Xoai Non and Xemesis were suspected of breaking up, the man publicly "snubbed" his wife on social networks

Trí NhiMay 20, 2024 at 13:28

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Fans of the couple Xoai Non and streamer Xemesis are extremely panicked by a series of obvious suspicions that the couple is having trouble. Right after Xoai Non's strange attitude, Xemesis was caught unfollowing his wife.

Xoai Non (Pham Thuy Trang, born in 2002) and Xemesis (Nghiem Anh Hieu, born in 1989) are a couple who always receive attention from netizens. If the wife is a beautiful h.ot g.irl, the husband is known as the richest streamer in Vietnam and both are extremely famous on social networks.

Xoai Non and Xemesis were suspected of breaking up, the man publicly snubbed his wife on social networks - Photo 1

However, recently, many keywords that were not positive about the couple's marriage such as "Xoai Non broke up with Xemesis", "Khiesis unfollowed Xoai Non", "Xoai Non and Xemesis quarreled",... suddenly reached the top. search.

People also discovered that on TikTok and Instagram, only h.ot girls follow male streamers, but not the other way around. Especially on Instagram, Xemesis follows up to 14 people including familiar faces like Do Mixi, ViruSs, Linh Ngoc Dam, PewPew,... but his young wife is absent.

Xoai Non and Xemesis were suspected of breaking up, the man publicly snubbed his wife on social networks - Photo 2

Recently, Xoai Non also attracted a lot of attention when he went on livestream, but revealed a superficial and unfocused expression and had to let his close friend - Sunna - come on live for him. Many people think that perhaps her spirit and health are not good, so she does not devote all her attention to work.

However, Xoai Non also frankly responded to netizens about his expressions during the livestream. She said she livestreamed continuously for 9 hours so she was tired, to the point her limbs were shaking. "At night, I was so exhausted that I felt so stupid that I went out to rest and avoid people talking. Everyone in the crew gets to eat, but if I sit in a frame in one place, I don't get to eat anything" - Xoai Non said. more. Not stopping there, a series of clips sharing about Xoai Non's marriage such as the reason for not having children, how everyone spends m.oney,... also suddenly went viral again.

Xoai Non and Xemesis were suspected of breaking up, the man publicly snubbed his wife on social networks - Photo 3

Specifically, Xoai Non once said that the reason the couple did not have children was due to their health, not Xemesis. Besides, irregular living hours and eating habits lead to hormonal changes and difficulty having children. However, the couple also understood this and determined to have eggs implanted. In 2021, Xoai Non shared about family spending. She said the couple spends their m.oney separately, "no one takes care of anyone else's money".

Xoai Non and Xemesis were suspected of breaking up, the man publicly snubbed his wife on social networks - Photo 4

With Xemesis unfollowing his wife and a series of recently unearthed information, fans are extremely panicked thinking that the two may be having emotional problems and are suspected of breaking up. Previously, Xoai Non also publicly announced that she was having trouble with her love life, when she discovered that Xemesis had a strange g.irl texting her and calling her her husband.

Xoai Non and Xemesis were suspected of breaking up, the man publicly snubbed his wife on social networks - Photo 5

Accordingly, when the two were in love, a friend texted Xemesis to call her "my husband, my beloved husband" very sweetly. This person also asked the male streamer to "send his ears" so that Xoai Non would lower the booking price for him. This made Xoai Non uncomfortable and she told her husband. However, Xemesis blamed his wife for not trusting him, pushing the relationship to the brink of collapse. After that, Xemesis gave Xoai Non two options, either continue to trust each other or break up. The h.ot g.irl chose to continue to stay and maintain trust in her husband.

Xoai Non and Xemesis were suspected of breaking up, the man publicly snubbed his wife on social networks - Photo 6

Before that, Xoai Non was very interactive on Xemesis' fanpage with 1.3 million followers. In Xemesis's post at the end of April, she still happily commented on her husband's birthday, and was even surprised to become his "hardcore fan". On the contrary, the Xemesis page only follows Xoai Non's page.

Xoai Non and Xemesis were suspected of breaking up, the man publicly snubbed his wife on social networks - Photo 7

Among netizens, many people expressed concern for the couple's relationship, hoping there would be no problems. Besides, many opinions affirm that it is normal for husband and wife not to follow each other on social networks. Some people do not even make friends on Facebook or block them because they have seen each other in real life enough.

Xoai Non and Xemesis were suspected of breaking up, the man publicly snubbed his wife on social networks - Photo 8

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