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Xoai Non bustle clip sobbing with a male artist, r.evealing the dark side of marriage

Đức Trí13:17:30 19/06/2024
H.ot g.irl Xoai Non, after the shocking announcement of her divorce from streamer Xemesis, netizens recently quickly dug up the clip when she participated in the show with actor Quoc Thuan. She used to cry bitterly talking about the past.

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Sunna declared that she had no responsibility to comfort and happily divorce Xoai Non

Mỹ Hoa12:39:40 19/06/2024
Close friends Xoai Non and Xemesis broke up, but Sunna was suddenly dragged into real drama by fans and was labeled an interloper. She recently announced that she had no responsibility to comfort her and divorced her for fun.

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Mango Non turned pale when fans questioned Xemesis' divorce, hurriedly turned off the live after 2 minutes

Gia Nhi09:43:13 10/06/2024
H.ot g.irl Xoai Non has been the focus of attention for the past time when she was entangled in the news of her marriage with her streamer husband Xemesis. Recently, she was flooded with netizens asking directly, causing her to hurriedly turn off the live after only 2 minutes on the air.

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News "Non Mango receives 20 billion from Xemesis, divorced in the next 5 years cannot get married"?

Đình Như11:39:47 03/06/2024
Recently, on social networks suddenly appeared search keywords related to the couple having emotional problems after 4 years of marriage such as Xemesis unfollow Non Mango, Xemesis and Non Mango broke up ...

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Non Mango reveals patriarchal Xemesis, warm to being despised for being a strawberry

Bút Bi07:21:29 01/06/2024
Xemesis was once said to be a male streamer who spoiled his wife, pampering his wife who was 13 years younger. However, Non Mango shared unexpected facts about her husband. H.ot g.irl born in 2002 also used to be ashamed when her education was far behind her husband.

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Xoai Non and Xemesis were suspected of breaking up, the man publicly "snubbed" his wife on social networks

Trí Nhi13:28:29 20/05/2024
Fans of the couple Xoai Non and streamer Xemesis are extremely panicked by a series of obvious suspicions that the couple is having trouble. Right after Xoai Non's strange attitude, Xemesis was caught unfollowing his wife.

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Mango Non - Pham Thuy Trang: from hotgirl who dropped out of school to become a daughter-in-law of Hao Mon

Vân Anh16:31:18 09/05/2024
Having made a fuss about school, the hotgirl who dropped out of school at the end of grade 10 changed her life after becoming the daughter-in-law of Hao Mon, the wife of the young family. Non Mango has always been a name that attracts special attention of the online community.

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Xoai Non: h.ot g.irl dropped out of school in 10th grade, became the wife of young master Xemesis

Minh Ngọc17:14:10 29/04/2024
Streamer Xemesis's wife is a famous h.ot g.irl at one time with a beauty not inferior to any other star. Although she is now at peace with her young husband, many people still regret that this beauty does not continue to pursue art.

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Xemesis changed dramatically after joining the army. His wife, Xoai Non, was so shocked that she immediately took him to work

Đức Trí16:04:49 26/12/2023
Vietnam's richest streamer Xemesis, after participating in the show Stars enlisted in the army, had a drastic change in appearance. He shocked his wife, Xoai Non, and immediately took her to work.

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Beautiful young mango challenges ordinary cameras, netizens only pay attention to the details and suspect that she is pregnant?

Phong Trần10:54:52 12/12/2023
At a press conference of the reality show that Xemesis participated in, Xoai Non (Pham Thuy Trang) was also present to support her husband's spirit. Attracting attention, the beauty of the hotgirl is especially noticeable when caught in the regular cam lens.

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Young Mango - Xemesis announces the day to welcome the queen c.hild publicly through artificial insemination, forced to do one thing for the c.hild

Pinky13:42:07 11/12/2023
The famous streamer couple Xemesis and h.ot g.irl Xoai Non surprised everyone by setting the date of pregnancy after many years of marriage and still no news about their children. Notably, both said they would use the popular IVF method to find a c.hild.

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Xemesis became a "wife flatterer" after 3 years of marriage to his beautiful, angelic wife

Vân Anh19:14:32 28/11/2023
After getting married, Xemesis was lovingly nicknamed by fans as the saint of wife flattery. Because people will occasionally see a streamer going online to flex his beloved wife with sweet words, full of flattery.

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H.ot g.irl Xoai Non "got angry" and responded extremely harshly to being criticized by netizens, "Are you still expelled from school?"

Snow17:10:45 17/10/2023
Besides those who always support Xoai Non, there are also some who often sarcasm and criticize her in all kinds of ways. Typically, recently, an online account commented rudely under a h.ot g.irl's post.

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Young Mango was asked "it's easy to get married early with 2 husbands" and the answer made antifan "stiff"

Hoàng Phúc08:35:52 08/01/2022
Before the idea that "the age of the horse gets married early, it's easy for two husbands", Xoai Non calmly gave his thoughts. Recently, Non Mango excitedly opened a Q&A (question - answer) on Instagram to interact with everyone. Among the questions for the wife of Xemesis, the...

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Mango Non revealed not to talk to her husband's friends, what is the reason?

Hậu Hậu09:01:48 20/09/2021
If anyone follows Mango Young, it is not difficult to see that she is quite "closed" in communicating with outsiders so far. This has been repeatedly expressed by her every time fans ask about her relationship with close friends like Linh Ngoc Dam, MisThy... For those close to...

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