BLACKPINK "breaks up": Lisa and Jisoo are easy to predict, Rosé "turns around" unexpectedly, Jennie causes the most regret

Quỳnh QuỳnhSep 23, 2023 at 07:46

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In recent days, the news that three of the four BLACKPINK girls have chosen a new direction, with only Rosé staying, is attracting the attention of fan communities everywhere. A survey was also created to vote for the member whose decision to leave shocked them the most.

After BLACKPINK's BORN PINK world tour ended, there were rumors that Rosé was the only member to renew her contract with YG Entertainment, while Jennie, Lisa and Jisoo were likely to sign with YG Entertainment. new company.

BLACKPINK breaks up: Lisa and Jisoo are easy to predict, Rosé turns around unexpectedly, Jennie causes the most regret - Photo 1

Because nothing has been confirmed about BLACKPINK's contract extension, opinions about who stays, who leaves, and what will happen next with the members have caused many mixed opinions.

Although YG Entertainment confirmed nothing has been confirmed as contract negotiations are still underway. But YG's stock price dropped significantly by more than 13% when rumors that BLACKPINK might disband broke out.

BLACKPINK breaks up: Lisa and Jisoo are easy to predict, Rosé turns around unexpectedly, Jennie causes the most regret - Photo 2

Many people believe that everything has been decided, YG is just trying to buy time. They believe that with the current ambiguity, the possibility of BLACKPINK "disbanding" after 7 years is very high. Many people called on YG to stop making vague announcements and instead provide accurate and clear information so that fans do not have to live in a state of prolonged confusion.

In addition to discussing contract extension, Korean netizens also chose the BLACKPINK member who shocked them the most when deciding to leave YG. That's Jennie.

In the eyes of fans, even before appearing in the ranks of BLACKPINK, Jennie was shown to be the "darling" of Korea's leading entertainment company.

Just like BIGBANG's G-Dragon, Jennie is a key member, carrying the most prominent color representing BLACKPINK since their debut. The main rapper is the member with the longest training period at YG. Although BLACKPINK does not have a leader, fans understand that Jennie is considered the person who connects and arranges activities. Therefore, Jennie is expected to be a member who will continue to stay at YG even without BLACKPINK.

BLACKPINK breaks up: Lisa and Jisoo are easy to predict, Rosé turns around unexpectedly, Jennie causes the most regret - Photo 3

It is an undeniable fact that YG has devoted countless benefits and resources to Jennie from before her debut until she was active as a member of a global g.irl group. Before debuting, Jennie collaborated with G-Dragon in the 2013 viral song Black , acted in a MV with the leader of BIGBANG, contributed vocals with Seungri,...

BLACKPINK breaks up: Lisa and Jisoo are easy to predict, Rosé turns around unexpectedly, Jennie causes the most regret - Photo 4

In 2018, Jennie was the first BLACKPINK member to promote solo. Next is the first person to have the title of official brand ambassador for the fashion house Chanel. Looking at the benefits the company gives Jennie, it is no exaggeration to say that she is the "YG princess". Jennie staying in YG will have a solid foundation, her popularity will continue to be maintained and with her comprehensive ability in many fields, she will still develop when working solo.

As for Rosé, some people were surprised that Rosé - the group's main vocalist and the person most likely to leave YG - was the only one to renew her contract.

BLACKPINK breaks up: Lisa and Jisoo are easy to predict, Rosé turns around unexpectedly, Jennie causes the most regret - Photo 5

"I thought Rosé would be the first to leave YG, but she's the only one staying?", "They had few group activities. If they weren't in the same company, their group activities would have been much more difficult." , "The contract extension is still being discussed. BLACKPINK will not disband", "If BLACKPINK disbands, it will be a disaster. If they are smart, they will definitely continue to work together like a group" ... many comments.

According to many sources, Jisoo is confirmed to work as an actress. Jisoo already has an actress profile with YG Stage, a subsidiary of YG that manages actors and artists' acting activities. With the advantage of her appearance and praised acting ability, netizens predict that Jisoo will tend to focus on her career as an actress, at YG Stage or another company with more attractive offers.

BLACKPINK breaks up: Lisa and Jisoo are easy to predict, Rosé turns around unexpectedly, Jennie causes the most regret - Photo 6

Lisa seems to be the least shocking member if she does not renew her contract with YG. Ever since BLACKPINK debuted, Korean netizens have had the intention of criticizing Lisa because she is the only foreign idol in the group. They believe that after achieving a certain reputation, Lisa will be like many non-Korean members of other Kpop groups who return to developed countries.

BLACKPINK breaks up: Lisa and Jisoo are easy to predict, Rosé turns around unexpectedly, Jennie causes the most regret - Photo 7

Currently, with the news of dating the son of a French tycoon, the audience has further strengthened their belief that Lisa will soon leave BLACKPINK. However, instead of returning to Thailand as expected 7 years ago, people believe that Lisa wants to build an international career. The first milestone was performing in Paris' iconic C.razy Horse cabaret.

BLACKPINK breaks up: Lisa and Jisoo are easy to predict, Rosé turns around unexpectedly, Jennie causes the most regret - Photo 8


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