Trieu Le Dinh "shakes hands" with Duong Tu against Chau Tan, will the small flower win the big flower?

Phượng VũJan 29, 2024 at 16:55

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The online community couldn't help but stir at the news that Trieu Le Dinh and Duong Tu are competing for the female lead role with Chau Tan in Truong Yimou's movie. Who will win in the end?

Trieu Le Dinh - Duong Tu are two famous little flowers of the 85 and 90 generation in Cbiz. Although their appearance is not classified as a beauty, the pair possesses top acting ability with a series of bold movies to back them up. Recently, fans were shocked when the two were competing for a big role.

Trieu Le Dinh shakes hands with Duong Tu against Chau Tan, will the small flower win the big flower? - Photo 1

The story is that the first time director Truong Yimou "came down from the mountain" to film a TV series, people were restless. His project this time is called "Main Character" and promises to receive "huge" investment.

Trieu Le Dinh and Duong Tu both aim for the main roles of this work. However, it is worth mentioning that there is another famous actress who also wants to play the main role of "Main Character" which is Queen Tam Kim Anh - Chau Tan.

Trieu Le Dinh shakes hands with Duong Tu against Chau Tan, will the small flower win the big flower? - Photo 2

China's Morning News page has posted the following article: "The Protagonist will be the first television work of great director Zhang Yimou. There are rumors that Zhao Liying, Zhou Xun and Yang Zi are all in production. looking at the main role of this movie in the hope of becoming the first television version of "Muppet Concubine". The male lead being targeted is Dich Duong Thien Ty...".

Before this information, many people said that in terms of acting, it is difficult for Trieu Le Dinh and Duong Tu to compare with Chau Tan. However, the two little flower girls aged 85 - 90 have an advantage over their seniors, which is their youth.

Trieu Le Dinh shakes hands with Duong Tu against Chau Tan, will the small flower win the big flower? - Photo 3

However, a part of netizens expressed their opinion that everything depends greatly on the script of the "Main Character", not just because they want to get the role.

Currently, people are extremely looking forward to director Truong Yimou's project soon announcing the main cast. Will Trieu Le Dinh, Chau Tan and Yang Zi become the first TV Concubine?

Trieu Le Dinh shakes hands with Duong Tu against Chau Tan, will the small flower win the big flower? - Photo 4

Amid rumors of competing for roles with famous seniors and juniors, the beauty named Trieu suddenly received good news from the work that aired 4 years ago, that is "Huu Phi" collaborating with Vuong Nhat Bac.

When it first premiered, this movie was not highly appreciated because the acting of both the male and female leads was stiff and awkward. However, at that time there were still many fan couples pushing the boat for Trieu Le Dinh and his juniors who were 10 years younger.

Trieu Le Dinh shakes hands with Duong Tu against Chau Tan, will the small flower win the big flower? - Photo 5

Most recently, the couple continued to receive good news when "Huu Phi" will officially be broadcast with 51 episodes. Specifically on Guizhou satellite TV channel starting from February 4. But so, after nearly half a decade, audiences are about to see Chu Phi and Ta Doan again on the small screen.

The fact that the movie was re-aired on radio made fans of Trieu Le Dinh and Vuong Nhat Bac very happy. This proves that historical projects starring two traffic peaks are still highly appreciated. If the movie's ratings are good, it will help the beauty of the Trieu family and the handsome man of the Vuong family improve their reputation, promising to reunite in another project in the near future.

Trieu Le Dinh shakes hands with Duong Tu against Chau Tan, will the small flower win the big flower? - Photo 6

"Huu Phi" is a film adapted from the novel of the same name by author Priest, with the main content revolving around the maturation journey of Chu Phi (Trieu Le Dinh) and her "heart-wrenching" love story with Ta Doan (Wang Nhat Bac).

In the context of the country's chaos and constant civil war, Chu Phi - the granddaughter of famous gangster Ly Trung, the young lady of 48 bandit camps - left home and went down the mountain to train herself and defend the cause.

Trieu Le Dinh shakes hands with Duong Tu against Chau Tan, will the small flower win the big flower? - Photo 7

On this journey, she met the previous Doan Vuong - Ta Doan. The two became companions, experiencing dangers together, cunning plots to compete for power, exploring the vast country and growing up together to write a "famous gangster" anecdote.

Trieu Le Dinh shakes hands with Duong Tu against Chau Tan, will the small flower win the big flower? - Photo 8

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