Vuong Nhat Bac was scolded by the people, his colleagues were shunned for 1 reason

Hoàng AnhJun 18, 2024 at 15:17

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Vuong Nhat Bac is always indifferent to the times when his c.razy fans attack his colleagues. Or inert facial expressions that are somewhat stiff every time they appear in front of the media. This, caused the male god to encounter a lot of criticism or be boycotted by colleagues.

Vuong Nhat Bac was scolded by the people, his colleagues were shunned for 1 reason - Photo 1

According to QQ - the name of the Chinese chat application, the information that Vuong Nhat Bac is a young star is controversial. He is often criticized for acting sluggishly, when he needs to show strong emotions, the five officials scatter. Not only that, Vuong Nhat Bac is criticized for always making a cold face, difficult to be in cases that appear in front of the media. He also has a habit of answering briefly, not enough to make it difficult for reporters to continue their work. Vuong Nhat Bac's fans are also depressed and tired when the idol is constantly entangled in scandals.

Vuong Nhat Bac was scolded by the people, his colleagues were shunned for 1 reason - Photo 2

Fan Vuong Nhat Bac wants to stop supporting the male artist

On June 16, a large nick fan with more than 270,000 followers said that he would stop supporting the actor. Another big fan with more than 200,000 followers has also turned to support actor Hoang Tuan Tiep. According to Sohu, Vuong Nhat Bac disappointed fans because he always kept his face unapproachable.

Vuong Nhat Bac was scolded by the people, his colleagues were shunned for 1 reason - Photo 3

The actor born in 1997 is in the top of the young stars with the strongest fan base. However, recently, Vuong Nhat Bac's fans have continuously attacked his colleagues and the young actor has also made no clear move to manage fans.

Vuong Nhat Bac was scolded by the people, his colleagues were shunned for 1 reason - Photo 4

Most recently, in the Weibo Film Festival event, there was the presence of Vuong Nhat Bac, Hoang Boi and director Dai Bang. When going on stage to receive the a.ward, director Dai Bang only thanked producer Tran Chi Hi, interacted with the male lead next to Hoang Bot, and all the actors who were not present at the event, without mentioning Vuong Nhat Bac, even though the actor was sitting below. So Vuong Nhat Bac's fans criticized director Dai Bang for being ungrateful, saying that the director was looking down on Vuong Nhat Bac, causing the young actor to lose face.

Notably, after the event ended, Chinese media also discovered that director Dai Bang had unfollowed Vuong Nhat Bac on Weibo. Therefore, fans of the actor surnamed Wang are even more difficult to hug. They flooded into Dai Bang's Weibo and scolded him.

Vuong Nhat Bac was scolded by the people, his colleagues were shunned for 1 reason - Photo 5

During the promotion of the movie Enthusiasm, Vuong Nhat Bac once made a controversial statement such as "No matter how the movie is in the future, it has nothing to do with me, because I have done a good job as an actor". However, Vuong Nhat Bac's statement was considered irresponsible.

Vuong Nhat Bac was scolded by the people, his colleagues were shunned for 1 reason - Photo 6

Dai Bang directed a film on the topic of dance exclusively for Vuong Nhat Bac. The two used to be very close

This is not the first time that Vuong Nhat Bac's fans have caused trouble to make the artist uncomfortable with himself. Previously, actor Vuong Duong, his co-star in the movie Zi Feng Jia, deleted the compliment for Vuong Nhat Bac after being attacked by the male singer's fans for a long time.

Vuong Nhat Bac was scolded by the people, his colleagues were shunned for 1 reason - Photo 7

Vuong Duong (left) co-starring with Vuong Nhat Bac, currently also dislikes the actor

Fans of Vuong Nhat Bac were angry, thinking that Vuong Duong had stolen the nomination of his juniors, competing for the best male lead a.ward at the prestigious Bach Ngoc Lan high school tournament. For many days, they flooded into Vuong Duong's personal page scolding and scolding the actor's family with even harsh words. After that, they also wrote a letter of denunciation to the Organizing Committee of the Bach Ngoc Lan Tournament. The noisy incident for many days caused the media and art management agencies to speak out. Vuong Nhat Bac's only move in front of the fans' enthusiasm was silence.

Vuong Nhat Bac was scolded by the people, his colleagues were shunned for 1 reason - Photo 8

However, the actor's attractive charisma is hard to deny. Despite appearing on the red carpet of the 2024 Weibo Film Festival, on the evening of June 16 with a rustic face, the guy is still stunningly handsome, attracting the attention of the public. Moreover, in the list of the most searched 95 male stars in Douyin, Vuong Nhat Bac's name is indispensable. The actor born in 1997, leads the table, with a statistical average of 1,147 million views in May alone. Since Tran Tinh Lenh, Vuong Nhat Bac has still retained his strength, firmly in the top position with towering commercial value. This further proves that, after many unnecessary scandals, the actor still has an irreplaceable position on the Chinese screen.

Vuong Nhat Bac was scolded by the people, his colleagues were shunned for 1 reason - Photo 9

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