YG officially speaks out about BLACKPINK's future: Fans are unlikely to see the group return

Quỳnh QuỳnhFeb 19, 2024 at 09:42

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YG's sharing about BLACKPINK's future has fans worried. Although the members are doing well solo, fans will hardly be able to see the 4 girls standing on the same stage in the future.

After a long period of negotiation, in the end, the 4 BLACKPINK members only maintained their group activities at YG Entertainment, and were still autonomous in their individual activities.

YG said BLACKPINK plans to release many new albums and hold a massive tour. However, many fans are skeptical of YG's promise, not believing that the company can improve BLACKPINK's promotion.

YG officially speaks out about BLACKPINKs future: Fans are unlikely to see the group return - Photo 1

According to Korean media reports — specifically News1 — Jennie and Lisa have officially started their own company. Jisoo almost started the company with his older brother. Meanwhile, Rosé is also preparing to start the same company as the BLACKPINK members. Therefore, the global group is expected to accelerate their solo careers in earnest this year as all 4 members devote themselves to individual activities.

YG officially speaks out about BLACKPINKs future: Fans are unlikely to see the group return - Photo 2

A YG official told News 1, "It is expected that it will be difficult to see all BLACKPINK members return this year. Since we have just finished our official activities as a complete group, I understand that all members have a strong desire to take on new challenges."

He added, "However, since the members are aware of fans' expectations for BLACKPINK with a full lineup, discussions on this issue will take place periodically."

YG Entertainment declined to comment on BLACKPINK's activities as a whole , saying, "I think we'll be able to talk about this later." YG officials' comments made BLACKPINK fans nervous as it will most likely be a long time before they see the group return with an album or on a joint stage.

YG officially speaks out about BLACKPINKs future: Fans are unlikely to see the group return - Photo 3

Not long ago, many entertainment industry experts were skeptical of YG, such as pop culture critic Kim Do Heon. BLACKPINK's contract details were not revealed, but according to industry rules, contract renewals usually only last 2-3 years. Because each member of "Black Huong" is already a personal brand, actively operating separately, the time period of group activities can be shortened.

YG officially speaks out about BLACKPINKs future: Fans are unlikely to see the group return - Photo 4

Another entertainment industry official also said, "Individual activities can easily lead to divisions within the idol group. This is the reason why some companies prevent artists from acting. All of the BLACKPINK members are solo and have a significant source of income. Although YG promptly 'put out the fire', whether BLACKPINK will continue to work together in the future is still unknown."

Although the outcome of BLACKPINK is unknown, SPOTV News is still very hopeful about the bright future of the members. If the members are on the same page and don't let scheduling conflict, fearing that BLACKPINK will neglect group activities will become a futile worry.

YG officially speaks out about BLACKPINKs future: Fans are unlikely to see the group return - Photo 5

BLACKPINK has been carefully invested and held by YG since its debut, has slowly risen to become 1 of the 2 most popular groups in Kpop (besides BTS). There are values and philosophies that have been formed during working with YG for nearly 10 years, so the members will not easily destroy their reputation. BLACKPINK's position is much higher than before, so SPOTV News believes that the members' group contracts with YG also have terms that match the wishes of the 2 parties.

YG officially speaks out about BLACKPINKs future: Fans are unlikely to see the group return - Photo 6

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