will continue to accept applications until June 15, the w.inning g.irl will represent Cambodia in Miss Universe 2024 in Mexico.

The 140kg transgender beauty decided to crush her opponent at Miss Universe Cambodia - Photo 4

From 2022, the Miss Universe organizers allow married women with children to compete. After that, the organizers continued to remove the age limit for the competition, while allowing transgender people to compete. This rule has so far been controversial. Soon after, many national competitions also relaxed their rules to welcome older contestants, married women, having children and even transgender people. At that time, many people rejoiced, saying that the competition had more openness.

Currently, many special contestants are gradually revealed, such as 68-year-old Jocelyn Cubales (Miss Universe Quezon City - Philippines), 72-year-old Iris Amelia Alioto (Miss Universe Buenos Aires 2024 - Argentina).

The 140kg transgender beauty decided to crush her opponent at Miss Universe Cambodia - Photo 5

The 140kg transgender beauty decided to crush her opponent at Miss Universe Cambodia - Photo 6

Previously, Angela Ponce was the first transgender person to be crowned Miss Universe Spain in 2018 and later qualified for Miss Universe 2018 – a pageant represented by Vietnam as H'Hen Niê.

In 2021, plus-size beauty Anchilee Scott-Kemmis also caused a wave of controversy when she became Miss Universe Thailand. Standing 1.83m tall and weighing 71kg, Anchilee brought to Miss Universe 2021 an inspiring story of true beauty but she did not enter the Top 16 as expected by fans.

The 140kg transgender beauty decided to crush her opponent at Miss Universe Cambodia - Photo 7

In addition, other plus-size women were also strongly inspired by Nepal's representative Jane Garrett at the Miss Universe 2023 season which took place last November. This g.irl is considered the first chubby woman to be in the Top 20 of the history of this competition. Many speculate that Pancake Van may want to try and push her limits like Miss Universe Nepal.

The 140kg transgender beauty decided to crush her opponent at Miss Universe Cambodia - Photo 8

The 140kg transgender beauty decided to crush her opponent at Miss Universe Cambodia - Photo 9

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